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  1. I’m 50% there with you, but even if Jax wins next week, that jets team that showed up Sunday can beat the Patriots
  2. No because your picking mid level in that situation
  3. To ruin qbs you have to have had great or good ones, beyond Pennington, vinny , Joe we never had one
  4. Am I missing something? Golf isn’t considered a “good” qb by any stretch, he considered a game manager who has to be limited with how much you put on his plate. see the thing is most of you fans don’t realize every team is looking for that great QB that can overcome a poor supporting cast and or situation. If you don’t have that guy you are always and should be looking to upgrade at the position. Steve young in reference to darnold and the struggles he’s faced as NYJ qb: “I understand everything he’s face but you have to overcome the bad” period.
  5. Hack mainstream media bush league reporting and imo the jets have to get over themselves and the refs before they even have to worry about Bill throwing the game.
  6. Sam is the starting QB and we are on the doorsteps of a 0 - 16 season, why is this even a question??
  7. Damn... the kid has balls of steel and IMO he sounds actually excited to come to the NYJ. Even though he can’t say it out of respect for darnold he seems to be watching this situation very closely and seems at peace with being here.
  8. Anyone that believes a 6 time SB winning coach is afraid of a JR QB who he probably won’t even be coaching against in the near future, truly needs their head examined. cowherd is a hack take artist so I’d expect nonsense like this from him but what’s everyone else’s excuse who actually buys this CRAP?
  9. A 6 time winning SB coach is afraid of a JR QB from Clemson, who he won’t even probably be coaching against in the near future.... right you guys have to stop with these bush league takes its cringe as hell
  10. Not a fair poll at all so I won’t vote. BOTH is clearly missing and I think that’s purposefully
  11. Regardless of anything Flacco played better with the same cast, Sam excuses are done. The sympathizers just look biased and ignorant now Smfh
  12. Jets or jet fans don’t want dak so your waisting characters
  13. Darnold completely blows and us not and will never again be a nfl starting QB period. Now go cry and blame the jets and Gase
  14. Can I have some of what you’re smoking?? I need that brain cell destroying high
  15. NO BUT HES A GOOD KID BECAUSE HE DONT CREATE OFF THE FIELD BAD PRESS (Like 99.9% of the players in the NFL) guess we have a league with 99.9% “GOOD KIDS” Even though they’re paid millions and are expected to keep it quiet off the field. oh and news flash Sam sympathizers, JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT HEAR ANY BAD PRESS DONT MAKE ANY OF THESE NFL TOOLS “GOOD KIDS” Go cry in a corner for the QB millionaire scrub
  16. Jet fans brace yourselves as we hit the final stretch of the season. As Trevor continues to shine and the Jets continue to lose please be on the look out for: 1.The Jet fan Darnold apologists 2. envious NE, MIA Buffalo fans - NE = No QB, MIA = Unsure often injured QB, Buffalo = has a inconsistent, dr jekyll and mr hyde type QB 3. Any fan base that don’t have Deshan Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers. 4. The narrative will go from, Trevor will go back to school to Trevor will avoid the Jets to Trevor will be a bust and the Jets will break him. This is New York CITY, the most known city and place in the entire United States of America, we are loved as much as we are hated. Most people think Trevor Lawrence will be the next Mahomes, Rodgers etc. many fan bases are envious. just prepare for these things Jets fans p.S. What y’all expect from a bills fan?Upstate blows compared to the City
  17. Amazing... back to my original statement “we live in a world where people have hero worshipping issues, which leads to them purposefully or mistakenly omitting simple facts. me or anyone for that matter typing “bill hasn’t won’t anything substantial without 12” - isn’t wrong, it’s a fact period. BUT YOU CALL THAT FACT SOUR GRAPES why even argue when someone is this entrapped in the fantasy that they cannot accept simple facts presented to them?
  18. Learned? What? How to get carried by a Generational talent QB? The point is he hasn’t won anything substantial as a head coach without Tom Brady
  19. We live in a world we’re people have hero worshipping problems which leads to them omitting basic facts. It’s not just a problem in sports as you can see from these past election cycles...
  20. God I hope he didn’t put the kiss of death on the kid with that quote.... regardless of all the bs media hype Deshan is proven already in this league, Trevor isn’t
  21. “Brady is the second-highest-paid NFL player of all-time, raking in over $350 million during his career. He recently signed a two-year, $50 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady's wife, Gisele Bündchen, is reportedly worth $400 million” WOW
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