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  1. 1 minute ago, Jets723 said:

    Good Post.  Look frankly I don’t have any issue with fans liking another QB.  There are fans who like Baker More.  Hell there were even some who still liked Rosen more.  As for Allen I’ve mentioned his strengths and weaknesses.  I’m not a fan of his but he seems like a good kid.  I’ve always preferred Darnold even a year before we drafted him.  He also has things he needs to fix but he also has had no real support around him.  Thankfully Douglas is starting to fix that and will continue going in the draft.  Personally I don’t focus on other teams players just my own 

    I agree

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  2. 2 minutes ago, BCJet said:

    Unfortunately for Bills fans this assessment is correct.

    Josh Allen is a great kid, who can make plays running and throwing the ball down the field.  But as we saw with Mark Sanchez, winning games can really mask just how good a QB is.  The Bills are a very well coached team, who have won games with Allen at QB which doesnt mean that Allen is a good QB.

    As we saw in the Super Bowl, if you want to make a run in the playoffs you need a QB who can orchestrate game winning drives by throwing the ball and im not sure Allen will ever develop the accuracy and touch to be a consistent enough passer to do that.  Sam has that ability - he has other things to work on, but he has shown he can be an elite passer as far as accuracy and anticipation.

    Allen has great accuracy and anticipation. 


    His issue is being Favre like erratic 


    There's a difference 



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  3. 1 minute ago, JTJet said:

    False. You're trying to play a game each time someone responds to one of your very odd replies, where you deflect the argument. 

    You presented one obscure stat your Bills pals told you in a Buffalo thread as if it proved Allen was a better QB about being the best QB at 3rd and 8 or whatever, as if that stat indicates anything. 

    I not only crushed that argument, I obliterated it out of universal existence, never to be seen again, and you have no stats to back up a counter argument. 

    You presented a false narrative from the very first topic post that Jets fans are insecure about Darnold vs Allen, as if we cry in the corner when they are compared.

    Except the problem with your argument, is that no Jets fans do, we just all know that Allen isnt nearly as good as Darnold and we have statistical facts and eyeballs to prove that argument. Then YOU conflate that with being "insecure"..... because you're clearly a Bills fan.

    I never said Allen is better lol


    More insecurities 


    3rd and long is extremely indicative of a qb that will be great


    Try again 

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  4. 1 minute ago, KRL said:

    There's nothing to be "insecure" about.  At this point Allen is the better QB
    in terms of winning and has a better arm.  That doesn't make him a better QB
    prospect long term.  Let's see Darnold behind a decent OLine with an actual
    running game (which will open up play action).  Once that happens the gifts
    that Darnold has (accuracy, mobility, calmness in the pocket, creating plays
    off script) will separate him from Allen.  You can't teach accuracy, which
    Allen doesn't have and on top of that their playoff game showed he rattles
    very easily 

    The inaccuracy narrative is simply false but I agree with everything else u said 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, JTJet said:

    Thank you for waiting for that ONE random stat of no consequence. 

    For your viewing pleasure, I present facts...

    Darnold 512 for 855 with 59.9% completion rate. 5889 yards with 36 TDs to 28 Ints/5 fumbles (33 turnovers) Longest pass each season of 76 and 92 yards with 7 yards per pass attempt. 63 sacks. 

    Allen 449 for 781 with 56% completion rate.  5180 yards with 30 TDs 21 Ints/22 fumbles (43 turnovers) Longest pass each season of 75 and 53 with 6.5 yards per pass attempt. 66 sacks.

    Darnold was better in

    Completed passes, Yards, TDs, Less total turnovers, Longer passes, Yards per completed pass, Taking less sacks. 

    Allen was better in 

    Less Interceptions.

    And to twist the knife in your ribs even more, Darnold did all that in 2 less career games and behind the statistically worst line in the NFL. 

    So what did we learn here? Darnold is better than Allen in every major QB category that matters. 

    Tell your Bills buddies you failed at your mission. 

    I already admitted darnold was better...


    Not the topic loo

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  6. 1 minute ago, freestater said:

    Ruductio ad absurdum arguments reveal either intellectual dishonesty or ignorance. 

    You saying there are not general trends IS A REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM argument 

    It's like saying star ratings of restaurants do no reflect there general approval even tho outliers exist 


    Fyi your philosophy undergrad vernacular doesn't mean you're intelligent 


    But nice try

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  7. 4 minutes ago, freestater said:

    The next time Josh Allen hits a receiver in the numbers will be the first time. Guys breaking stride for an outside ball, balls thrown at their feet, or wildly over their heads. The guy's accuracy simply isn't there. That's the one aspect of a QB's game that historically never gets fixed. I've said it before, Josh Allen is Jeff George with a better attitude. 

    It's a made up narrative 


    Try again 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

    No scouting is not a general trend.  Players and their skillsets are unique every single year.  If we drafted on traits and raw ability alone, the whole league would suck.

    Am I really what you absolute goober?  Say it.

    Then you're saying you darnold could've gone rd 7


    You literally cant be this dumb


    Why do 1st rd prospects get invited on the 1st day lol

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  9. 35 minutes ago, greenwichjetfan said:

    ESPN, NFLN, sports radio, national news outlets. 

    **** Tom Brady, **** Bill Belichick. **** the referees, Goodell, Adams, Guerrero. **** Edelman, Kevin Faulk, Corey Dillon, Rodney Harrison, Teddy bruschi, Van noy. **** every OL that got to hold their way to pro bowls and Super Bowls. **** every no name RB and WR that handled the rock easier because of deflators. **** the league officials that stomped on the tapes the first time, and **** the league officials that still haven’t come out with a single ******* word about the second time. **** the system that allows the pats to create cheats on cheats including circumventing the cap to pay their cheating system QB under the table.

    **** all the “fans” that missed the ‘01 SB because they were too busy being latent racist dirtbags but somehow became the loudest and most obnoxious pats fans of them all by the end of 2007. **** the morons yelling tb12, and **** em even after they jumped ship and followed TB to TB. 

    **** New England as a staff, football team, and as a mother ******* franchise. And if you wanna be down with Kraft, **** you too. 

    I haven’t watched ESPN for years and wasn’t planning to today, but covid19 or not, 7 hours of Brady (and by extension, patriots) fellatio on national TV is ******* absurd. 

    That’s all. Thanks for your time. Sorry if I offended anyone. Unless you’re a pats fan - or even worse, a filthy pats apologist.

    I was upset in 2000 too


    It's ok 

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