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  1. They haven’t sat down with those QBs yet, they know Sam and currently have access to him. Workouts and Wonderlic test etc. If they impress things will naturally change imo
  2. That’s very telling, why would Sams people do this if him and the GM share the same agent? Something doesn’t sound right
  3. I mean to say that when we still haven’t even finished the playoffs is kind of a stretch, wouldn’t you agree?
  4. As things progress and hype around Fields, Wilson, Lance increases, expect the anti darnold crowd to grow larger.
  5. Vikings, Washington, Chicago entered their chat. Can be also said; build the roster and then, reach, overpay, trade up and lose major resources for a QB for the next decade. And a QB won’t “just come” ask the teams above, he’ll we tried this same exact experiment with Sanchez!
  6. On GMF didn’t exactly give Sam a ringing endorsement like Sheff, he basically implied other coaches wanted to move on from Sam. start at 4:00 I think we may draft a QB and maybe even sign a vet, he will be on the rosters regardless if we can’t get more than a 3 for him, if he walks we still get the comp pick.
  7. Overthinking it These QBs are great but you seem to forget the impact of how much rule changes watered down football. This is a new era in which rookies are coming into the league lighting it up EVERY YEAR, where the heck have you been??????
  8. ^^^^ aka turn the jets into Minnesota, Philly, Chicago lite Can we catch up to the modern day nfl? That’s all I’m asking. Didn’t we see directly with Sanchez how this story ends?
  9. Him and Joe Douglas share a agent... hmmmmm.
  10. Maybe this is how they are feeling as of today and after combine and workouts their options will change. We don’t know what will happen when the Jets meet with Zach,Justin and Trey. From what I’m hearing from Connor, Robert Saleh wasn’t the highest on the Jets list until they actually met him. Maybe they fall in love with one of these kids Hopefully things will change leading up to draft time, God I would hate for us to get Hackenberg’ed again
  11. Pitiful ass franchise that either gives up too late or to soon on players. Constant cycle of settling for mediocrity
  12. “Your opinion doesn’t coincide with mine, therefore you are stupid for not agreeing with me”
  13. Well that’s you but me and fans like me and the media will roast Joe Douglas and the Jets for keeping a below average QB when we could’ve gotten the next Herbert. If Joe Douglas passes on a QB this year that is basically saying Sam is better than any alternative that can be had at 2. So if that’s the case Sam needs to show Josh Allen levels of improvement and outplay every first round QB or his talent evaluation skills will always be questioned. Just like we all kill Macc for passing on Watson and Mahomes because we had Hackenberg this will be no different and nor should it be. Darnold has proven to be a bottom QB 3 seasons in a row, these rookies are blank canvases and Joe Douglas has a opportunity to select his pick of the liter. If he gets cute and settles for a mediocre QB in Darnold that’s on HIM. Arizona already laid the blueprint on how to handle this situation no excuses I’m sorry
  14. Wrong no competent coach or organization would force a player into a system, you mold the system to the player. And these are rookie QBs how can anyone say who will work in what system? It’s called projection not fact
  15. This is confusing because it hurts the teams long term development sticking with Darnold. Darnold would need to show Josh Allen levels of improvement AND have to out play the QBs taken in the First round for Joe Douglas to justify passing on one. So far Joe Douglas has proven to be at least competent, let’s hope he doesn’t Hackenberg us.... Because if they go the stick with Sam one more year, sign a vet route I will just start looking at the 2022 draft class and see who we will be hoping and praying to trade up for Sure will be fun mortgaging our future a year from now when we could’ve drafted a rookie at the top this year. Joe Douglas you will be on the hot seat and it will be well deserved.
  16. Again why would that matter what happens at 2 when Fields/Wilson/Lance are so close in many evaluators eyes? If I’m a GM and that’s the case I’m trading to the lowest possible pick to be able to still select one of the three. Saving resources
  17. I wouldn’t if I know the jets aren’t taking a QB, I would prefer 3 or any pick lower. Why? Cost less and every QB after Lawrence is very close. What happens at 2 I wouldn’t care at all
  18. If the jets were looking to deal the #2 pick they are certainly doing a horrible job at increasing the value. Once everyone knows you are sticking with darnold you shift all the power to Miami. I highly doubt anyone would trade up for Sewell in a deep O-Line class
  19. @jetstream23 Jumping the gun a little? A ideal situation for Robert if he’s bringing in a system similar to the 49ers would be a vet QB who knows the system already. Seems like the perfect situation to Sign or trade for a vet, have a rookie sit a year and trade darnold for resources imo. but fully expect him to sing darnolds praises in his opening press conference
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