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  1. Please post a shut out. This crowd deserves it
  2. The irony of watching a team that preaches “no quit in NY” literally quit when it counts is pretty funny though
  3. I’m looking for a new coach if they get eliminated tonight
  4. Some of the reactions on here are insane. Not one of these players has played a single snap and people want to call it “the best draft ever” this is why Jets fans have the reputation they do
  5. This is the time of year where you have to be a homer. This isn’t allowed.
  6. I liked the picks but it’s generally wise to let them play before calling it the greatest draft in history
  7. You guyz should be better fanz like the OP and stop being haterz jet up already. All gas, no brakes (do they still say that or has that been dropped?)
  8. There is 0% chance 10 and 35 are moved for him
  9. Also why I don’t think OT is off the board either. Becton and an unsigned Fant?
  10. Not to mention Crowder is gone
  11. I’d give up 2 first rounders for a WR like Justin Jefferson maybe DK Metcalf absolutely not
  12. Douglas knows he needs to show something tangible this year (wins) which is why he’s trying so hard to trade for a WR. he told me this himself
  13. Mims Perine will also lead the team in rushing
  14. So what happens when we aren’t playing meaningful games by Halloween? Since we are only beginning year 2 of this genius rebuild?
  15. Heard all of this before about our last bust QB. Until it’s on display on Sunday, it means nothing
  16. Too early, but if we are in position to draft the next “generational” franchise QB, then you do it.
  17. Didn’t Arians say it would take 5 FRP for them to move Brady? I hope it happens though. He stands a much better chance winning another in Tampa rather than Miami. I don’t care what he does the rest of his career as long as we don’t have to watch him play in another SB.
  18. Screw Watson. Give me Tyreek Hill though!
  19. Well, they couldn’t do it here apparently.
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