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  1. Have we not learned anything from parcells... Fix the damn oline!
  2. You're assuming a lot here... the lions issues are systemic nepotism and a horrible culture that ownership has fostered for decades in Detroit. It goes beyond football. Regardless of your opinion of Patricia, this slay character is a cancer and weasel. Read up on the guy...
  3. I could care less about RBS or wrs right now. You can get tht anywhere... Robby was undrafted. FIX THE OLINE!!!
  4. Parcells called Terry Glenn " she" to the media. Slay is a moron and weak imo. Detroit free press said teammates called him a cancer
  5. Ok I'll explain. This is me addressing the oline unlike maccagnan. Reagor with resigning Robby keeps the safety out of the box which helps our young oline/ bell. Plus reagor can return
  6. I don't think they are the 2nd coming of the 92 cowboys but they really could be the 91 cowboys... ( a year away)...they are loaded at every level on both sides and now they enter the depth stage of their rebuild... If there front office nails the draft again they may not be the best team but the deepest. Which was how Dallas became so dominant in the early 90s.
  7. The jets will be fine as long as we attack the oline ( like with 2 out of our first 3 picks) like the Bill's did last year. Never understood the bell contract before fixing the oline first. Buffalo of course was smart and picked a cheap rb in the 3rd rd in Singletary who looks like Thurman thomas for crying out loud
  8. 1 Mecki Becton OT 2 Jalen Reagor WR 3 Ben Bredeson G 3 Alton Robinson DE 4 Amik Robertson CB 5 Jon Runyan OT/G 6 Lavert Hill CB
  9. I love the jets man but this is pretty delusional... Allen reminds me of a young Elway. Both were notable pitching prospects in high school Both are extremely mobile Both were on bad college teams carried by the qb Both are from California Both are very dangerous off schedule And both showed a clutch gene early... My biggest issue with Allen is he can be erratic sometimes and just had these brain farts once in a while. But that's expected from all young QBs their first few years. ( the inaccuracy narrative is false btw) I love Sam a
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