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  1. To answer your question at the end of the video, idc where Sam is traded his problems are bigger than coaching or the playmakers around him. I see him as a journeyman in this league
  2. With all the deserved criticism that Macc receives.... Joe Douglas fielded a roster that legitimately had the potential to be only the 3rd team ever to go 0-16.
  3. Sam zombies be like: “No, no no!!!! These guys are just silly, Sam cannot be criticized or held accountable for anything(including college) up until this point because of the evil and powerful Adam Gase. Silly writer you’ll see when we get Sam some weaponZ and a RT, he will magically fix all the flaws in his game like reading defenses, throwing accurate passes, not turning the ball over etc Even though Sam’s the worst QB in the league, his contract is expiring and the league is going through unprecedented QB turnover, we should stick with Darnold. But hey, maybe we can bring in another teams toss away like Bridgewater or Jimmy G because why go for a cheap high upside rookie or Deshaun? On top of that Sam is such a good kid he will say all the right things but do all the wrong things on the football field. Don’t ever bad mouth The Great Sam, he needs all the help he can get, even though he was the #3 overall pick and should be elevating the players around him “
  4. Ummmm huh????? Sounds like a great plan Orlando Brown Jr. wants to play left tackle, which may mean leaving Baltimore Michael David Smith 3 weeks ago Ravens offensive lineman Orlando Brown Jr. raised eyebrows last month when he tweeted, “I’m a LEFT tackle,” and as he continues to insist that’s the position he wants to play, it may mean asking the Ravens to trade him. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/07/orlando-brown-jr-wants-to-play-left-tackle-which-may-mean-leaving-baltimore/amp/ ———————- Per Pro Football Focus, from a clean pocket, Darnold ranked 30th in the NFL in accurate-pass percentage (56 percent) this season. Drew Lock (60 percent) was better. Gardner Minshew (59 percent) and Nick Mullens (59 percent) were better.
  5. Apparently we have the best offense ever created, best offensive staff ever ensembled and a 1% unicorn who’s prime to have a break season. ^^^ This and every shortcoming Sam has faced in the NFL up until this point, is Adam Gase’s fault. And even though Sams contract is expiring, more turnover prone, injury prone, less accurate, has a weaker arm and less athletic than Zach Wilson, Justin Fields and Trey Lance we should build around Sam. anything else is just silly thinking
  6. I’m sure the sharks overseas are more dialed in than their American counterparts... LOL
  7. I think you both are underestimating what a decrease in productivity will do to a players reputation and salary. Who’s throwing the ball will be very important to these players
  8. That’s strange I thought Darnold was “thought of highly“ around the league and we were silly Jet fans
  9. If you noticed he took off Miami too, imo him and his people feel it’s highly likely Deshaun gets traded to one of those places and doesn’t want to step on his toes. Very interesting...
  10. Kiper the can’t even create a logical reason for his mock draft and Jets taking a TE and keeping Darnold
  11. Seriously I will never understand the logic of some on this forum, bash literal top 5 QBs, squash the achievements and tools of a talented rookie QB class BUT WILL DEFEND THE LITERAL WORST QB IN THE LEAGUE Truly amazing stuff
  12. Is it a coincidence that the dying ESPN brand is the main source of all these idiotic, clickbait, NFL draft takes?
  13. Damn... If the jets get Watson and Seahawks lose Russ, Jamal head is going to explode
  14. Mel “If Jimmy Clausen is not a successful quarterback in the NFL, I'm done” Kiper...
  15. Something about this kid and his sudden rise to QB #2 just screams Mitchell Trubisky. I know Fields has to have a chip on his shoulder the size of Brooklyn after everything he’s gone through this season. If I was a betting man my money is on Justin becoming the best QB In this entire class
  16. It’s cool bro, I personally appreciate the intel. Even better that it’s whispers from a rival. Cheers
  17. Damn, says a lot about what they really think of Tua
  18. A 49ers beat writer after watching some tape on Sam :
  19. I mean what is really overpaying if you have the ability to identify talent in later rounds? With the amount of 1st round crutch, draft picks it will take to make this trade you have to have Uber confidence in your scouting abilities.
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