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  1. https://www.rotoworld.com/article/goal-line-stand/nfls-best-coaches-2020?page=2 Gase at 25
  2. https://twitter.com/deeh_nyc/status/1257695222353584129?s=21
  3. If Aaron is unhappy in GB with a top Oline, Aaron Jones, and Davante Adams hows he going to like it here?
  4. The 2009-2010 teams were a bit of a house of cards. It was comprised of vets who were at the end of their careers and there wasn’t a lot of young talent to backfill them. There was still some runway in 2011, but Mike T screwed up things in the off-season by re-signing Holmes to big $ and letting Edwards and Cotchery walk. Holmes was another guy on the ever-growing list of Jet players who mailed it in once he got paid. Also replacing Edwards and Cotchery with Burress (returning from jail) and 40 year old Derrick Mason was a bad idea.
  5. If the Jets were going to trade him you’d think they would do it at the draft.
  6. I feel like those players provided us a lot of enjoyment
  7. It’s probably the best two year run in team history. Nothing crazy, but would be nice to do a halftime ceremony.
  8. I don’t think his game is anything like Revis. Hall by all accounts was primarily a zone corner at UVA.
  9. That’s why I thought the narrative about Douglas and the Eagles bad drafts were completely misguided (Manish). It’s Rosemans show over there
  10. I’m hoping the scouting on Mims was lazy -Baylor WR -Route Tree -Doesn’t play as fast as his 40 Why wasn’t Mahomes picked first overall? -Texas Tech QB -Air Raid offense -Sloppy footwork
  11. There is a reason he lasted until the 79th pick. Injury history and middling production in the SEC. It would be unbelievable if the Jets found Their elusive pass rusher in the 3rd round
  12. I think fans are making more of this than it is. Dalton has made plenty of $ in his career. He’s obviously perfectly happy going back to Texas as a backup. For the cowboys it gives them a great insurance policy for Dak.
  13. I think he’s a great Jets fan and appreciate all the content he’s provided me for free.
  14. PFF is supposed to be about the football. Not sports talk hot takes.
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