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  1. No, because we still don’t have a QB. Otherwise it was an excellent draft
  2. Too old for this kind of hopeful nonsense. Don’t set yourself up for the letdown, because it’s inevitable
  3. Going into this draft knowing we are taking Wilson is like going into 2019/2020 knowing Gase is our HC for me. I can’t get excited about it Still gonna drink the good stuff though
  4. I don’t know if he’s gonna be good or not but I think he’s going to have a miserable rookie season and it will be unbearable having to talk about it
  5. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that this won’t work out. Nothing any of us can do about it though. Gotta hope, but not expect, this time to be different.
  6. Makes it even more of a waste of a pick.
  7. Good for him. I bet he wanted to leave just as badly as many of you wanted him gone. won’t be surprised if he looks like a different player in Carolina. Let’s see if Zachy is the upgrade so many think he is.
  8. Blame that moron Chris Johnson too. He’s the idiot that let Peyton Manning talk him into Gase.
  9. Genuinely hilarious to me how some are over projecting Wilson now just because he’s the guy we’re stuck with. He’s a better prospect than Darnold was! I just didn’t know who he was until 4 months ago!
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