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  1. I don't know if for him specifically but I've been saying for a while now that I absolutely think the Jets would jump up a few slots to get a guy. I think the plans of making a big jump are dead unless Rashawn Slater falls to 12, and I'm not so sure that happens. Otherwise, yes, I can see them moving up into the 17-21 range if they love a guy and feel the board may not fall how they want it to. That's the key. Last year, the Jets had discussions to move up to #7 for Becton. When they went DT they gambled, and felt that one of their top 3 guys would be there at 11. Sure enough, their top OT fel
  2. I can't emphasize enough how strongly people in the FO said that Joe Douglas has admired the Buffalo Bills from afar and wants to build a team similar to how they did. He wanted a "CEO" coach similar to McDermott, wanted to build an infrastructure and culture similar to how they built theirs, and want to replicate their philosophy. I do think the Jets feel that the scheme being implemented is going to get the best out of some of the players. What's so great about it is that the combos are very simple, but it's about mastering technique/timing/gap reads required on the handful of blocking plays
  3. Tennessee's pick carries a lot of significance to us because they have similar needs and draft one spot ahead of the #23 pick. @JustinM_NFL has been superb at tracking visits over the past few years, and he has confirmed the following player visits for Tennessee (limiting it to Day 1-2 prospects, just my pulse where I think guys will go) DE Azeez Ojulari (Day 1) DE Joe Tryon (Day 1) LB Zaven Collins (Day 1) CB Greg Newsome II (Day 1) OT Teven Jenkins (Day 1) CB Asante Samuel (Day 1-2) DT Levi Onwuzurike (Day 1-2) DB Elijah Molden (Day 1
  4. I don't know if the Azeez Ojulari mention is an example or a nugget, but I was going to say that he's a guy I think the Jets will be very high on. Has character through the charts, was voted captain as a RS-Freshman, is only scratching the surface of his abilities. I think ideally Douglas would like to see a guy like him have 1 more year under his belt to refine his talent, get stronger, add healthy weight, but this isn't the year for splitting hairs... if you see a guy who checks most of the boxes, you have to take that player and develop them, even if it takes a whole year. I doubt he
  5. It's pretty crazy to see how coaches, execs, and agents differ on they see the how the draft is going to unfolding. Most agents say Chase is going to be a Bengal. FO execs are split on what happens at No. 5. Coaches are pretty unanimous that the Bengals "have to" draft an OT. This is the story with a number of slots in the top 10, which is kind of interesting. It's pretty much chalk at the top, then a lot of differing opinion (with conviction) in regards to what happens at 4-9.
  6. Not surprised. I don’t think the Jets have gone that high but I know they have a “contingency” board, separate from their primary. I just think players are bound to fall through the cracks with a shortened season, less access to practice, etc. What many casual draft fans don’t understand is that all scouting reports start at practices (traditionally). Scouts spend 1-3 days at a school to watch specific players practice and gather info, then they either attend games or go elsewhere and watch games on film later in the process. So yes, the film trumps all, but I don’t think people un
  7. I think teams will look back and hate this draft when the process is done and over with. They're not going to think too much about it right now, but when it closes, I think they'll privately be saying "they better not put us through this ever again." With that, yes, I think future picks carry more weight this year than most years. Not everyone goes by the point value chart and everyone has a variation of it, but I think some teams will look at a "future 1" more like a late current-1 (usually a mid-2)... a "future-2" more like a late current-2 (usually a mid-3)... so on. I think the
  8. No idea where you’re pulling this from since it’s not sourced... it looks copied/pasted but I’ll presume they are your notes. Firstly, these are so oversimplified and lack context. I’ll break it down for you and explain why Justin Herbert’s issues were different and concerning; you can choose to accept, go back and reevaluate yourself, or research for yourself... up to you. Vision, reads and responsibilities: Herbert consistently made full-field reads, played in a passing scheme filled with pro-style passing concepts, and was asked to read defenses and alignments pre-snap. Fields has
  9. It's a top heavy 1st round, but weaker than usual from 11-25. Round 2 is flush with talent, round 3 and round 4 are so so. Round 5-7 are pretty strong and there are bound to be players who were missed that go in that range.
  10. I think there's a possibility if a player they like is within range that yes, they'll make the jump if the price is right with #20-21 being the sweet spot. If the pass rushers don't fly off the board I can see them holding firm and see who falls to them. Gil had Patrick Queen as his #18 player last year, he fell to #28. He had Kenneth Murray at #20, he fell to #23. Schrager had McKinney going #17, Josh Jones going #18, Harrison Bryant going #23 in his mock draft 2.0 last year, and those guys fell to rounds 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Gil has a solid grasp on player ranges and Schrag
  11. Schrager has a good process with his mocks in that the first one is kind of guess work and the second is more based on the feedback he hears, but I'm skeptical on some of the stuff in here. Few thoughts: All I know is an overwhelming amount of people, including Chase's agents, think that Cincinnati will select him at #5. At the end of the day, it comes down to what Cincinnati thinks. Interested to see what that pick ultimately is. It's hard to get a read on what Miami will do. The coach loves Parsons, the GM telegraphed their move up suggesting it would be the best pass-c
  12. I think Dickerson can fit any offense, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets also looked at him as a guy who can play many positions (I honestly think he can play LG/C/RG/RT in the NFL). I have not heard him connected with the Jets much, and I don't know where he stands with injuries either. I think Eichenberg is a fit as well, but I would be floored if they took him over Jenkins. Every team has different rankings so it's not to say Eichenberg won't be ranked higher by some teams, but just from a Jets perspective I would think he's a tier lower. It wouldn't surprise me if he winds u
  13. I think the Jets really like Jenkins because he has the qualities they look for in offensive lineman and has the kind of talent to warrant a top 25 pick. The complaint with Becton was also that he needed some work technically, but look at why they valued him... Jenkins has experience playing LT, LG, RG, and RT. Joe Douglas loves that versatility. I think they'd play him at RG short-term, potentially move him to RT long-term.
  14. I think they would consider it if the board fell a way where it made sense, but I think their desires to get back in the top 10 all stemmed from potentially packaging Darnold and #23 to get there (would've valued Darnold as a late first-round pick, which was what Douglas valued him at). I don't think they'll make a big move up anymore with that off the table. I think outside the QBs a lot of people see Pitts, Slater, Sewell, Chase, Waddle, Surtain (some would throw Horn in there too) as clear top-10 guys, then a drop-off.
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