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  1. Realistically I don't see this happening. While I really want it to, the Jets aren't going to be motivated to "overpay" to assure they land him and I would expect he'll favor a contender/more desirable states (for cost of living, taxes, and weather) if he has the chance to. Baltimore seems like a logical fit given that Yanda retired, as do the 49ers (Tom Compton currently their top RG).
  2. I think our WR group is going to continue to evolve over the next 2 seasons. I think the first step will be for the team to see what they really have in guys like Breshad Perriman, Denzel Mims, and Vyncint Smith. If they're satisfied with their development, they may just decide to extend Perriman and continue to build the group through the draft. The more likely scenario: they will add a big contract to the receiver group next year. I think Perriman will have a solid season and could be re-signed, but I think ideally the Jets will look to upgrade. The foundation of the line cost-controlled for a while and most of our money will be allocated on the defensive side, allowing them to use whatever available money we have in 2021 at WR to balance the payroll (plus they could be moving on from Bell). My hunch as far as what next offseasons priorities will be: Continue to add playmakers via free agency and draft Emphasize pass rushers and pass protectors in the draft (remember, create a pipeline) Add a corner in free agency or early in the draft if their young guys don't take proper steps forward. 2021 OFFSEASON: WIDE RECEIVERS UFA: Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen, Kenny Golladay, JuJu Smith-Schuster Trade: Curtis Samuel 2021 is a long ways away, but if the Jets could build a skill position group like this with the way the offensive line is being built, I feel like they would be an offense to watch in the AFC:
  3. With the 32nd pick in the 2041 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select... Mekhi Becton Jr., Tackle, Alabama
  4. Some comparisons for our draft class stylistically, meaning, similar profiles/playing styles - not necessarily an indicator of their career arc - attached. Players I feel best about: Becton, Hall, Clark Risky but high potential: Mims, Zuniga Safe role players: Davis, Perine, Morgan, Mann I know it's easy to get sucked into the hype right after the draft (especially with way too early grades getting thrown around), but I really do think this was a very good singles/doubles draft. I think Douglas's goal was to find the most upside guys with the highest floors and to build the foundation with "trait" players who had high football character. I feel really confident all their day 3 draft picks being on the team for the entirety of their rookie deals, which cannot be said for any draft in the past decade. He swung on Day 2 and while one of these guys could end up amounting to nothing, he hedged a little with Davis because I think he will be an impact special teamer at the very least. If Mims/Zuniga develop into starters... fewf. Those two guys could really make the difference from being a solid draft to one of the Jets best drafts of all time, and I mean that in all sincerity. Hall falling so far makes you wonder if his injury is worse than expected, but if he does recover, I think the Jets landed a steal in the way they did Bless Austin in 2019. We may be witnessing the construction of our own version of the "Legion of boom" with Jamal headlining a group of overlooked, undervalued guys.
  5. Very well done. Putting all the position groups on paper allow you to really respect what Douglas did for the OL and DB groups with the resources he had. I don't think he's done acquiring veteran free agents when you factor in the roster space and cap space, they have room to make a trade or sign a guy that can make a legit impact this year. Names to keep an eye on in the trade/free agent market WR Keke Coutee (trade) WR Kenny Stills (trade) WR Rashard Higgins (UFA) DE Jadeveon Clowney (UFA) DE Vinny Curry (UFA) DE Everson Griffen (UFA) CB Logan Ryan (UFA) CB Prince Amukamara (UFA)
  6. He was a guy who was constantly linked to us so I did a lot of work on him. Not a crazy pick at all. I thought he was going to be our pick in the 5th round, but that might have been wishful thinking. More and more we're seeing teams invest 3rd-4th round picks in backup QBs (Eagles investing a 2nd!) and I think it will continue. With the way the salary cap is going to explode, teams won't want to invest $10-12 million on a backup if you don't have to. There's no question Sam is the guy, but having a talented backup that the Jets can develop is beneficial in a number of ways: (1) ideally he becomes the Jets "long-term" backup; (2) if he outperforms the backup label, Jets can trade him for draft capital. I have a newfound respect for the backup QB after watching last year. I think Fales will remain for this year, but I would expect the Jets to move forward with a 2-man QB room for the foreseeable future thereafter. While I would have rather the Jets drafted an impact prospect, you won't hear any complaints out of me.
