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  1. I chose Wilson because he will (hopefully) have the most direct impact on being able to assess Zach this season.  Hall will likely take pressure off Zach and hide deficiencies, but we NEED to know if Zach is worth future investment, and unless G. Wilson is a bust, he should help us do just that . . .


  2. 5 hours ago, HawkeyeJet said:

    I have watched Breece Hall get beat by Iowa several times the past few years and watched him on many other occasions as well.  Simply running the ball and body size/speed combo, he reminds me a lot of Edgerrin James.  That’s not to say he will be that good, but as a runner that’s what comes to mind.  Not nearly as accomplished a pass catcher though.

    I'm amazed no one has commented on your ability to compliment the player while still making sure we all know he couldn't beat your Hawkeyes.  Well done😁

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  3. 11 hours ago, Death2NE said:


    I watched him as a freshman play with my little brother who a senior at Lindenhurst and as a 13 year old kid he dominated 17-18 year olds . Don’t let the recieving totals fool you , I don’t understand why he went to Ohio state but if he had gone to a more tight end friendly school he goes over McBride , great hands , will be a hard worker and good teammate , always will be where he’s supposed to , athletic even if he’s not super fast , willing blocker who will work on that and improve . I honestly see him as a slightly more athletic Dalton Schultz with better “big catch” ability . Let him work as the 3 TE until Conklin and uzomah are gone and/or injured and by year two or 3 he’ll be ready to be our go to tight end and be an above average top 10 tight end for this team for the next decade + … I couldn’t have dreamed a better draft than this the fact joe d got ruckert to cap off day 2 is surreal . These last two drafts are going to be the reason this team turns the corner and is in position to be very good for a long time . Get on board with the ruckert pick now (not saying you are not just saying in general) because you will definitely be apologizing in a year or two when he becomes our guy !

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    Great insight -- thanks!

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  4. 1 hour ago, Paradis said:

    Took 15 years and the longest last 12 months. 

    but my boy is coming home


    Thought for sure I'd see a Ruckert thread in the draft forum but I didn't.

    When are you guys gonna enlighten us uninformed fans to why you're so high on this guy?

  5. 1 hour ago, HighPitch said:

    Because the needs of the teams picking before us were different?

    That's fair, but someone isn't usually called a "Top 10 talent" if they're not expected to go in the top 10 picks.

    I don't watch college football at all, so I have nothing to go on except the concerns I've heard from posters here about his age.  Couple that with the fact that a lot of teams passed on him, I don't see why the concern is all that offensive.

    This is a middle-heavy draft, and I wouldn't have minded keeping 35 and 69.  If the player pans out then that becomes irrelevant, and if he doesn't I'm confident life will still be worth living . . .


  6. 4 minutes ago, jetspenguin said:

    yeah but these "kids" are bigger and stronger than they have ever been before. This aint the days of yesteryear where the kids didnt have the training and nutrition staff to help them develop their bodies until they get to the league. A lot of that is draft season rumors where they tear down these players. If the worst thing about this kid is that he is 2 years older then I'm not at all concerned. I cant think of any actual data that says kids are more likely to bust when they get drafted older.........it's scuttlebutt.


    I think we got a hard working winner. 

    So you don't think a 21 year old is stronger/better at football two years later?  I hope that's the case, because we've already lost out on those two years.

    But like I said, there's gotta be some reason why a "Top 10 Talent" dropped to 26 (even if that reason proves to be wrong) . . .

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  7. 34 minutes ago, Loki757 said:

    You're personally concerned about him being 23 when he season starts? LOL.

    Jets fans are something else.

    You do realize that has been a knock on him for months, right?  That a lot of his production in college was coming against "kids" much younger than him, right?


    Jets fans are something else . . .


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  8. 4 minutes ago, neckdemon said:

    we didnt give up too much to go up and get a guy who they had ranked a lot higher. the jets had the best round 1 in the league honestly. top corner, top receiver and top pass rusher. 3 major needs have been addressed and all with top prospects. and we still have some nice picks left for today

    Very true.  Just wondering why he fell . . .

  9. I'm personally concerned about the whole age thing, and wish we had just grabbed someone today without giving up draft capital.  I'm still a little scarred over the whole "Mims fell into our lap" experience, so I gotta wonder why so many teams skipped on a  "top 10 talent".🤔

    But of course I'll be rooting to be proven wrong and hope the kid is a monster . . .

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  10. 4 hours ago, Jets723 said:

    Joe d sure knows how to get teams to overpay.  The Jamal trade was a kings ransom for us, the Chris  Herndon trade was awesome, and now this.  I like Cashman but the guy can never stay healthy 

    Don't forget Darnold . . .

  11. 4 minutes ago, Paradis said:





    What the fu....



    Get in here! Shows about to start. Fools done lost their damn minds--


    I'm sure you already explained this multiple times, but are you responding to the thought of taking him at 10 over another WR option, or taking a WR at 10 at all?

    I'm fine if they don't think WR is worth that much draft equity, but if we're going to use that pick on a WR, I want it to be the best one, not just the "better one for the first 10 weeks of the season" . . .


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  12. The only reason they shouldn't take him at 10 is if they don't believe he'll return to 100%.  If that's the case, then you go with your due diligence and don't look back.  But there's no way I want to see this guy tear up the league for 10+ years in a different jersey just because he couldn't play the first 10+ weeks for us . . .

    (Disclaimer -- I'm not a college football guy, so this opinion is based on the claim that he truly is a substantially better prospect than any of the others outside of injury . . .)

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  13. 4 hours ago, Tranquilo said:

    I'm not engaging with a clown who think that it's JUST NOW that race has anything to do with SC nominees. 

    You're naive, intentionally dense, or racist if you think that the only time race has "anything to do with" is when they're looking to hire a black person. But I guess that's how you would perceive things if you're the default race in this country.

    Yes, I'll openly admit my naivety and denseness.  It comes from living in the bubble I was blessed to live in.  That's where people like you are supposed to come in.  Give me examples to help me better understand what I'm not seeing.  I don't need generalities like "what are you stupid?  Of course it's a problem!"  All that does is make me think it's NOT a problem, because if it was there'd be examples galore.  I don't know how many black people are trying to become head coaches.  I don't know how many are "better" than their counterparts but are being discounted due to skin color.  It sounds like you have an ideal situation in your mind, and there's nothing wrong with that.  But there's a huge difference between "less than ideal" and "blatantly racist" and I guess I'll have to keep waiting for someone to convince me we're dealing with the latter . . .

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  14. 3 minutes ago, Tranquilo said:

    What leadership metrics are comparable to on the field metrics and data? You are comparing apples and oranges. 

    Honest question -- can you name some black coaches who you feel were superior candidates for jobs but were looked over because of the color of their skin?  The reason I ask is because I 100% support the idea that race/gender shouldn't exclude someone from a position, but 100% disagree that race/gender should be the reason why someone gets a position (like our current SC nominees) . . .


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