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  1. I am aware Morgan is no longer on the team. Plays into the theme of the 2020 draft
  2. It’s cool. We still got Zuniga and James Morgan
  3. Saleh needs to do to Jones what BB is going to do to Wilson I have a feeling they are going to blow our doors off though. You know they will be extra prepared to avoid 0-2
  4. 5-6 wins Then next year it’s time to make a playoff push otherwise Douglas is out
  5. The honeymoon is definitely coming to an end. He’s already been GM longer than the entire Idzik tenure. Sooner rather than later he’s going to have to put a winning product out there.
  6. Wilson taking the sting out of the day. That’s the stuff
  7. I love CMC and would definitely draft a CMC/Barkley type of player in rd1 but no. We would still be losing.
  8. 4 wins or less this year and he’s on the hot seat in 2022
  9. Hoping for the W, but I won’t be overreacting when we lose
  10. If Darnold lights us up tomorrow, at least there’s a silver lining
  11. The reactions on this board if we kept Darnold AND drafted Wilson would have been so entertaining almost wish it happened
  12. Overall, the Panthers are a more talented, experienced team. I expect them to win in a close one.
  13. It’s almost hard to not feel bad for this guy at this point.
  14. Unfortunately I know you can’t reply to this, I just found it interesting that you of all people called a 2 win season last year. props brah
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