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  1. This will likely be a task for next offseason
  2. This also doesn’t account for the amount of time Davis and Moore missed last season
  3. Because we also had the #32 ranked starting QB in the league, and if he fails, all of this is irrelevant anyway. It’s nice to not have to play catch up, but we need to do better than WRs like Corey Davis and Berrios
  4. It’s always this. If he returns to form, all will be forgiven. if you have such a problem with it, you probably shouldn’t be supporting the NFL at all
  5. This guys nuts about the Jets FA and draft every single year
  6. It was mostly bad in year 1. We will see if he steps it up in year 2. Sounds like someone else we talk about a lot on here
  7. This is how it should be at least. But we’re only like half a year into his rebuild or something like that
  8. This type of stuff did wonders for Mark Sanchez
  9. I’m all aboard the Mitchell/Marcus train. They might be a bit too “threatening” though
  10. I think the goal would be to help them win games in the event Zach Wilson misses time
  11. Unless it’s addressing the pass rush, all of the premium picks should still be spent on offense
  12. I still don’t get why Rodgers wants to play somewhere else. Enjoy the first round exit in the AFC
  13. This is a terrible year to have 2 top 10 picks, so naturally the Jets do. I’d give Joe Douglas a C on his overall body of work so far. And I still would never make that trade.
  14. Stupid premise. They likely don’t make the playoffs without Chase
  15. Doesn’t really matter, but that sucks for them
  16. Winning in the playoffs is difficult. Amazing that Sanchez has 4 road Ws that he actually played well enough in
  17. He was most definitely taking a beating from other fan bases. Every Dolphins fans still think he’s a bust already.
  18. They don’t know that in only 2 more years, thanks to Joe Douglas, the Jets will be perennial SB contenders.
  19. Man people are stupid. Revis wasn’t flashy but he would literally bully WRs at times. What he did to Reggie Wayne in that 2010 playoff game was insane. Anyone that would even make an argument for Diggs at this point has no idea what their talking about
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