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  1. He was average, but had far more upside than the others
  2. Someone posted a link to a Packers fan thread somewhere in here and they don’t share that sentiment they are currently discussing sending him to the 49ers
  3. Why do Packers fans have this idea that they only “allowed” us to talk to Rodgers and if they have to they could open it back up to other teams? Like what? They think if they have to, they can “swallow their pride” and call up SF and it’s a lock.
  4. They are. There could be a number of things holding this up, but eating 110m for Rodgers to be a distraction or sacrificing Jordan Love is just not going to happen. I’d be more concerned with Rodgers just saying forget it and retiring than I would about the scenario of Green Bay tanking their team to spite him.
  5. This is nothing but Packer fan speculation. Their front office is smarter than their fans.
  6. I’m sure they want a young player on a rookie deal, but there’s no reason to give that to them in my opinion. They aren’t going to pay the 110M or sacrifice Jordan Love (who they are apparently very high on) and unless another team decides they want Rodgers now, I’d let this go all the way down to the wire if I had to. If we lose out and Green Bay goes nuclear and sets their house on fire to be petty, so be it. I don’t see it as a plausible scenario, but it’s a risk I’d be willing to take. I think 49 alone is plenty for a year of Rodgers at this age, coming off the season he just had, while also taking on his financial implications.
  7. No. Id give them 49, Davis if they want him, and a conditional pick if he plays in 2024.
  8. This would be fascinating, however idiotic and unlikely of the Packers to do. I honestly wouldn’t mind it from the entertainment value alone.
  9. What is your prediction on how this plays out? The Jets panic and give them 13?
  10. Packers fans are CONVINCED we are paying a hefty price. Like they are absolutely sure of it and being total dick bags about it. I can’t wait to see what the comp is
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