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  1. I mean what is really overpaying if you have the ability to identify talent in later rounds? With the amount of 1st round crutch, draft picks it will take to make this trade you have to have Uber confidence in your scouting abilities.
  2. This You couldn’t be more correct and that hoping for a miracle sums up this franchise and fanbase perfectly
  3. My point is, if a team has a young franchise QB they believe in they don’t scout QBs at the top of draft classes. And a 3 year starter who’s been turning the ball before he even became a Jet: isn’t exactly unproven. He’s proven to be a bottom tier, injury prone, turnover prone QB - all cardinal sins of playing QB.
  4. I think he’s going to Carolina, the owner is apparently obsessed with getting a Franchise QB and willing to part with anything. IMO Joe Douglas doesn’t have big enough balls or confidence in his own scouting ability to make this trade.
  5. Guys ask yourself this are KC, LA, Cincinnati aka the teams with young stud QBs, scouting the top QBs of this draft? You really think if the jets believed that Sam could be top 10, they would waste their time scouting QBs at the top of the draft?
  6. Not what Tony Pauline thinks Seems like common sense is infecting florham park
  7. Thank you for naming 1% unicorns, Sam should have a easy time reaching that. I guess Saleh and staff are miracle workers, transforming basement QBs into studs. Silly me
  8. If Sam is the better why will the offers for him start at a 2 and Wilson or Fields would command that and more? If Sam is a future stud why can’t we just trade him st8 up for Watson? I mean he only won 4 games like some around here like to say Who would command the better offers? Sam or Wilson, Fields? So many questions
  9. How many QBs have had 4th year turnarounds? It’s extremely rare and even more rare for a QB who’s had turnover problems predating the pros - to enter the pros still and turn the ball over - to magically fix that problem year 4. There is no logic banking on a such a long shot like this. So call me stubborn or whatever you like, I could careless.
  10. If you’re a scrub you sit down and shut up period, this is always how the NFL has operated. QBs or players who get too big for their britches and suck get the Haskins, Rosen treatment ASAP. Hell AB and Big Ben have been toxic af for the Pittsburgh Steelers and you see how AB got handled and now that Big Bens shoulder melted you see how Pittsburgh is handling him now. Ben is literally begging to comeback now This is how the NFL has always worked historically I will never understand how Darnold gets credit for handling himself like how 99.9% of the JAGs and bums also have handled themselves historically in the NFL. Who cares if he presents himself as a “good guy”? Tiger Woods did this for years until exposed, CAN HE PLAY QB is all that matters.
  11. Again it’s a clean canvas rookie QB, on a cheap longterm deal VS a 3 year loser QB who’s had turnover problems predating the Jets, on a expiring deal... amazing this is even a debate And honestly IDC it makes no sense going back and forth, you’re correct I’m wrong, it is 100% understandable why the jets would want to run it back with the literal worst QB in the NFL on a expiring contract. It’s totally logical to hope for a super rare 4th year turnaround while passing on 3 QBs in Lance Fields and Wilson, who are more physically gifted and far developed when it comes to throwing the ball downfield, they also protect the ball well too - all things Darnolds struggled with pre dating the Jets to this day. But you see logic in keeping Sam... I can understand the mainstream media pushing this narrative because they are just waiting for the inevitable and that’s Sams failure so they can RIP the Jets for passing on (insert the first round QB stud who’s the best after Lawrence) Or if he’s a 1% unicorn who has a late round career turnaround, they can say see our guys were correct. Covering all angles now to secure future clout. I tap out, you're correct jetnut
  12. On top of that you would have to have a lot of HOPE: -hope Darnold could turn it around -hope that even if he turns it around he just doesn’t regress like Wentz/ Golf -hope that if he flames out a QB in next years draft is half of what a Fields, Wilson, Lance are. -hope even if you identify a guy that the team in position to take him doesn't need a QB too -hope that there wouldn’t be a bidding war for your identified QB replacement Sticking with Sam Darnold isn’t logical at this point when you weigh all factors.
  13. “ i guess this is Gase fault too? It doesn’t take 4 seasons to evaluate a QB, especially one who’s showed nothing but the ability to turn the football over predating The Jets and Adam Gase.” Idk what you are talking about but ok
  14. Sam has never accomplished what Watson has at the pro or college level. Idk why you feel thats even a close comparison. Watson’s 17 int year is the outlier of a great career, you can’t say the same for Sam Darnold
  15. ^^^ Darnold is terrible only the jets would make this complicated but this is the same organization that passed on Watson and Mahomes because they had Christian Hackenberg on the roster. And I can’t wait for all the hit pieces on how incompetent the font office is because they let another first round QB stud slip through their fingers. Banking on Sam, hoping he can have a magical turnaround VS the potential and upside of a Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, or even Mac Jones. - All these young QBs have shown the ability to throw the ball downfield and not turn it over, something Darnold has always struggled with : ^^ i guess this is Gase fault too? It doesn’t take 4 seasons to evaluate a QB, especially one who’s showed nothing but the ability to turn the football over predating The Jets and Adam Gase.
  16. “The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin ” Come on everyone I know it’s been a long offseason already but are we really buying anything from Pats town??? just asking
  17. I agree but imo it wouldn’t be worst than running it back with Darnold.
  18. This, it will do nothing for a rookie head coach / QB and polarizing Darnold but create unneeded headlines. I wouldn’t consider a bridge QB / rookie QB situation a true QB competition.
  19. PFF Career grade vs power five competition (games): Mac Jones - 94.7 (16) Justin Fields - 92.7 (19) Trevor Lawrence - 92.7 (33) Zach Wilson - 64.7 (5)
  20. Why we won’t draft Sewell: https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/07/orlando-brown-jr-wants-to-play-left-tackle-which-may-mean-leaving-baltimore/amp/
  21. This why doesn’t this have more likes? Hands down one of the best post I’ve seen
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