  7. I like how the Jets have improved while also keeping themselves flexible for 2021. While I'm not crazy about our wide receiver group, I also don't think it's as important of a position as it is sensationalized to be. What Joe did show us: he has a type. In PHI he took part in drafting JJ Arcega-Whiteside (6'2", 225) and Mack Hollins (6'4, 221) and was a catalyst in acquiring Alshon Jeffery (6'3", 218). Below are all of Joe Douglas's WR acquisitions over his first year with the Jets: 2019: signed/waived WR Quincy Adeboyejo (6'3", 200) 2019: claimed WR Braxton Berrios (5'9", 190) 2019: signed/practice squad WR Josh Malone (6'3", 208) 2019: traded for WR Demaryius Thomas (6'3", 225) 2019: signed WR Vyncint Smith (6'3", 202) 2019: signed/practice squad WR Keon Hatcher (6'1", 211) 2020: signed/futures WR Jehu Chesson (6'3", 204) 2020: signed WR Josh Doctson (6'2", 202) 2020: signed WR Breshad Perriman (6'2", 212) 2020: drafted 2nd round WR Denzel Mims (6'3", 207) 2020: signed UDFA WR Lawrence Cager (6'5", 220) 2020: signed UDFA WR George Campbell (6'4", 183) A lot of long, lean, "above-the-rim" type WRs on that list, many of which who ran sub-4.5 40s. If they don't see the progression they want out of guys like Perriman and Mims in 2020, I wouldn't be surprised if they made a big pushto sign/trade for guys like Allen Robinson or Kenny Golladay.
  8. Good post. There are a lot of takeaways to go over, but I think you hit the nail on the head when it comes to how Macc operated vs. Douglas. Douglas has a true sense for what this team needs; he looks at the roster as a puzzle and finds players who fit. I don't think Maccagnan was a "bad" talent evaluator, I just think he focused too much on the traditional things to dictate his selections - arm length, player age, perceived potential - and while he preached wanting to build a culture, he never did. All these guys are the same "type". They have strong athletic profiles, they were all loved by their teammates, all leaders, heck they all sound the same in their interviews. It was certainly a singles-doubles draft for Douglas and he didn't take any risks in Day 3, but he used it as an opportunity to improve in key areas that often go neglected: backup RB/Powell replacement, backup QB (we've seen how disastrous it can be not having a capable backup first hand), and special teams. The only real "risk" was Bryce Hall given his injury, but man... the Jets could be getting really lucky back-to-back years if he and Bless can reach their potential and avoid injury. Overall, it was a good draft and a breath of fresh air to know there is a vision and a goal. There were certain things I would've done differently, but no egregious complaints. I think we'll look back 3 years from now and will be so grateful for 3 players in particular: Becton, Clark, and Hall. I've spoken a lot about how great I think Becton can be, but I think Clark is going to a starter sooner rather than later as well. I think Hall will be a steal; this is a player that was directly impacted by COVID-19 as teams couldn't have the medical rechecks/testing results, but he was a good player on tape who I expect to rise to the top. I'm not sure what to make a Mims because he's a little bit boom/bust and I'm still semi-scarred from Stephen Hill, but I'm cautiously optimistic that he'll be more like Bryan Edwards with the potential to have a much better career if he's 100% committed. His profile is remarkably similar to TO's, and I'm fascinated to see how good he ends up being. Davis is probably going to get his crack as our FS in 2021, and Zuniga has boom-bust written all over him yet could become one of those players who breaks out in his 3rd/4th year. Reminds me of Nick Perry. Perine, Mann, and Morgan were all "safe" picks: 3rd down RB who can block and catch, a high-upside punter, and a developmental backup QB (whom we won't be "judged" for another 2-3 years anyway).
  9. Plant our flags on some offensive talent today: WR John Hightower - tons of talent and kind of like a smaller Mims. Very underrated with fantastic traits, even though he didn't play at full speed all the time. Dare I compare him to SMU version of Emmanuel Sanders? WR Quez Watkins - he's right up there with Hightower in my book. Has great speed and is underrated on tape. Needs some refinement but he kind of reminds me of Paul Richardson when he came out. Besides, what an excellent name for a receiver. WR Darnell Mooney - another small school speed demon that fascinates me. Reminds me of a Dede Westbrook in many ways. WR Donovan Peoples-Jones - Fact is, Day 3 is the day to swing for the fences. Jets made it clear they are prioritize explosive players. DPJ hasn't lived up to expectations, but might as well take a risk and see what happens. At worst, he's Zay Jones at the value of a day 3 pick. WR Isaiah Coulter - I don't know much about him but you see the theme here; speed-speed-speed. WR James Proche - this is the one receiver on the list who isn't a burner, but he makes up for it because I think he has the best hands in the class, is a pro-ready route runner, and has some versatility. Excellent 4th receiver with upside. RB Javon Leake - I feel like Leake is a guy who just flashed at Maryland. He didn't play much but has a lot of traits that fit in our outside zone, and unlike the rest of the runners available he has some size. Late round guy. OL Hakeem Adeniji - crazy athlete who played tackle in college but projects as an athletic guard. OL Cameron Clark - ditto Hakeem Adeniji. Project but a versatile body who can compete for a spot. OL Shane Lemieux - He's a guy that played at a big program on a good offensive line and I feel he was slightly overrated (some had him in round 2), but he'd be a value in day 3. Quick feet and pro-ready. Some of the defensive guys I really like: DE Alton Robinson, DE Jonah Williams, DL Larrell Murchison, CB Reggie Robinson, CB Amik Robertson, CB Bryce Hall, CB Dane Jackson Finally, backup QB would be nice after witnessing last year's nightmare. I like Fromm or James Morgan depending how early/late.
