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  1. Don’t you get tired of this act? Like shouldn’t you have better things to do in life than carry on with this?
  2. We can’t pay him yet. A “verbal agreement” is not realistic and if we win 5-6 games this year he will leave.
  3. Let’s put this to rest. We aren’t trading for the guy.
  4. Lol this thread should just be locked. Terrible
  5. Name me the starting QBs in the NFL that are in a worse situation than Darnold is?
  6. 5-0 gets us to 10-0 gets us to 16-0 which gets us to the Super Bowl
  7. I’m curious why people keep bringing this up.. how is them giving us Lamb realistic? when was the last time a team drafted a player in the first round and then traded him before even taking a snap?
  8. The comparison doesn’t make sense at all. And there’s almost 0% chance Jamal gets signed here long term at this point.
  9. I’m not T0m. Where’s that DWC guy at though? I’d love to hear his take.
  10. Please send this guy to Matt Patricia and the Lions. Their 2021 pick will likely be top 10 to boot. Win win.
  11. Been lurking for a long time. Just wanted my first post to be that T0mShane guy was right all along.

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