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  1. Well take it for what its worth, this is just the interior DL. If they go bargain shopping here that's exactly what he is supposed to do.
  2. Hey Guys just want to give a shoutout, good job with your podcasts, I enjoy listening to them.
  3. It seems like all of the options are acceptable to me. Whether we keep Sam, trade him and draft Wilson at 2, or trade for DWat. Its the first time I had the feeling in the 40 years of being a Jet Fan. My preference is to draft a QB and trade Sam, hope the best for him and his career. But if we keep Sam it will be fun to see what we acquire through our boatload of picks to improve this football team.
  4. Yup I completely agree. It also resets the QB contract which is very important if you still need to build a football team. I watched a lot of tape on both fields and wilson and I would take wilson. Something with fields' slow delivery and reads that concern me. I think fields will be a good QB in the league depending on the situation but not as good as wilson who can be elite.
  5. I agree with you somewhat regarding the defense....I think they need to spend big on edge though. 20 years without a legit edge rusher who could get to the QB consistently. They need to spend big here starting with Shaq Barrett.
  6. I give it an A-. Saleh was in my top 3. Two of them (Matt Campbell and PJ FLek) did not interview. It is what this franchise needs right now and is the right fit because his defenses are based on strong DL's which we have. He will need a strong OC and while either LaFleur or Mcdaniel are his choices that does not necessarily mean its in the books. Joe now needs to hit on Free Agency and the draft.
  7. Hmm leftovers like daboll, joe Brady, Staley and wink? Pretty tasty if you ask me.
  8. No word yet. Hope they bring Joe Brady in again.
  9. He is a chillaxed kind of guy so that would lead most to believe he is not a fit for New York. I do not agree with that, his game planning skills are exceptional and players love to play for him. If he is paired with Marvin Lewis and a titans assistant that would a good hire...like former Jet WR and current WR coach Rob Moore!
  10. Assistant Waterboy to Bobby Buecher.
  11. I get what your saying and maybe its me being a disgruntled fan right now. I get Bechton he is 21, he will learn hopefully to use caution with social media. It's McGovern that aggravates me the most...guy has done very little to earn his contract and he has nothing better to do then rip the fanbase. Thats not a way to earn a good rep no matter what team you are on.
  12. They are....in a players sense. But not controlling your emotions and making stupid comments is a problem.
  13. Exactly. Could have been a lot more professional with their tweets. McGovern really bothers me most because this guy has underperformed his contract.
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