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  1. Arguing with you is pointless. You’ve resorted to the “All Pro’s and Pro Bowls are popularity contests” weak ass argument. Your position is rigidly fixed against the guy to the point of unreasonable. I don’t waste my time with that.
  2. One of wrestling’s many low points.
  3. You know what this forum needs? Another Jamal Adams thread. Lol. Why do people create new threads about the same player and slightly alter the subject matter? Sixteen threads on Jamal Adams.
  4. I personally don’t see a resolution now that it’s reached this point, but it’s entirely possible that Jamal Adams is a Jet next year. I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Fans spewing vitriol is a far cry from what JD is actually gonna do.
  5. If the Jets can swing a trade of Adams for Josh Allen, I’ll gladly change the username.
  6. Yes, it’s been established that my screen name is a dead giveaway that I like the player.
  7. Jamal Adams and JJ Watt are the only two players in NFL history with 200+ tackles, 10+ sacks, and 25 PBU’s in their first 3 seasons. (Source: Field Yates). You can pump the breaks with “Jamal lovers looking stupid”. With that said, even I’m not a fan of this latest tactic he’s resorted to. Demanding a trade was a bad move. Poor judgement. I don’t see how this can be repaired now that the situation has gotten to this point. JD’s gonna get lowball offers because teams know he wants out. I still think we’re gonna get bent over in a trade. Nobody’s giving us what he’s worth.
  8. Gregg Williams uses Jamal Adams differently than the traditional safety. Credit to him, he recognized a need for more pass rush, and got his safety in there to provide it. Adams made impact plays from different places on the field. He might not have the flashy INT’s but anybody watching the games cannot deny his impact. He’s stellar in run support, can rush the passer, and good enough in coverage despite the lack of INT’s. And his physical play shows up every game.
  9. I have no problem with the Raiders taking Ruggs there. His stock was rising on quite a few draft boards according to reports. The Jets apparently liked him a lot, too. Someone else said it, but Ruggs was a lot like Becton. Maybe not quite as safe of picks like Jerry Jeudy and Andrew Thomas, but they had higher ceilings. If Ruggs is the next Tyreek Hill (minus the character), and Becton is the next Jonathan Ogden, it’ll be major scores for both teams.
  10. Taking a trip down memory lane in the NFL Draft of “sure thing” WR’s. Peter Warrick (#4 overall to the Bengals!), Mike Williams, and Charles Rodgers. Just to name three. All were hyped like Jeudy and Lamb. All were colossal failures. My point is, we don’t know yet regarding Ruggs v Jeudy/Lamb.
  11. I didn’t call him the best ever. But the best right now per the AP. Interceptions are nice, but only one statistic among many that define a DB. TFL, Sacks, and PD’s are important too. When you think about who’s gonna make a big play in a big moment in the game, who comes to mind in the Jets secondary? Arthur Maulet? Rontez Miles? We all know it’s the Prez.
  12. Randy White, Merlin Olsen, John Randle, Warren Sapp, Vince Wilfork, Bob Lilly, Alan Page and Mean Joe Greene disagree. Those “fat” guys deserved to get paid. Mucho.
  13. Revis fell off a cliff after a great career. Too see a guy with all that talent become that bad, that quickly was shocking.
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