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  1. Now I hate the idea of taking Wilson at 2 even more. Hard pass on him that early. If he was there with the Seattle pick, sure take the shot.
  2. Watson is a much better player than Cousins. I just use my eyes, some of you should try it
  3. We need a thread with an official statement from @SAR I
  4. That all needs to actually happen before I would be comfortable making the pick. Also, free agents and rookies don’t always pan out, but it’s Douglas decision to make. I think he will take a slow approach here. The biggest addition to the offense might be the subtraction of Gase and his system, so it’s hard to tell what the offense could look like under a real offensive mind.
  5. Had to scoop him up before New England, obviously
  6. We’ll all have a laugh at your expense and then post about the HC search not too late to put your money where your keyboard is..

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