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  1. If the Jets concede on signing bonus payout, I would think this gets done soon. That's a bigger contention than the offset clause... all comes down to time value of money: money now is worth more than money later.
  2. The Jets are done making moves for a while unless someone gets hurt. If everyone stays healthy they'll trade a few of the fringe roster spot guys on the OL & DL. I expect that they'll look to acquire LB help (Kenny Young is the guy who they were rumored to be interested in) and possibly sign a CB and backup QB, but I don't expect any major moves on the horizon.
  3. I’m really fascinated to see what the Jets do with the line. Both Douglas and Saleh/his staff have aligned values regarding players being “position-less”, so while local beat is jumping to the conclusion that signing Moses means Fant goes to the bench, I'm not so certain. In SF, Daniel Brunskill was a similar HWS athlete to Fant and has been utilized at both G & T (former TE turned OT turned RG). Aaron Banks was a LG at Notre Dame who is likely moving to RG, but I found it interesting that he was going to be moved to LT had he returned for his senior season. Fant provides the J
  4. Moses (as well as the other veterans) are taking the right approach by waiting, and I think some may even pull what Logan Ryan did and wait beyond training camp. If someone gets hurt between now and the start of the regular season, he'll be the first guy they call to sign to a big 1-year deal. Right now his leverage is limited. The question becomes how much does he value getting into a program early to get accustomed with his new teammates. For a guy like him whose widely respected around the league both by players and coaching staffs, I wouldn't think he feels too pressured to sign unless he
  5. The “on-paper” dream of a WR core consisting of Berrios-Cole-Crowder-Davis-Mims-Moore (alphabetical because I truly don’t know what the rotation will be) is closer to a reality. Hopefully all stay healthy, but truthfully, Jets can lose 2 and still be in better shape than they’ve been at any point since 2015.
  6. Intriguing. Definitely all for adding the talent and competition
  7. What sucks is that I think this unit is 1 year away from becoming absolutely dominant, but we're bound to lose some talent to free agency next year. Foley Fatukasi, John Franklin-Myers are free agents next year and it's going to be hard justifying bringing them both back. A DL comprised of them, plus Quinnen Williams and Sheldon Rankins, PLUS Carl Lawson and another EDGE or 2 could be a truly dominant unit. Maybe Zuniga and Huff have meteoric rises this year, but I'm not counting on it
  8. I expect a big improvement, but not sure if it will be enough that he remains here long-term. I think the Jets will be searching for an upgrade in 2022
  9. On the Jets? Quinnen Williams. In the NFL? Alvin Kamara
  10. This is interesting. I’m not sure what scale they use but if it’s similar to the scale the Jets and others use, an 8.0 for Waddle is pretty insane, but it also leads me to believe their grading process wasn’t strict in year 1... usually grades are more technical with decimals to the hundredth and other flags/codes to label a player. Also, what often gets ignored is that many teams place a positional weight, hence the raw grade won’t necessarily be indicative where exactly they are on the final draft board. Considering the weight, any grade over a 7.0 is elite for a QB. I think Jets grade
  11. In my mind, Elijah Moore is easier to project because he's more of a complete WR at this point. He doesn't have the body Denzel Mims has, nor does he have the contested catch ability or blocking chops, but he has superior foot quickness/change of direction and game speed which allows him to excel as a route runner and with the ball in his hands after the catch. His football IQ and instincts appear to be more natural as well. They both play tough and have really good hands, but I think I'd give Elijah Moore the edge in both categories. I think his pathway to production will be more limited than
  12. I think some teams have up to 4, but there's no standard requirement. There's a main rep and backups or "associate" reps
  13. Zach Wilson is a far better athlete than he's given credit for. I know this tweet floated going around about how Zach Wilson tested highly in a "peak power" metric, but what really caught my eye was how many people who witnessed him working out at 3DQB in California were able to compare him to Justin Fields live and said that Zach would've ran a very fast time. Here's what TJ Houshmamdzadeh had to say about Zach Wilson after watching him workout side-by-side with Justin Fields:
  14. I expect most if not all of the 6 defensive players they drafted to make the roster. If one doesn't, they'll be on the practice squad
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