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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    Jets defeating New England in the 2010 Playoffs
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    When we lost to Buffalo last week of 2015 missing the playoffs

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  1. "Despite rather pedestrian regular season statistics and no Pro Bowl berths as of the 2019 NFL season, Flacco has proven himself as a better performer in the postseason, having established a career playoff record of 10–5 and holding the record for most postseason road victories by a quarterback with seven"
  2. Would our fortunes have changed in regards to those back to back AFC championship games? Would we have won it all one of those years?
  3. Would prefer a run at a bigger need of position. Clowney
  4. Let's hope this is a smokescreen because Lamb should not be the guy at no. 11. Would be a colossal mistake to take him over Jeudy.
  5. The obvious answer is Austin Seferian Jenkins should be no. 1 on this list. That was a catch man
  6. Jets will make the playoffs. Look around the AFC. I'm not convinced teams like the Colts, Browns, and Steelers are a lock to edge us out at wild card. Jets will be one of the wild card teams.
  7. We have way too many holes to be drafting a backup QB at any point in the draft.
  8. My statement was concerning aging corners that originally played for Cincy Einstein
  9. Ruggs is too much of a risk. The jets can't afford to whiff on a player who has proven nothing yet even in colllege
  10. Stay away from old Cincy corners period. All have underperformed after being high draft picks.
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