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  1. Why not compare some of our Jets to guys in this game... Michael Carter's best NFL comparison is Austin Ekeler. Both small, yet compact and tough. Extremely shiftly and powerful. Electric in space. Very similar running styles. Versatile players who can run, catch, block. Not sure Michael Carter will ever be used the way Ekeler is in our scheme, but very similar players who provide similar skill sets to their respective offenses.
  2. I kind of feared this would happen to him a long time ago when we signed Corey Davis. The cold hard truth is that Davis and Mims both play the same receiver role (X) as it's featured in this offense, and at this point of their careers, Davis is far more advanced as a route runner which makes him the superior option. They want the Y and Z to be guys who can make plays after the catch, and Mims is not a natural doing so. I think the playbook talk is overstated; the reality is he is not a very developed route runner and doesn't fully understand route running from a situational standpoint, which i
  3. Zuniga being released is really not a surprise. Not only did he show very little last year, he's somewhat miscast for this defense. I would bet the Jets will try to bring him back onto the practice squad to see if they can continue developing him into something, but certainly turned out to be a bust pick.
  4. Excellent post. Thank you. We’ll see quite a few of the cuts end up on the practice squad, and I’d expect we bring back some of the vets once guys get placed on IR (DLs Ronnie Blair, Tanzel Smart and TEs Ryan Griffin, Daniel Brown come to mind). Jets will likely scoop someone up off waivers to fill the 53rd spot for now, start placing guys on short-term IR, re-sign a few guys and potentially add more rounds of waiver claims/add FAs not subject to the waiver process. I have seen the murmurings RE: trade for Zach Ertz, but not sure they would be willing to offer what PHI seems t
  5. Lol I have learned not to let opponents bother me. In a way, if I have a player on a team we're facing, it has helped ease the pain of losing the last 10 years. The last time I've had a Jets player on my roster was Brandon Marshall in 2015. I've always kept my bias out of fantasy so hopefully I'm onto something Agree with these points. Again, looking at Carter and Elijah as guys with keeper potential more than anything else, but I do think there's a chance either ends up having a good fantasy season. If Carter doesn't show me enough to say "this guy's gonna be a top 2 round pick
  6. I feel the same way. Meanwhile he's available as a FA, but I just can't fathom having 4 Jets on a 16 man roster.
  7. He would absolutely be a top target of mine in redraft leagues, but I went into it anticipating I would be going after Elijah in the 10th so kind of shied away from him. I've been blinded by all the positive press I must admit... just getting a vibe that Elijah could be an AJ Brown or Justin Jefferson type in year 1, with the big jump coming in year 2.
  8. Oh, left out arguably the most important part: I've been offered... RB D'Andre Swift & WR Deebo Samuel for RB Chase Edmonds, RB Michael Carter & WR Diontae Johnson
  9. Didn't see a thread for fantasy football talk, so figured I'd make one for general talk + have some things on my mind that I'm hoping to get opinions on... I'm personally an avid fantasy football player. For the past few years I've stuck to my main league only: we're a big money pot - both weekly & season long payouts - and everyone prioritizes this league most. We all went to high school together and remain good friends so it's that much more enjoyable. It's a 12-team keeper league. Each team can keep two players with a max keeper eligibility of 3 years. Can only keep o
  10. Do you think he would refuse to report and forfeit his salary if the Falcons traded him to a team in the northeast? I think that's the question you should ask him.
  11. I'm not saying that you made it up, I'm saying that you clearly don't know the situation surrounding Dante Fowler. He also has zero control over it. There's a chance he gets outright cut, let alone traded for a 5th-6th round pick.
  12. For someone who is "family" to you, I find it shocking that you do not know that he took a pay-cut and re-negotiated his contract this past spring. He's under contract for 1-year, $6,000,000, and his contract voids after the season. As far as what he wants and what the Falcons want, I'm not sure. I just know the Jets have him on their short-list whether it be via trade or if he were to get cut prior to the start of the season, and he's been running with the backup OLBs at Falcons' camp.
  13. Since things have opened up and political changes are in the pipeline, business has been booming... just means less free time Will be more frequent on here when the season starts
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