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  1. It's not Patricia imho... do you notice all these knuckleheads heads acting like females have one thing in common Calvin, Quinn, slay, orlovsky... They have never won anything. Literally nothing. Patricia is dealing with the fallout of a soft mentally weak organization that got ran over because the owner is a 95 yr old woman. Its essentially an absentee owner... Patricia is trying to install discipline and order for obvious reasons. The issues are systemic. Its beyond Patricia
  2. So it could be Beckton */ Bredeson * McGovern Winters Fant Resign beachum and shell for depth
  3. The cancer quote came from players on the team. If you look up Twitter he was constantly bashing the lions fo because they refused to pay Calvin Johnson 2 million bucks even tho ,you guessed it, didn't want to play anymore. These ppl are not winners. They become selfish and toxic whenever adversity appears
  4. If its damage control then why was most of the team glad hes gone ie calling him a cancer. If you look at slays past / Twitter it's quite obvious this bafoon isnt about winning. Again Patricia has issues. Slay and quin and whoever else arent on board then ship them out. You cannot foster success in any team oriented business if you have insubordinate people. Oh and Detroit got a 3 & 5. Anything else?
  5. You're right, Gordon is actually better. You guys just don't get it
  6. And the Pat's already had there oline built....
  7. I dont care about wr until the oline is fixed. I just picked reagor to be reasonable. Like I said if I was gm I'd offer Robby a few mil or kick rocks. And draft oline rds 1-3
  8. To me I had no issue with that move. Getting in the top 3 guaranteed us darnold, Baker or Allen. I had no issue getting the qb 1st. The Bill's did the same thing. What buffalo did in Allen's 2nd year is sign 6 OFFENSIVE LINEMAN...and then drafted cody Ford rd 2... they had so much depth on the oline they traded bodine and teller for stefon Diggs basically. That's incredible foresight and a gm mastering value There front office " gets it". Hopefully Douglass does that this year
  9. Clowney is the " one piece away" signing. We arent. Fix he damn line and draft a pass rusher mid rds. Learn to draft
  10. I agree but it's a bonus and shows he has playmaking talent which this team needs big time while our young oline develops this yr
  11. Maccagnan obviously set us back and I have little faith in gase. I'm a glass half full guy and darnold may bail out gase because hes so talented
  12. If you think Allen is limited as a passer or his mental toughness is an issue I'm just not sure what you're looking at or even reading... hes young and is erratic sometimes but his talent is undeniable. Some of his throws in his 1st playoff game were ridiculously good. Hes got to be more consistent tho I agree. To me hes between cam newton ( low) & John Elway ( high) for his ceiling I'd still rather have darnold but much like Marino vs Kelly, the Bills put a much better team around Kelly and well we all know what happened
  14. I hope so. But I live in reality. If they draft the way they've been drafting its gonna be tough. Their front 7 is the most athletic I've seen since the 90s bucs or early 90s cowboys...They have a young qb that is very talented but still raw in some areas. Darnold is our hope right now and like I said, we just get to avg oline play we will be competitive I can see darnold vs Allen being epic this season.
  15. They dont have bad coaches... They are a deeper team too
  16. Ppl still haven't learned from the pats
  17. Paying Robby anything more than a 2nd tier contract is asinine Hes a 9 route wr... 3 yrs 15 mil is my max. Hes replaceable and takes money away from the oline
  18. As long as our 1st pick is oline
  19. Wayne Chrebet was undrafted and better than keyshawn Seriously
  20. Orlovsky is a ESPN corporate hack. ESPN in general is political and hasn't been relevant in decades
  21. I care about the stupid narrative tht we should worry about Robby fricken Anderson before allocating resources aggressively to the oline first. Its football 101
  22. Honestly I'm tempted to go oline with 1,2,and 3. That and hopefully big q turns the corner. I still cant believe we passed on Oliver. Dude was the best player in tht draft and dropped because his college coach didn't want him to wear a team jacket. You cant make this sh*t up
  23. Fix the oline first. That's all I'm asking...
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