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  1. I agree, no studs in this draft for RB. But, after the first two rounds a guy like CEH, Gibson or Evans being there in the 3rd is enticing. Have them work under bell for a year then see what they got. Plenty of talent with one of those three that could help an atrocious offense. I would love to go OT, WR RB CB with the first four picks then look to snag a guy like Gandy or Hodgins later in the 4-5th. Draft needs are not just based on this year. It would be wise to keep a lookout for a talented 2nd round talent RB falling in the third who can be an immediate boost to the run/pass game.
  2. This would be an A+ draft in my eyes if we were to target a RB early.
  3. I would love to see a value pick from the Jets this year to compliment Bell. Who in this draft do you think fits that role and how far up would you go to get the guy you like given where we are in rounds 1-6? If we stay put with no day of trades in the draft, the guys I have liked so far are mocked anywhere in the 4-5th rounds: Anthony McFarland and Darrynton Evans But I wouldn't be opposed to go even further up to the 2nd if we can trade back into the later half of the 1st round given Bell's uncertainty after a tough first year. We could pick up an additional second rounder to select a more well rounded prospect like Taylor or Akers should we cut bait with Lev after this year.
  4. I have been keeping an eye on Tanner Muse, Safety out of Clemson. Ran a 4.4 at 6'3 230lbs... if anything, other than a depth backup S, he could be a special teams ace or convert into a speedy linebacker who can cover TE's on obvious passing downs. Most mocks I have seen he is going anywhere in the 5-7th rounds.
  5. That’s why it would be shocking 😂
  6. Position needs are there. Taking RB in round two seems like a reach but I’m still not convinced the line was the only reason for Bell’s lack of production. I think RB needs to be addressed in earlier rds than most might think. It would be a homerun if they could move back in the first and pick up another second to go OT/WR (whatever they didn’t address in later round 1). I like Taylor or Akers in the second as well if they last that long.
  7. ILB Murray from Oklahoma, the Center Ruiz from Michigan or The TE Kmet from ND
  8. I can agree with most of these guys. Out of all of the prospects on your list I am terrified to draft Becton only to become a potential high ceiling-low floor bust.
  9. It seems like there is always that one player that I am convinced his talents wont transfer to the pro level. Justin Herbert for me this year. Any thoughts on a top 1-2 round talent this year you wouldn't ever draft?
  10. I’d feel better trading back to land Mims. Then get an OT like Cleveland, Peart, or Jackson at 48. Lots of WR’s who can contribute right away in this class it seems.
  11. It seems a done deal that Mims is a first rounder. I wonder if we could slide a few spots and pick up a second rounder to snag him in the second half of the first. I’m thinking Pittman with that second rounder we picked up and an OT with our original 2nd? We could go after an edge rusher/CB/ or IOL with our third rounders.
  12. Pittman, Aiyuk, and Thomas would be a great draft. Thomas has been a victim of over scouting IMO. Would love to grab him at 11. We would be doing Darnold and Bell a huge disservice if the first 4 rounds wern't Oline and WR heavy. Finish those rounds off with a decent CB mixed in somewhere like Pride or L. Jackson would ensure we some great young talent coming in at premier positions.
  13. Love the idea of grabbing Jones later in the first after a move back with maybe Philly or the Vikings. Would really like to grab a CB like Cam Dantzler if we were to move back and pick up another 2nd rounder. Those two with two WR like Pittman and Higgins before the end of the Third would be an A+ draft IMO.
  14. I agree with you on Jeudy and wouldn’t be sad if Ruggs was selected just because of his ceiling. The Jets have painted themselves into a corner where they need to have an A+ draft to infuse top level young talent into the roster. I would say the biggest depth at Any position would be WR this year. So why not draft later with those picks? Ruggs, Jeudy, and Lamb May be all pros but I would take an all pro OT over that with two big, plug and play, WR to bookend Crowder all day. Like I said those top 3 WR in this draft are beasts and I’m sure will have good careers and wouldn’t be mad if we got any of them but I think we should get creative.

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