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  1. They don’t know that in only 2 more years, thanks to Joe Douglas, the Jets will be perennial SB contenders.
  2. Man people are stupid. Revis wasn’t flashy but he would literally bully WRs at times. What he did to Reggie Wayne in that 2010 playoff game was insane. Anyone that would even make an argument for Diggs at this point has no idea what their talking about
  3. They won’t take him at 4. Maybe if he slips to 10
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I think if the Jets get an offer they like, he’s gone
  5. It’s easy once you draft a Joe Burrow It will be easy if Wilson is that good, which is a long shot IMO
  6. They will never ever be that kind of team. but if it ever happens, it’ll be in a few years when they move to London
  7. Most of them, assuming he is available to play. That’s just what the NFL is, like it or not.
  8. I think he will take a year or two off. Which could be favorable since he could want to come back around the next time we could possibly looking for a new HC/GM.
  9. Also, if anything I hope he learned the importance of having a good K in this league
  10. Are you saying Corey Davis isn’t a #1?? Who would have thought??
  11. A lot better than Quinnen Williams would be a good start
  12. The uniforms we have now suck. I don’t know if I just associate them with how pathetic the franchise has been since that embarrassing “unveiling” of them, but they are terrible.
  13. Much too risky of a pick. Hard pass
  14. Will Saleh be better then all of them?
  15. I don’t think Douglas will take a S with either of those picks. Especially after having no interest in paying Adams or Maye
  16. Trevor Lawrence is a p*ssy
  17. Best case trade down 4 Thibs/Neal 10 Linderbaum worst case either of those picks being Hamilton/Stingley
  18. I hate how weak this draft is. Naturally, it’s the year we are loaded with picks
  19. This should have been a huge red flag as far as the nutritionist, better late than never.
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