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  1. I don't think it's impossible to see him become a late breakout, but more likely his career arc could look something like Zay Jones/Jacoby Jones
  2. I think the most significant development to come out of this past weekend (and entire offseason for that matter) is how much competition they're injecting into this roster. Guys who were starters/significant role players (and solid ones at that) last year are going to be competing for their jobs this summer. We turned the RB, TE, WR, DE, and CB positions into ones that are flush with young talent this offseason, with a lot of young guys who are likely going to have to settle for backup roles yet can be starters for many teams around the NFL, which I think is really important.
  3. Yeah I don’t know the exact order but I will find out eventually. One thing I should point out: one of my sources either had it wrong or Saleh is lying re: Wilson being WR1. She did say we “loved” Drake London and when I followed up on FT suggested he probably be our WR1 when all is said and done I’m not sure Saleh is telling the whole truth when he said “if Wilson wasn’t there we were taking Johnson” because something doesn’t add up… by admitting they selected 3 players in their top 8, that would suggest one of them (likely Johnson) was 8th. I know Hutchinson-Gardner-Ekwonu was the top 3. We know Wilson and Johnson were among the top 8. Walker was in there. Then the final 2 spots had to be 2-of-3 among Stingley, London, Neal. My guess is that London was ahead of Johnson on their board and below Wilson
  4. I love the Breece Hall pick personally. I didn’t think they would do it I’ve admired the way the Browns have built their offense with depth at TE and RB. It feels like we’re replicating that, but we’re more talented at WR
  5. Still very young so tempering expectations, but I’m supremely confident we will be a top 3 offense by 2023-24. Who knows, they can be that surprise team that takes a bigger step forward than anticipated, but definitely see a bright future ahead
  6. Becton probably going to play RT, which should insanely improve our running game... AVT and Becton lol. For DL: listed starters really don't matter in this defense; everyone plays a lot. If healthy, the top 4 guys in terms of snap counts will be Quinnen Williams, John Franklin-Myers, Carl Lawson, and Jermaine Johnson.
  7. Drafting a RB here is one of those things where I would be surprised but not shocked. They look at Carter as a legit RB1 but as we saw yesterday, they drafted Sauce despite really liking Hall and Echols because they think he has superstar potential. I would think Hall over Walker, but I don't know any specifics there. More likely, I'm expecting a day 3 RB.
  8. Good teams build pipelines. IMO, Hall was good last year. The scheme helped him a bit, but he displayed starting-quality traits. The good news is he's cheaply paid and under contract for 2 more years. He doesn't have the kind of clout to be bent out of shape over this, nor is that his character. He's gotta come in and compete, and who knows, maybe someone gets hurt or maybe he outshines and then the Jets can legitimately trade him. Otherwise, it's great to have him backup Gardner and Echols to backup DJ Reed, and for all we know maybe one of Hall/Echols overtake Reed in 2023 or 2024 as the starter.
  9. If he’s available, I think he’s going to be the pick. He’s a guy they coached (and loved) at the Senior Bowl, fits the kind of profile they’re looking for in terms of style and upside, and can slide right into Fatukasi’s role. I would be surprised to see LB, even with Dean still there. RB is a very interesting debate, but more likely I think that happens on Day 3. I have not done nearly as much digging this year as I have in the past, but here’s my shot at a Day 2-3 Jets mock draft… TRADE: 2(38) to BAL for 2(45) and 4(119) TRADE: 4(111) to CAR for 6(199) and 2023 4th 2(45) DT Travis Jones 3(101) OL Luke Goedeke 4(117) TE Jeremy Ruckert 4(119) S Alontae Taylor 5(146) RB Pierre Strong 6(199) OL Matt Waletzko
  10. There was never an “urgency” It was always about BPA. Had Gardner went 3 they would’ve taken Ekwonu and figured it out. Now they’ll keep moving forward with Becton & Fant. They’ve filled all the pressing needs at premium positions they sought to address, so it wouldn’t shock me to see them take one in Day 2, but more likely look out for more defensive line tomorrow.
