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  1. Many heads on this site will explode when this happens. I feel it too
  2. God forbid anyone questions the logic of a front office that would like to run it back with the literal worst passer in the league, on a expiring contract. But this is the same organization that passed on Watson and Mahomes for Hackenberg
  3. To be fair evaluators who were also paid to make these decisions drafted Sam and that was a terrible decision.
  4. This This is my 2 centz though: There are 32 NFL teams, 17 showed up to Trevor Lawrence pro day. If the New York Jets believed that Sam was a franchise QB they wouldn’t be evaluating the QBs at the top of the draft. Buffalo, Chargers, Chiefs aren’t scouting the top of this QB class, the NYJ are. If we put all this together it’s obvious that they feel Sam isn’t a franchise QB, regardless if they keep him around next season or not
  5. Aaron Rodgers is 35+ and was the same age Farve was when he was drafted. Sam is a 23 yrold QB still on a rookie deal. Lightyears of difference, and The Chiefs, Bills etc aren’t scouting potential franchise QBs
  6. You think receivers would want to play with the worst rated QB especially after mims and Permian basically crapped all over Sam recently in interviews? It’s not like we are the only team with cap space
  7. You don’t do research on other potential franchise QBs if you thought you had one in house. Darnold is done
  8. Well for what it’s worth the Jets tweeted this hours ago : New York Jets (@nyjets) Tweeted: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| this account just posts Mock Draft Mondays. it doesn't have input on actual draft decisions. |___________| \ (•_•) / \ / --- | | https://t.co/H47EfJi5I4
  9. New York Jets (@nyjets) Tweeted: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| this account just posts Mock Draft Mondays. it doesn't have input on actual draft decisions. |___________| \ (•_•) / \ / --- | | https://t.co/H47EfJi5I4 This team man...
  10. Ummm... ^^^^ Am I missing something? Please someone find the stat of Justin or Zach leading the FBS in turnovers? Sam also has the weaker arm out of the 3, worst accuracy and not as fast of a runner. I really don’t get the logic
  11. Maybe it was his coaches at USC fault too poor Sammy boy everyone is just out to stifle his football career
  12. Huh? He wasn’t Brady but he was and is a wayyyy better passer of the ball than Sam. Stronger arm and more accuracy than Darnold. Yes he did blow but given the same opportunity’s awarded to Sam, he would’ve at least put up decent statistics and our WR’s would’ve had better numbers.
  13. I wonder how many heads will explode around here when the Jets draft Justin Fields Out of all the Jets media places where you can interact with other fans, this is by far the most pro Wilson and pro Darnold place of them all.
  14. ^^^ But people like this would love to run it back with Darnold who won 2 games and put up wayyyyy worst statistics..
  15. Aka we want to trade Sam and hope to get back more than a pack of skittles. But if they are truly split plz Woody fire that Sam supporting half, we don’t need them pushing us to a colts/bears type team
  16. Darnit is garbage water that shouldn’t be this polarizing. Good luck Joe Douglas keeping the pack of wolves off you, if you decide to run it back with that bum and he stinks it up likes he’s accustomed to. If the NYJ trot Darnit out there and try to sell us on some outlier turnaround... Smfh would be so disgusting
  17. Lets play a game called guess the prospect: PFF scouting report: What he does best: Smooth, efficient delivery. Throws a very catchable ball. Displays a complete inventory of passes with zip, firm with touch. Changes the pace of the ball well when needed. Extremely athletic with the ability to escape when things break down. Good initial burst. True timing/rhythm passer, heavily reliant on pre-snap reads. Throws cover-3 and cover-2 seams very well. Best “glance” route thrower in the class. Anticipates well on timing routes outside the numbers. Flashes good go-ball touch. Good feel for back-shoulder throws to big-bodied receivers. Delivers in big moments. Confident player. Biggest concerns: Limited instincts/feel in the pocket. Does not react smoothly when initial read is not there. Lacks consistent