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  1. Wondering if the why now was right after Mosley opted out and they figure between the two we can bring in someone nobody thought we would?
  2. He falls in love with has been stars and loved veterans playing . he was a wart on the jazz of progress.
  3. I have never heard of a player take down owner, coach, and gm in a week lol! That said, two firsts, a third and a player jettisons a very good player on a building team. Adams extreme takes on everything and anything didn't help but I don't think it was THE reason, the picks were. Personally when he started making out with anything cowboy I would have moved him. Glad Joe has patience.
  4. This guy is special. Great route runner, great blocker, enough speed to get up the seam. He is what you draw uo thinking of a prototype tight end, and great hands and a beast to get on the ground. Think he is the best by far and his salary should reflect that.
  5. Could it be the kid is very wealthy now and is not eating Mac and cheese? Personal chef can make a great difference. No cheating when nobody is looking!
  6. Adams knows only one reaction. Extreme. I think its getting to the point where all the NFL twitter lovers might even be thinking what is with this guy?
  7. I wish the old bat well. He had a coaching style that would looked at today as being in another dimension.
  8. Thats two down in Kansas City. Andy picking Helaire will turn out big. thought he might go lower (he is 25 I think) due to age but no looks like a smart move
  9. I think edge has now become a priority. If a stud tackle is there or center I think u take one or the other. not both because I think Seattles pick is in the twenties if they have their usual year. I rather go for an honest to Gawd can't miss running back. Then I might look for a big time up the seam tight end, if not, the last pick I go best available wide out with jets. So edge, tackle, running back and tight end or wideout with speed. If only.
  10. With or without 33 I thought it will take us a while to jell and with our schedule I would be thrilled at five hundred. Anything more then our coaches should be extended.
  11. I liked him at Auburn. I was hoping pats didn't pick him. hope he isn't better than what is being thought. I

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