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  1. The point was… it’s a very short list.
  2. Now can we get a list of the guys that turned “elite” in their 3rd season?
  3. 2021 had to be the worst Jet defense I think I’ve ever seen
  4. Well that settles it for me. We have our guy.
  5. The person who drove the whole “agenda” thing against Wilson wants us to sign Jimmy G now, I think.
  6. This. I remember even hearing how the Rangers were the “better team” after 2 games, funny how quickly that changed. losing back to back to back to back is nasty business no matter how you choose to slice it.
  7. Wtf happened to this team over these last 4 games?
  8. I hated that “Igor’s better” chant that was started and since then, he has not been better
  9. That’s the series. That game 3 loss was downplayed
  10. Almost feels like apples to oranges in 2022
  11. Thank you, Dr. Have anything to help detect sarcasm?
  12. Stop being so negative man, it’s June
  13. I take back that POTW Rangers never felt like a threat at all this game
  14. Well this isn’t great .. can’t say I’m surprised though. Gonna have to take it in 7 now. Don’t think there’s a chance they get 3 tonight
  15. Absolutely brutal to be up 2-0 and lose 3-2 having them in that spot. Bad feeling Tampa is going to win game 4 in convincing fashion
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