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  1. Except their qb is better and their coaches are better The oline is better Oh so is the defense...
  2. Eli manning Can you explain " a different era " QBs now have much shorter route concepts resulting in a higher comp% This has nothing to do with accuracy Look I get it. I'm pissed off maccagnan didn't do what the bills did for Allen and yes I'd still rather have darnold but jesus christ you're either extremely insecure about darnold or just going off pff/ ESPN narrative instead of just being real. And cam newton was great but injuries derailed him. Yes he had more than one 1 GREAT season lol. He was mvp. Thts not good. Thts awesome Try again.
  3. I just didn't many scouts did coming out. Both had major scouting outlets predicting #1 overall pick for 2 years not just one. Both were notable pitching prospects in hs. Both were on bad college teams and carried their teams Both are extremely mobile Both are known for ridiculous arm strength and arm talent Both are great off schedule Both have a clutch gene Both are from California Both had to be coached out of hero ball... I can go on if you want. Outside of darnold he was my 2nd choice.
  4. Exactly. It baffles me how any person with a two digit IQ doesn't understand the game is not only won in the trenches but it sets the tone. Outside qb, oline is absolutely the engine of a football team. You put resources into wr RBS when your oline is built first ... So frustrating
  5. July 1st I think we will be back to normal
  6. The Pat's are gonna roll with stidham, who looked really solid as a rookie. Then draft new tes and more defense. If stidham is just avg they will be a pain but not a playoff team
  7. I guess John Elway was a rb... more insecurities Darnold is good man. There's no need to do this lol
  8. I'm praying we get beckton & sign Peters for 1 year. Can you imagine bell running behind this line Peters/ Beachum- resigned Van Roten/ Harrison McGovern / Andrews Bredeson */ Lewis Beckton */ Edoga
  9. Can you give me Brett Favre or John Elway or cam newton's career comp %? When I see us jets fans act insecure about darnold its honestly pathetic and sad. You can love darnold and acknowledge other teams have a good player. I get they are compared and if Allen becomes a elway type qb its derivative towards us jets fans but seriously it's gotta stop. They are both fantastic young QBs with work to do. Not sure why its so hard to admit
  10. I think letting Peter's mentor beckton is smart development. Not a fan of a rookie starting if you dont have too. If beckton is unreal as a rookie you trade peters to a team for picks
  11. 11-5 with a 16-0 roster. Outside tht he had 1 winning season in 5 yrs at Cleveland and a losing season with the 2000 pats/ Bledsoe ... yes it matters
  12. Why release winters ? We arent in a position to release any olineman
  13. Dude please just stop. Did u learn nothing...??? They are going oline rds 1 &2
  14. Yep. Draft beckton and he can learn for a yr. Are you watching maccagnan you POS
  15. If you keep saying it and tap your shoes 3x maybe it will be true...
  16. Hes never won anything outside brady... he is below .500 Hes a good defensive mind but he lucked out with tom
  17. We have darnold so I think we'll be competitive with improvement on the lines
  18. Buffalo if you're being intellectually honest is the favorite by far imho. There roster at every level is loaded. Yes there qb is extremely talented and the real deal...
  19. You are assuming he was criticizing slay " for no reason" How do you know that...??
  20. Why do you think Patricia made the whole team memorize Ford history ? Many of the players ( including slay ignored it) Your answer will determine if you " get it" or just another immature bafoon
  21. Bredeson is a projected guard drafted from Michigan...

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