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  1. Yeah I believe we are stacked on the DL....McClendon, Anderson, Sheppard, Foley, and Q....and rookies Zuniga and Huff. Q should have a better year and the other guys have been effective in a rotation. Foley is a wall up front and Sheppard has shown he can get to the QB.
  2. My bet is on Johnny to make the team.
  3. Pretend to be Belichick propose an offer then say no as JD then ask the board what they would do.....sounds to me like a psychopath with nothing better to do.
  4. I do not think he gets fired, if he doesn't make the playoffs in year 3 then maybe. But a lot of people believe that he had one year with a rash of injuries, including one of their best defensive players and not having their QB for 7 weeks and a brutal first 6 weeks of the 2019 schedule...yet they still finished 9-7. I am not a Gase fan but we do need to see what he can do with a healthy roster. Now that we have a brutal schedule for the 2020 season, if they go anywhere from 6-10 or higher and show improvement in play, then he will be back for sure.
  5. Matt O'Leary did a good job in his video comparing Gore and Powell so hats off to you bud! To be honest there really is no comparison that Powell is the better player. I am not a fan of this move and knowing Gase he will give him lots of carries.
  6. All great numbers except for the shuttle (nit picking here) but I really think both Campbell and Cager could have been drafted.
  7. I think Blake Cashman is the only player that really fits JD's mold and I can see him picking him in the 5th round.
  8. Yeah count me in on JuJu. Last year he was dealing with injuries including mediocre QB play, he is a good player that still can become a great player given his age.
  9. Thats funny I just wrote that.
  10. Hate doing comparisons but it reminds me of a poor mans Curtis Martin and before you guys beat me up I said "poor man" . He was very good at all facets of the game but not great. But what stood out with CM was his superior vision. Perine has very good vision and even though he might have gotten drafted a round higher than he should have been, he is a player that I would not bet against.
  11. Well I hope you are right...if he has similar success to Robby it would be a big win. Doctson could be a sleeper here, his career has been hampered by injury and if he could stay healthy we might have our WR2. But yes you are correct, there are a lot of question marks.
  12. Wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! I am just expressing my opinion. Now go back on your knees for "Adam".
  13. It sure does since its the head coach that needs to make the offensive adjustments. Guys like Andy Reid and Doug Pederson would have made these adjustments.
  14. I think they should focus on another edge rusher. Remember you can never have enough of these guys. If we can get a like Golden, that would solidify our defense.

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