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  1. Intriguing. Definitely all for adding the talent and competition
  2. What sucks is that I think this unit is 1 year away from becoming absolutely dominant, but we're bound to lose some talent to free agency next year. Foley Fatukasi, John Franklin-Myers are free agents next year and it's going to be hard justifying bringing them both back. A DL comprised of them, plus Quinnen Williams and Sheldon Rankins, PLUS Carl Lawson and another EDGE or 2 could be a truly dominant unit. Maybe Zuniga and Huff have meteoric rises this year, but I'm not counting on it
  3. I expect a big improvement, but not sure if it will be enough that he remains here long-term. I think the Jets will be searching for an upgrade in 2022
  4. On the Jets? Quinnen Williams. In the NFL? Alvin Kamara
  5. This is interesting. I’m not sure what scale they use but if it’s similar to the scale the Jets and others use, an 8.0 for Waddle is pretty insane, but it also leads me to believe their grading process wasn’t strict in year 1... usually grades are more technical with decimals to the hundredth and other flags/codes to label a player. Also, what often gets ignored is that many teams place a positional weight, hence the raw grade won’t necessarily be indicative where exactly they are on the final draft board. Considering the weight, any grade over a 7.0 is elite for a QB. I think Jets grade
  6. In my mind, Elijah Moore is easier to project because he's more of a complete WR at this point. He doesn't have the body Denzel Mims has, nor does he have the contested catch ability or blocking chops, but he has superior foot quickness/change of direction and game speed which allows him to excel as a route runner and with the ball in his hands after the catch. His football IQ and instincts appear to be more natural as well. They both play tough and have really good hands, but I think I'd give Elijah Moore the edge in both categories. I think his pathway to production will be more limited than
  7. I think some teams have up to 4, but there's no standard requirement. There's a main rep and backups or "associate" reps
  8. Zach Wilson is a far better athlete than he's given credit for. I know this tweet floated going around about how Zach Wilson tested highly in a "peak power" metric, but what really caught my eye was how many people who witnessed him working out at 3DQB in California were able to compare him to Justin Fields live and said that Zach would've ran a very fast time. Here's what TJ Houshmamdzadeh had to say about Zach Wilson after watching him workout side-by-side with Justin Fields:
  9. I expect most if not all of the 6 defensive players they drafted to make the roster. If one doesn't, they'll be on the practice squad
  10. Jets having over 80 and Giants only 40 is eyebrow raising. I'm just guessing the Jets who are not in attendance so no inside info here but... Quinnen Williams (injured) Marcus Maye (contract dispute) Greg Van Roten (NFLPA team rep) George Fant (NFLPA team rep) Thomas Hennessy (NFLPA team rep)
  11. To add to this, I expect the PS to be heavy on offensive guys. Of the 12 players, wouldn't surprise me if 7-8 are on the offensive side of the ball. I'd expect they'll have at least 1 QB, 1 OL, 1 DL, 1 LB, 1 CB, but the rest could very well be skill-players.
  12. Practice squad expansion is going to help the Jets a lot, as they can stash some of these guys there instead of losing them outright. Here are my expectations (no particular order) RBs: Tevin Coleman Ty Johnson La'Mical Perine Michael Carter WRs: Corey Davis Jamison Crowder Denzel Mims Elijah Moore Keelan Cole Braxton Berrios TEs: Chris Herndon Tyler Kroft Kenny Yeboah FREE AGENT/TRADE ACQUISITION Practice Squad: Josh Adams (RB) Austin Walter (RB
  13. I like the crop if UDFA OL the Jets added. I there's a real chance one of them can surprise and develop into a starting-caliber player at RG. The guy who intrigues me most is Teton Saltes. He didn't start playing football until his junior year of high school, and was a defensive lineman until he got to college. Switched to OL his RS-freshman season. The difference between he and the rest is the athletic potential... Saltes is freaky athletic. He was a tackle in college but this scheme values guys who can reach block laterally at the RG spot, so I can easily see him sliding into that role
  14. I think the truth about James Morgan lies somewhere in the middle. He has talent, but was drafted earlier than many felt he should go. Last year was going to be difficult for any young QB because of the pandemic. Justin Herbert may have surprised but I don't think that was necessarily the "norm"... trying to adapt to the NFL was harder than normal, so holding it against him that he wasn't even active in year 1 is somewhat unfair. Alternatively, it's not a secret that James Morgan was someone Adam Gase took more of a liking to than others. The scouting staff liked him as well, but that was when
  15. These are the same people who are parading the Bears giving up a future 1st round pick to move up 9 spots for Justin Fields. I'm not too concerned lol
  16. I wonder where they’d even play AVT. They’re pretty solid at every OL spot
  17. Mekhi Becton and Alijah Vera-Tucker on the left side is going to be lethal. The RG spot is going to be open for competition, and it won't shock me to see one of the undrafted OL (Hoge, Ferguson, Saltes, Hermanns) really put Lewis, Van Roten, Clark, Feeney, and McDermott to the test.
  18. The Jets valued versatility and refinement of Slater and AVT more than Sewell. Sewell's more of a projection, whereas those guys are pretty safe bets to be among the top interior OL in the NFL
  19. Wow I didn't see this. I heard they would have taken AVT on Jeremiah's podcast
  20. Jets think they can easily get him to 225 within a year and without sacrificing any flexibility
  21. It truly was a remarkable first-4 pick outcome. As far as where exactly AVT was on the board, here's what I know... Wilson was the top player on the board, followed by Lawrence at 2. Kyle Pitts was the top non-QB on their board, meaning he was 3rd. AVT was behind Slater but ahead of Sewell, who was also in the top 10. That means AVT was anywhere from their 5th-9th player on their board. To come away with him at 14 for what they did is pretty remarkable. And to follow up with it by landing Elijah Moore, who was at minimum player #23, at #34 was huge too.
  22. I mean my iMessages! I'm just in too many group chats is what it all comes down to lol... so many people just talk about random sh*t and I end up ignoring it, but going to have to dig for some of the good stuff. It was fine on here. My biggest takeaway was that the Jets pretty much identified the talent cut-off very early in the game, realizing they wanted to pair an elite weapon (Pitts) or an OL with whoever would be their QB whether it was Darnold or Wilson. In retrospect, they saw Slater-AVT-Sewell as part of that top-10 cut-off, and getting into position to come away with one of them
  23. This team will go as far as the defense takes it. I think the offense is going to make a massive improvement, but there are going to be a lot of growing pains at LB and CB... you have (3) starters learning a new defense and (2) Day 3 rookies learning new positions at linebacker. At cornerback, the Jets have (4) Douglas drafted and (2) promising UDFA - not to mention Isaiah Dunn, who the Jets spent a lot on - between 2020-21, (1) ST-only FA, and (1) preexisting draft pick who has shown flashes in Bless Austin. Teams typically only carry 5-7 corners, and while a lot can still happen, you h
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