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  1. Jamal Adams isn’t going to negotiate a deal on his rookie contract. The 2011 collective bargaining agreement sets the parameters of those deals.
  2. 5 pro bowlers were taken in the next 10 picks after Gholston. Clady, DRC, Albert, Stewart and Mayo. But we fell in love with Gholston’s 14 sacks in 2007, and his bench press at the combine. Rather than trying to trade down and recognize that the value wasn’t there, we swung for the fences with Gholston and ended up with egg on our faces.
  3. I agree that passing on Sapp was a huge mistake. No disagreement there. The Jets were scared of a pot bust or something minor like that, and went the “safe” route. A dumb move. Agreed. But a “bust” for me is someone who vastly underperforms their college performance and draft position. Gholston was drafted to be the next Gastineau, LT, Reggie White. He wasn’t a pimple on the ass of any of them. In my mind, he was in the same class as Ryan Leaf and Tony Mandarich. Tannenbaum struck out with the bases loaded in a 1 run game in the bottom of the 9th of game 7 of the WS with that draft pick.
  4. Gee, could the agent be leaking this? Maybe trying to drive up the price tag for other teams? The Browns are willing to sign any big name, and at basically any cost. Good luck with that.
  5. Kyle Brady played 13 years in the NFL, including 8 years with Jax. He caught over 3,500 yards and 25 career TD’s. That’s a decent career. Vernon Gholston was drafted to be a pass rusher, difference maker for the NYJ. He finished a five year stint with three different teams racking up 42 tackles, 0 sacks, and 0 forced fumbles. That’s a disgrace.
  6. Vernon Gholston was one of the worst draft picks in recent memory. Of any NFL team. Kyle Brady was a disappointing pick but hardly a bad player. He was decent even though he didn’t live up to expectations. I don’t understand this line of reasoning that Brady was worse. No way Jose.
  7. Problem is, we’re not getting two #1’s. But all the people who want him gone so badly will be happy for some bizarre reason because we got a couple of draft picks that could be the next Dee Milliner and Stephen Hill.
  8. You undervalue what Adams does in order to drive home the point that you don’t think we should keep him. If you, and others for that matter, don’t see what this guy does and how much of an impact he makes than I won’t even bother explaining it anymore. I think it would be very interesting to see what Gregg Williams’ opinion is on this player. Something tells me he agrees more with me. Just a hunch.
  9. It reveals the absolute worst in fans. Knee jerk reactions based on small sample sizes. Calling Q Williams a bust at this stage in the game is just the latest example. I fully expect it to get worse for him if he doesn’t have 5 sacks through 5 games.
  10. CB is a premium position, but safety isn’t. What about LT? Or a highly rated, blue chip TE being called the next Antonio Gates? Should teams pass on those positions because of some arbitrary belief of what’s most valuable?
  11. I don’t doubt that fans may have expressed some interest in Mahomes, but most evaluations outside this forum had Mahomes as a late 1st at best, and using the 6th overall pick would’ve been risky for a team with so many needs and a safe, obvious choice sitting right in front of them. The Adams pick was praised almost universally by the way. But once again, the advantage of hindsight comes into play. If we had taken McCaffrey at #6 we would have been eviscerated by fans and media. It would have been SOJ hysteria. “How can we take a RB at 6, this team is clueless, etc”.
  12. No. INT’s are everything. And Jamal Adams sucks because he doesn’t have lots of them.
  13. I guess all those AP votes were wrong. Dumb guys, those experts.
  14. Yes. And they affect the game, too. Having someone who can take it to the house is a nice thing to have. But we’re not really comparing punters to JA now, are we? We’re getting into straw man arguments now.

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