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  1. The uniforms we have now suck. I don’t know if I just associate them with how pathetic the franchise has been since that embarrassing “unveiling” of them, but they are terrible.
  2. Much too risky of a pick. Hard pass
  3. Will Saleh be better then all of them?
  4. I don’t think Douglas will take a S with either of those picks. Especially after having no interest in paying Adams or Maye
  5. Best case trade down 4 Thibs/Neal 10 Linderbaum worst case either of those picks being Hamilton/Stingley
  6. I hate how weak this draft is. Naturally, it’s the year we are loaded with picks
  7. This should have been a huge red flag as far as the nutritionist, better late than never.
  8. Like someone said above.. they will be the London/Liverpool/whatever Jets in a few seasons anyway and then a lot of us can finally walk away
  9. He wouldn’t really be on my board in the first round TBH. Absolutely can’t take that risk
  10. No semi rational fan is going to call for Douglas/Saleh to be fired if we win 8 games. This isn’t a narrative
  11. I was waiting for this. Did not disappoint
  12. I didn’t want to draft Allen at all. He was my QB4 in that class. Woops I also didn’t want to draft Wilson at all. So let’s hope it works out better this time.
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