  11. What a round 1 for the boys in green Jermaine Johnson’s fall feels a lot like Montez Sweat’s a few years ago
  12. If Jermaine keeps sliding I think there’s a strong possibility
  13. I think more of a chance they stay put or move up a few spots given how deep the class is. I think they felt a massive sense of urgency to address WR, and had they decided to go with Johnson at 10 they would be aggressively trying to trade up for one in the teens. Now? Probably feel it out and take one or two in Day 2
  14. I’m just speculating, but I get the sense taking Sauce meant taking an offensive player at 10 Wilson is a fantastic fit for our offense and made much more sense than the field imo
  15. Sauce and Ekwonu were #2 and #3 on the board. The Jets thought Sauce would go 3 as of last weekend; they got intel that HOU was taking a CB and they assumed it was Sauce, so they were happy with Ekwonu. It became more clear the past few days that Stingley was HOU’s CB target, which meant Sauce was landing in their lap.
  16. I challenged him on this and pointed out how Sauce has never smoked nor drank, nor has he ever gotten into trouble, which prompted a comical exchange. Could be something as simple as the assistant GM thinks he has an ego problem. Not sure The friend is a huge Packers fan and can care less what the Giants are doing, or else I feel he'd be more aggressively trying to find out.
  17. I certainly did not hear that those players round out their top 10. I'm reading the breadcrumbs... A basic summary of what I have been told as it relates to the Jets and their top 10 picks since before the combine through this past Saturday... Aidan Hutchinson is going to be the top player on their board Travon Walker and Jermaine Johnson would leap-frog Kayvon Thibodeaux on the Jets board They love Ickey Ekwonu and was the projected pick last weekend They love Sauce Gardner and expected him to go top #3 as of last weekend Expected one of Sauce and Ickey to be the pick last weekend (assuming Hutchinson is gone) Expect one or both of JJ and Thibs to be there at 10 / expected pass rusher would be the pick there Love Drake London and is their WR1 (I'm skeptical of this) coupled with every notable reporter penciling him in the top 11 picks I'm filling the gaps with Derek Stingley, Evan Neal, and Garrett Wilson/Jameson Williams who are all consensus top 15 players and play premium positions the Jets want to address.
  18. I'm 99.99% sure if Hutchinson and Walker are off the board, the Jets will take one of Gardner or Ickey. How they rate them on the final board I'm not sure. I do know that as of last Saturday, people within the organization did not expect Gardner to be there at #4 (essentially, they were expecting he would go #3).
  19. If this happened, I would think they would look to make a big jump for a WR depending whose available in the teens. Can't rule out a Deebo trade either.
  20. I see 1 of 2 scenarios... Houston takes a CB at #3 and looks to move up for a WR (NYG at #7, ATL at #8, NYJ at #10, WAS at #11, MIN at #12 all linked to WRs). Houston takes an OL or DE at #3 and looks to move up for a CB (NYG at #7, SEA at #9, and NYJ at #10 all linked to CBs).
  21. I know someone who is close friends with Giants assistant GM, but he's not shedding too much. His words: "Haven't spoken to him recently because this is the most important week of his life lol but I know he thinks sauce has some character issues. And has a preference for building through the line." Followed up with "never said they wouldn't take [Gardner], just sharing what I know." I keep pressing him to get more info lol but the expectation is that they're going Cross or Neal at 5, which isn't a surprise.
  22. I trust that it would be Gardner at 4 yes. At 10 it would depend who is there. If Jermaine Johnson is I would say they would probably lean into that. If he’s gone, then I think it would be one of those receivers or Thibodeaux. I think Thibodeaux won’t go #4 no matter what but I wouldn’t rule him out at #10.
  23. I haven’t heard a thing on him either. I’ve heard about London and Watson directly from a Jets source. I’ve heard about Burks in round 2 from an agent source. I personally have a hard time believing their not high on Garrett Wilson (though not sourced). I would think Jameson Williams is more likely a trade-up scenario (also not sourced)
  24. Rich Cimini posted what he thinks the Jets top 10 draft board looks like. I agree with some of it. My breadcrumb reading… DE Aidan Hutchinson is the top player on their final draft board OT Ickey Ekwonu, CB Sauce Gardner, and DE Travon Walker make up 2-3-4 (not sure of the order) DE Jermaine Johnson is likely 5th on their board. WR Drake London, one of WR Garrett Wilson/Jameson Williams, CB Derek Stingley, DE Kayvon Thibodeaux, and OT Evan Neal likely round out 6 through 10 (not sure of order)
  25. Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, Sam Darnold. 4th times the charm?
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