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  1. The only pick we made I dont like is Mims . I just dont see it. Dpj will be a star with Mayfield. Obj and him r scary and I have no idea how you stop them.
  2. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/donovan-peoples-jones?id=32195045-4f60-4060-aa06-be3909ebff80. People jones 40 and hand are incredible. Fact is I would have drafted him in the second round.
  3. Hands over 10 inches for wideouts is key for stardom. See robie anderson kennon allen and Michael thomas .
  4. Cager has very small hands .another Dwayne Jarrett.
  5. There is no talent on the pats offense and no pass rush and a bad new qb. Gluck.
  6. Brady will no longer save the pats abysmal roster. Also the the 2008 pats roster with Cassel had Walker moss and wilfork. Pat's will be 3 and 13.
  7. I agree .I would have drafted jacob eason too. I like him a lot . He looks like ryan mallett. But he ran a 40 time under 5, so he can be a starter.
  8. He is the second best pass rusher in draft after young. He plays just as violent maybe a bit raw tho.
  9. Do not underrate zuniga . 4.6 40 and he plays violent. He could lead nfl in sacks like ford did.
  10. He will fit in at 3 4 olb opposite jenkins .
  11. You cant move this guy back. Freak athlete and he is the best sec rusher when healthy .

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