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  1. Rookie defensive head coach with 4 wins and the worst defense in the league? Where should he be ranked? Todd Bowles is an awful head coach. Or at least he was here.
  2. I would hope he shows up for the mandatory part
  3. That’s probably about what you should expect.
  4. Damn right I was passing on Mahomes.. for Deshaun Watson
  5. At that point the team was still all in on Sam f**kin Darnold and the pick should have been a WR. I get what your saying but that’s not a pick I would have made. JD is doing a fine job so far (even without the results yet the process seems sound) but it’s not a pick I would have made. Plus it was widely considered a reach and ultimately a failure
  6. This was a bad draft pick all around. There was really no logic to it either.
  7. It’s not what it used to be. Just get rid of it and keep the All Pro honors which are the ones that matter anyway.
  8. They put up like 80 pts against us last year. Let’s just start with being competitive with them
  9. This will be a fun bump for someone in 6 months. One way or another.
  10. This model was created by a Jets fan down in Florida.. defense wins championships or something like that?
  11. This thread is so 2020 get well soon though
  12. Please post a shut out. This crowd deserves it
  13. The irony of watching a team that preaches “no quit in NY” literally quit when it counts is pretty funny though
  14. I’m looking for a new coach if they get eliminated tonight
  15. Some of the reactions on here are insane. Not one of these players has played a single snap and people want to call it “the best draft ever” this is why Jets fans have the reputation they do
  16. This is the time of year where you have to be a homer. This isn’t allowed.
  17. I liked the picks but it’s generally wise to let them play before calling it the greatest draft in history
  18. You guyz should be better fanz like the OP and stop being haterz jet up already. All gas, no brakes (do they still say that or has that been dropped?)
  19. There is 0% chance 10 and 35 are moved for him
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