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  1. Ah cmon. I do think the praise for Douglas on this board is over the top but it’s too early for this.
  2. Isn’t part of the issue is the Jets don’t want to pay him “upfront?”
  3. Just wait until we are over a week into August and the Jets are still trying to set a precedent while a QB who isn’t even on the roster today is taking most of the reps.
  4. This. Who said Douglas has full control? And what does that even mean? What does it mean to a Johnson?
  5. This is even lamer than SAR and the Gase thing
  6. This situation certainly doesn’t scream “all gas, no brakes”
  7. I agree. This guy legitimately brings the quality of the board down.
  8. Jets getting ripped by the media on this, what else is new just get it done, ****ing Christ.
  9. The Jets are a joke to the rest of the NFL world. This is not a secret.
  10. You definitely tag him unless he’s willing to take a short deal
  11. I hope I never reach a point in my life where I make posts like this.
  12. It was impossible for me to get excited about the 2020 season knowing Gase was in charge. Only a fool thought the 7-9 finish had any substance to it. An awful coach on every level
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