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  1. You guys should go listen to the Chirs and Sherm podcast, they had Fred Warner on and asked him directly “is it over for Sam Darnold” and his response is VERY telling. I understand Robert talking Sam up now because he’s the head coach but I can only imagine the things he said about Sam while game planning against the Jets this year. All you gotta do is listen to Fred’s reaction to the question Edit: goto 40:05
  2. Oh GOD so the self righteous, pearl clutching portion of this fanbase can forever hate him? Smfh
  4. Imo this is click bait being the Jets and Watson are probably the most talked about thing in sports rn. But I agree with you
  5. So if the rationale is tools then we should be selecting Trey Lace at 2. He outclasses all available options athletically
  6. Gase had to be fired for obvious reasons and a QB is significantly more valuable to a agent than a coach or even a GM. All I’m saying is we shouldn’t minimize the agents potential impact on this decision, that’s all. I hope I’m wrong
  7. Oh god could you imagine the reaction around here if Sam had ONE of Watson’s games from last season?
  8. Yup JD and Salah kinda boxed themselves into this corner by not committing to Sam early on.
  9. I don’t watch baseball can you inform what situation you are referring to?
  10. Gase couldn’t stay for obvious reasons and a QB is worth more than a coach or GM. With that being said, I hope and pray you’re correct
  11. 100% agree but check this out: https://www.google.com/amp/s/mantozone.com/2020/04/15/jimmy-sexton-and-the-rotting-corpse-of-the-new-york-jets/amp/ ^^^^ This is something I think can’t be overlooked
  12. You, Me or anyone else can’t IF it isn’t approved by the proper sources 1st.
  13. For Working Against us E) The conflict of interest trio aka: Sam Darnold / Joe Douglas and Jimmy Sexton
  14. It’s that fat **** Jimmy Sexton, he's running the NYJ. Smfh
  15. Keeping Darnold trumps anything I have seen by farrrrrrr
  16. God I hope your correct but it definitely seems as if this powerful agent is setting the seeds of Darnolds return through his lackeys in the media. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mantozone.com/2020/04/15/jimmy-sexton-and-the-rotting-corpse-of-the-new-york-jets/amp/ ^^read this This agent understands how much the media influences public perception, he also stands to gain wayyyyy more from a QB contact than a GM contract. When is the last time you seen a NfL team contemplating keeping the worst player at a position when there’s cheaper, younger and all-star options for replacements? This situation is a no brainer and the Jets should be moving on from Darnold period but the fact there’s even a question is extremely fishy to me. I hope I’m wrong though and you’re right and Joe Douglas won’t put us in a Golf/Wentz situation.
  17. 100% agree, IMO if Darnold stays it’s because of that agent BS. You know something though IF they do keep Darnold because of all the wrong reasons he will 100% flame out. That kid can’t handle the pressure situations period and the final kick in the nuts will be the success of Fields,Wilson,Lance. They can try and put all the lipstick and makeup in the world on that pig, ultimately they will all be exposed
  18. For Christ sakes this is legitimately the worst starting QB in the NFL.
  19. This You can’t tell me that the fact that our GM and starting QB share the same agent, isn’t a complete conflict of interest. Smh how would hypothetical contract negotiations work, if we we’re looking to extend Darnold? Smfh parts of the clown show is still here even after cleaning house
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