  10. Athletes on athletes on athletes. Wild that he turned the 48th pick into Mims, 125, 129, and a 2021 6th round pick. That's navigating the board.
  11. Trade down was the right move. I think Mims is vastly overrated. Can still get a number of good WRs in the late 2nd/3rd. Guy I'm looking at is Van Jefferson. He's pro ready and can be a day 1 starter. Reminds me of McLaurin.
  12. I think Higgins is so legit. He may not be a prototype fit for this offense but I believe he's the type of player you scheme around. Very Brandon Marshall-like. AJ Green is a popular comparison too, although that's pushing it. I understand having some issue that he wasn't the best receiver on his team, but was Hollywood Brown (CeeDee Lamb)? Justin Jefferson (Ja'Marr Chase)? Jarvis Landry (Odell Beckham)? DK Metcalf (AJ Brown)? Calvin Ridley (Amari Cooper)?... I think more and more we'll see big programs have multiple elite WRs because of the trickle effect from the NFL- less emphasis on running the ball and more emphasis on throwing it.
  13. He's a wild card. He can go round 2 or all the way in round 4. I'm hoping he'll be there in round 4; I think he turns into a good player no matter what.
  14. Hamler is intriguing. Gase wanted Mecole Hardman last year but we couldn't get a deal done to move up. Hamler fits our "need for speed". Has the same agents as Darnold/Gase/Douglas.
  15. I don't want to get peoples hopes up, but Douglas has strongly insinuated that they are not done surrounding Darnold with "protection and playmakers". I posted this in the NFL Draft board: A few things to consider on draft eve: The Jets want to make a trade to acquire more picks. Where it happens, unsure, but Douglas has made it clear that he feels the draft can go from good to great in day 3. He's going to want to get as many swings as possible. If all 4 of the "top OTs" go in the top 10, I think he'll find a team that wants to trade up for a WR. If he can't find a team to trade, I would imagine he goes with Henry Ruggs. But know this: Douglas is looking to acquire more picks, so anything is possible on draft day. One thing to consider regarding the OTs: there may be information that we don't know about (injury) that could swing the Jets decision one way or another. Otherwise, I think that's the clear selection if one of the 4 is available. Four programs that the Jets front office have deep ties with: Notre Dame, Alabama, Penn State, Louisiana Tech. Whether we see it come to fruition in the form of players drafted from those teams on draft day is unclear, but the front office certainly has deep ties with those programs. The Jets front office often selects players from the PAC12. I'm not saying this will occur on draft day, but it's something to look out for. All our top execs have a deep history scouting the PAC12 conference, just not from a specific program. Joe Douglas will draft guys from small school programs. Douglas has always done this, but I think he'll especially take advantage this year. With the lack of pro days and whatnot, he'll take advantage of value as teams opt to select player's from bigger programs where more info is plentiful. He'll rely on the tape. Also, Joe Douglas has already said he expects to sign more veteran players after the draft, so while I take Manish with a grain of salt, I can easily see a scenario where we sign CB Logan Ryan and DE Vinny Curry post draft. Dream Scenario that I believe to be somewhat realistic: Trade down from 48 in hopes of adding a 4th round pick. Projecting 2(48) to Baltimore for 2(55) and 4(129) 2(55) Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado. This may seem a bit unrealistic, but I think he's going to fall. Reason being: COVID-19 is going to disrupt his development being that he's not a traditional WR, and it limited teams ability to give his injuries a close look. Jets will use him as a utility player early on, but ultimately will like him to be their primary X receiver. FWIW, I think Higgins, Pittman, and Mims will be off the board. 3(68) Matt Hennessy, C, Temple. Hennessy is the real deal. He can play C or G and I believe the Jets will let him compete. At best he proves to be a very good G, wins a starting job and allows McGovern to play at his best spot: C. At worst he is a top backup for a year. Most likely he would play C and move McGovern to RG. 3(79) Van Jefferson, WR, Florida. I would say grab a guy like Hamler here, but assuming he's off the board, Van Jefferson makes a lot of sense. If the Jets are going to take a guy like Shenault in the 2nd, I think a smart move would hedge with a WR like Van in the 3rd. He's pro-ready and can start day 1. Many confuse him with a low-ceiling prospect simply because he has such a high floor and is 24 years old, but I don't see that at all. I think he moves like Chad Johnson. Has all the foot speed and competitiveness in the world and can play all of the 3 receiver spots. Slide him in as the Z and he could be our most productive receiver in year 1.

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