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  1. I feel like we took o'Brien and buffalo took Kelly all over again And they took Oliver another Bruce and we took a bowl of lard Discuss...
  2. Every qb misses throws. I can pull up tape on Rodgers missing throws It's a made up narrative
  3. Lol Did the mono strike in the 4th qtr... Did losing one linebacker cause the meltdown Ok
  4. Allen has great accuracy and anticipation. His issue is being Favre like erratic There's a difference
  5. I never said Allen is better lol More insecurities 3rd and long is extremely indicative of a qb that will be great Try again
  6. Allen is more talented. That is undeniable Darnold I think will be better if gase is medicated
  7. He was so awful that he overcame fluke turnovers and dissected us in the 4th under all the pressure Keep going
  8. The inaccuracy narrative is simply false but I agree with everything else u said
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