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  1. Tony G #1 Lloyd Christmas, a close 2nd
  2. Throwback Dolphins… IMO should have never changed their logo. Although I hope they lose by a zillion in them, this uniform is clean AF.
  3. Jets QB situation last 2 decades hope the kid can figure it out this year. Would be nice to see some competitive football
  4. let the “reporters” get some run during OTA’s
  5. Big fan of the old “Rock Paper Scissors against the practice pad” drill at the Combine. Electric drill that always gets overlooked by NFL scouts.
  6. Mama says ““Foos-ball? Buncha overgrown monsters man-handlin’ each other… ” but for real, Mama doesn’t watch the Jets. Mama scrolls through Facebook during Jets games to stay in touch with old friends and gets into it with trolls by replying on matters that don’t involve her.
  7. Giants war room…electric factory
  8. JFM will replace Foli. JJ is notably a better edge setter and run defender than he his a pure pass rusher right now. Also you have Lawson coming into the fold who isn’t a great run defender but can take some pressure to the QB. I would say this line has improved enough to not be last in run defense next year. Add that to the fact the Jets have added a true starting caliber Saftey I’d say we did well for the amount of needs this team had. ZW is in year two and needs to take a step forward. That is the only way this team plays relevant games in December. I think he can do it.
  9. smiling for a camera is addressed in “A million ways to die in the west” as a complete psycho move back in the day… such and underrated Seth McFarland movie.
  10. He kept his head down and avoided all the BS TV drama from what I remember.
  11. I’d like a trade down at 38 today. Something in the realm of this mock would suffice. LB, C,RB, TE are targets day 2.
  12. Would like to trade down similar to this mock today. LB, Center, RB and TE should be looked at.
  13. “If “if” was a fifth, we’d all be drunk.”
  14. Huge Skyy Moore fan but I know it’s a luxury at this point. Hall would be great.
  15. I hope we get breece Hall or Trey McBride. Until then…
  16. @kdels62 let’s go!!! Sauce, Wilson and JJ holy hell.
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