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  1. Because gase is a psychopath like ray liotta in unlawful entry....
  2. I said many scouts had Allen #1... what does that have to do with darnold MANY Scouts also had darnold #1 your response again is proving my point Its weird insecurities
  3. Who was the #1 rated qb on 3rd &8 or longer Who had the highest conversion rate on 3rd and 8 or longer I'll wait
  4. I really feel our fanbase is truly effed in the head It's just strange It's like tht guy at the bar constantly buy drinks and hes your friend... you love him but just shake your head Thts how I feel about my jets brothers
  5. The thread isnt about darnold The thread is why jets fans get butthurt when any other jets fans admits Allen is good or talented or had a good game Its ****in weird
  6. I ALREADY TOLD YOU I THINK DARNOLD IS BETTER... you're literally proving that point about being insecure I never even asked is Allen better lol
  7. So you must be 100% correct in order to see general trends Wtf
  8. I admitted I'd rather have darnold Thts not the topic. Again pay attention because these responses are proving my point. Stop making us look soft
  9. Playoffs are a different animal and test. Why are you negating Watson's horrible 1st playoffs game? Again its insecurities and not logical
  10. So tons of media and NFL scouts for 2 years saw him as potentially #1 overall in 17 and 18... they are 10?
  11. NFL scouts disagree with you... You don't have facts you have feelings. Hence the thread topic
  12. I'd still rather have darnold. All gase has to do is build the oline and not be a sociopath If he can manage those two things we'll be fine
  13. Because I admit another team has a great talent at qb... Are u 10
  14. Did you watch watsons 1st playoff game vs indy? Allen was light years ahead... Isnt this a normal phase for young QBs not named mahomes? It's just strange analysis I mean I saw him make some insane throws for his 1st playoff game but hes still way too erratic. Favre was the same his 1st few yrs
  15. I responded to the AFC east pecking order honestly and ppl acted like little girls because another team has a good qb? Its weird
  16. You're getting sucked into it because us jets fans like darnold but at the same time worried it's not going to work out I love the jets but I'm a realist. Adam gase really really worries me. Because of this I can see a Marino Kelly analogy where Marino was better but Kelly had more success Get out of your delusion. Allen is the real deal man. It's ok. Dont cry
  17. I gave you facts on the Elway comparison You got in your feelings Others have made it Mel kiper had him #1 overall It's not Josh Allen's fault maccagnan is a moron
  18. Do you know who had the highest qb rating and conversion rate on 3rd and 8 or longer ? A massive indicator of high end qb competency

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