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  1. It's wayyy too early in the process to insinuate whether DJ knows something or if he's trying to blow smoke. It's neither. Last year he had us taking Travis Etienne/Ronnie Perkins/Azeez Ojulari/Travis Etienne with that 23rd pick. Had we not traded up, we were taking Teven Jenkins or Elijah Moore depending who you speak to. The most accurate guys in terms of pegging the top 15 players in the draft are Dane Brugler and Daniel Jeremiah, but they're not necessarily accurate mock drafters. Rather, they have a lot of intel and a good pulse where the consensus lies. For example, both have Travo
  2. I think they would consider bringing back Fatukasi at the right price, but more likely than not I can see him leaving. They will continue a heavy rotation, so there are a number of players who I can see playing the 1T for his share of downs if he does leave. Otherwise, I would say the "base" front will look similar to what we saw this year (JFM playing the 5T on early downs), with a new DE rotating into the 5T and pushing JFM inside more frequently. To answer your question on Lawson: yes, I think it would be ideal for them to add a guy who can just pin his ears back and rush from the 7,
  3. He's a player that fits. I think there's a chance he's there at 35 too. I know he's going higher right now but much crazier things will happen this year especially
  4. I haven't heard this specifically about Thibs, but I have been told by one that they don't be a top 5 pick, with the position he plays being the lone reason why he would be. #2 is news. I would say Linderbaum is worth a top 20 pick, but drafting a pure C top 10 isn't worth it. Neal at G isn't news Olave has become a polarizing prospect out of nowhere. I think his issue is that teams fear he won't be the receiver he was in college in the NFL. #6 is obvious. Think #7 is crazy. Guy has elite range. If anything, they would move him to LB not because he can't pla
  5. FWIW, I love Kyle Hamilton the prospect but do not think the Jets will take him at #4. I think they would be reluctant to take any DB at #4 for that matter (Sauce Gardner and Derek Stingley included). I wouldn't say its impossible, but a lot hinges on what happens prior to the draft. Otherwise, I think its fairly easy to narrow down the Jets likely options at #4 DE Hutchinson DE Thibodeaux OL Neal OL Ekwonu WR Wilson A lot of people began mocking Wilson to #10 of late, but I think there's a real chance they would take him at #4 if they don't addre
  6. Have to hope that a team moves up for a QB, either at #3 or for #4/#10. Houston has made it pretty clear that they would entertain offers to move down, as most teams will, given the depth of this year's class. They may consider a below-market deal given the parity within the top 10 this year, which could make way for a team to move up for a QB. For example, Washington is a team that has heavily scouted these QBs this year, and Rivera has been heavily involved in the process. You don't often see an active head coach as involved in weekly mid-season scouting meetings as he said he has been
  7. My read on things is either New Orleans trades for Jimmy Garoppolo or trades up for a QB. The 10th pick would be a logical slot for them to move into if there was a QB they end up liking in the draft, but I tend to lean towards them trading for Garoppolo. Kind of reminds me of how the 49ers worked with Alex Smith to move him to KC with Andy Reid. New Orleans makes a whole lot of sense for Garoppolo, and given what we know about Sean Payton's offense and what he expects out of his QBs, it's very easy to see how Jimmy would fit there as an immediate upgrade in the short-term with some long
  8. I'm certainly glad that the Jets won't be searching for a QB this season, but it will be something to watch as it could certainly have some ramifications on the draft. Opening this up for discussion purposes, but here's the way I currently see it: Atlanta Falcons: they're going to stick with Matt Ryan, but it wouldn't be a shock if they decided to start preparing for life after him by vetting all the draft prospects thoroughly. Carolina Panthers: I don't see them making a move simply to make a move. I think they will either go for the big fish or ride out Sam Darnold for another
  9. I don't think it will happen, but without a doubt there will be contact. I think the Broncos have a lot to figure out first (specifically at QB)
  10. To be clear, that's not definitely happening. But let's just say they're both are newly single and "mutual people" in their life are trying to hook them up. Jesus christ I feel like this belongs in TMZ.
  11. I guess the least confusing way to say it is a couple. It's been a long week
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