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  1. The number 2 pick, they could keep both QBs though both they both blow.
  2. This is a great point honestly but my thing is how can they reasonably tell Sam his status without knowing what the offers they will get for Sam vs the #2 pick? What if the draft process rolls along and they fall in love with a Qb? With if Watson with his no trade clause wants to force himself exclusively to the NYJ? It’s so many different possible outcomes all the NYJ could responsibly do is tell him “we are evaluating things” or something along those lines. Even if they tell him he’s the guy next year I believe Darnold can see all the options the jets have available read the writing on the wall.
  3. Well according to this logic he’s proven he cannot elevate the talent around him then, so he isn’t a franchise Qb.
  4. All this flirting NYJ fans and media are doing with other QBs since the Lawrence stuff, you cannot tell me Darnolds confidence isn’t shattered. On top of that Darnold fans you’d think if the Jets were really serious about bringing Darnold back they would at least step out in front of all this QB controversy for Sams sake. Sams done as a NYJ
  5. Imo it seems like some things are being worked out behind the scenes, would you agree?
  6. When people can only highlight a few bad games in the kid’s career I think it’s more of a compliment than anything.
  7. Darnold is done as a NYJ in part because of his biggest flaw, stringing together consistent play. When you combine that with his turnover problem I highly doubt Joe Douglas is going to bank on him. Volatile / turnover prone QB = career backup
  8. I agree Sam is done but I don’t think it will be Wilson, my guess is Fields or Watson. I think Miami will get Watson though because of the reports they were willing to give Cincinnati three 1st round picks for Joe Burrow.
  9. I don’t know why you feel the need to type paragraphs to me this a.m. This is a NYJ football forum Are you still salty because you made those silly comments about Bill Bieniemy being a “babbling used car salesmen” and me questioning your attendance during those interviews? If so I could careless A lawyer, a business owner, a nfl insider, a jetnation early a.m. paragraph poster and obvious post stalker.... Im moved
  10. Imagine using “sources” as the basis for your respect on a forum. Imagine gaining credibility by stating the obvious and everyone upholds you as a true “insider” when you come around post as if you are more informed than anyone on this site, I also chuckled. Now is this the part when you cry because I challenged your credibility and tag the mods on me? you should really find some business
  11. Sams done, no way they really think this before combine etc. Rosen 2.0
  12. Darnold is done, if you go check the temperature of other fan bases the consensus is the jets are either going Watson or QB at 2. Really nobody believes the “Jets May build around darnold” narrative, the only people that legitimately believe this are Darnold fans. If you remove biases from this situation and analyze all factors, it’s kinda obvious how this thing plays out imo
  13. Probably in the minority but I’d take Fields the 40 mill and picks
  14. Pats fans are the most fair weather fans to ever exist R.I.P.
  15. Very insightful, aside from Fields skill set I think he fits the profile of the type of player Joe Douglas likes. Personality wise I think he’s perfect fit for the NYJ too, him being overshadowed by Lawrence us the Giants. I think he will be the pick if we dont get Deshaun
  16. Where there smoke there’s fire, Sheff before the Watson drama: “Jets will make a big trade this offseason” Sheff today: “Jets are in the best position to land Watson”
  17. LaFleur and Salah are the new guys in the building, if they come through the door hyping up Darnold, the outside will view that as more credible than anything Joe Douglas could sell at this point. If you look at the optics; Darnolds contract, Darnolds poor play, Darnold injury history etc - I think many GM’s see this as a no brainer how everything plays out and would only offer a second day pick. The way I think Joe Douglas sees it is, after Wilson, Fields and Lance, Darnold to many teams would likey be a more appealing option so he probably is hoping to pull anything from a late 1st to a 2nd for Darnold which I think is possible because of the illusion that we will keep Darnold will likey sucker a desperate team. I know many might disagree but I think it’s a 90% chance Darnold is gone, the only way he stays imo if Joe Douglas gets some crazy trade offer for the #2 pick. Even then, I could see him trading back up into the first to get a guy like Lance or who ever may fall and still trade Darnold. this is just my opinion tho
  18. Nope it sounds like buttering the bread, imo this reeks of Rosen. Perfect way to increase his value, expect more
  19. A large portion of the miners faithful believe so
  20. Bingo! Broncos thought the same thing when they gave an inaccurate QB a stud rookie receiver = Jerry Jeudy. And ironically he has a underwhelming rookie season. But let’s try and build up the bottom ranked QB for 3 consecutive seasons hoping he gets it because a kid on a rival team, made a 1 in 100 turn around in his career. These same people believe we can sign a guy like Allen Robinson, without considering the fact, he is leaving a better version of Darnold in Mitch Tribisky.
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