pocket poise, drops eyes down for a running lane instead of creating within the pocket. Played in an offense where the field was cut in half with simple reads. Field looks small to him; limited vision to get through progressions. Relatively slow post-snap processing speed. More interested in taking a yes/no go-ball on the outside than reading out the concept of the play. Overall not as accurate as he should be considering his style of play. Inaccurate on many easy throws in the short passing game. Played with elite playmakers around him, will have to learn how to function without big-play receivers on the outside. ^^ Who is this player? Deshaun Watson. What’s funny about this is, this reads exactly like a Justin Fields scouting report https://www.pff.com/news/draft-pff-scouting-report-deshaun-watson-qb-clemson We have to get this kid he’s going to be special
  18. One of those teams would be just kicking the tires on Darnit and all of those teams mentioned are trying to bring in competition for questionable starters. In Pitts case Ben is old, expensive and Darnold would be a good option to complete with Haskins and Mason. All those teams you named are still in play imo
  19. This is becoming the consensus “ Why must the Jets make securing a franchise quarterback a top priority this offseason? There was some talk heading into this offseason that the Jets could stay put at second overall and take a player like Penei Sewell, seeing what Sam Darnold had to offer with an improved supporting cast. It’s difficult to overstate how big of a mistake that would be for New York. It can be true that Darnold has had arguably the worst quarterback situation in the NFL since the Jets took him third overall in the 2018 NFL Draft and that he has done very little in his first three years in the league to warrant the kind of confidence it would take to pass on a quarterback who would go first overall in most other drafts. That is the kind of talent that both Zach Wilson and Justin Fieldshave behind Trevor Lawrence in what is an ideal quarterback draft class to find yourself picking near the top. Darnold’s 63.1 PFF grade since 2018 ranks dead last among 32 qualifying quarterbacks. Even when isolating for clean-pocket dropbacks in an attempt to mitigate some of the poor pass protection he’s had, his 76.2 passing grade without pressure sits ahead of only Mitchell Trubisky among qualifiers. Could he develop into a quality starting quarterback in a better environment? Potentially. Is that chance worth passing up multiple high-level talents at the most important position in the game? That’s a tough sell. “
  20. Another team with a chair in this QB musical chairs offseason. Expect the teams without chairs to get desperate, we may get a 1 for Darnit you never know
  21. I know to some this may seem odd but for me I will know what Joe Douglas is and if he’s trust worthy or not, depending on what happens with this QB situation. The fact that Sam and Joe share the same agent is very questionable to me. Just my 2 centz
  22. This Great post and I couldn’t agree more that I can’t wait until something is said or done about this QB situation
  23. I highly doubt any nfl GM or coach think they can “save” this, I think the teams inquiring hope they can develop Darnold into a decent game manager (especially SF) PFF 2021 QB Sam Darnold NFL Rank (out of 32) Grade from clean pocket 32nd Grade under pressure 10th Big-time Throw % 31st On-target % 29th 3rd Down Grade 26th Passer Rating Splits When clean No blitz Under pressure When blitzed 3rd down Red Zone 2020 81.7 69.4 55.6 80.2 69.9 63.2 2019 99.6 94.9 58.5 64.3 75.8 69.1 League Avg 103.7 92.8 65.0 96.3 85.7 96.1 Time To Throw 2.86 Seconds, League Avg - 2.7 seconds Accuracy Above/Below Rest Of NFL By Target Depth Depth of Target % above/below league avg Behind LOS +6.9% 0-9 yards -6.2% 10-19 yards -13.0% 20+ yards -11.6% % of Throws by Receiver Separation Open Step/Closing Tight-window Darnold 53% 27% 20% League Average 56% 26% 18%
  24. Imo guys its simple, who’s the cheapest out of the available options? Imo it’s really that simple and I don’t really read much into any team for that matter that’s willing to kick the tires on Sam. SF isn’t the only team to inquire about Darnold, this is purely supply in demand
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