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  1. If we get the pick we trade down a spot or two and take the big tackle from Oregon and a boat load of other picks to add to our picks. Begin the re - build process properly. I agree with the comments and would love to actually see Sam with talent. If he still flubs then we will have a shot at another "can't miss" qb. If the tackle is not there I go Chase from LSU and then look for the Oklahoma center. Just keep building. Don't see value throwing another can't miss guy into a talentless pool of misfits and expect a different result. Build the line, wideouts and pass rush as well as cb. Lots to get. Trade the pick. It will be a rare chance to get good in a fairly short period of time. i
  2. And btw I would find out who this agent is and never deal with him again. Some balls to say this if he did when he is an agent and has players looking for a large contract or a coach looking for a shot. If it was me he just narrowed the field.
  3. I say BS. So he is saying that a coach with an opportunity to coach a NFL team will turn the Jets down because they think the structure is wrong? U think the OC of the chiefs won't come here with a contract and boat load of money? I think he would. I also don't believe the free agents are somehow "mad" at Douglas for not overpaying on some of the high end free agents. R the Jets a Super Bowl contender, no, but I have a hard time believing some guys will turn down the big dough to take less to go elsewhere. Heck, you can look all over the league and pick out teams that I would rather not play for. Bengals, Fish, Texans right now, Eagles, Giants, Detroit, and I'm sure. a few more. Heck even the Cowboys and their "inept" ownership don't look great at the moment and still have to spend for a qb whether Dak or not. Players and coaches may want the utopia and go to a loaded team with a great qb but I think the Benjamins dictate. There will be a few exceptions of course but generally they go to where they get paid. Logan Ryan probably had Super Bowl aspirations too.
  4. also threw 10,000 yards to the other team.
  5. Damn that is the funniest post I have ever read!!!
  6. Tend to agree with this. We have all seen how Cole Beasley flys up in the air bringing down passes no jet has done since Toon!!! Seriously, his backs are very good too and has a very good line. If Darnold doesn't throw it perfectly then as is expected, it don't get caught. Sam has his faults but we just plain suck right now. I also am not going to get crazy after four games either. I hope the kid don't get hurt, but the way he plays I think its inevitable. Heck last game I thought he broke his left arm. So far he has been great, lets see it continue before I throw in the towel.
  7. I Agee watching those two kids play they look great. One caveat for me is the pockets these kids seem to get and the overall much better talent on the outside. That said Sam has not helped himself.
  8. So if Texans have first pick is it Lawrence?
  9. The cowboys, they have McCarthy after all. Wink, Wink.
  10. If u run out of tight ends I would throw Boston College tight end Hunter Long at u. b
  11. I wouldn't take Rex as head coach but he probably would be a great DC.
  12. its a nice thought but I think maybe ten years late. his offense that he runs at Michigan is something in my opinion that schematically is antiquated. Wham blocks up the middle and short pass game is has not brought a massive school with a very expensive coaching staff with world class facilities has brought the school what? Usually total humiliation at the Hans of their arch rival. There is a reason the rumors of a hot seat abound. Watch Michigans offense, not much innovation, more of the same we r tougher than u so here we come. don't see it working here
  13. above should have said whiff.
  14. maybe they saw the game film and saw Ballage wife all night. He deserves the turk after that game
  15. they should start an all male naked football league. judging from the banter they have a center and quarterback.
  16. jets fan I luv you're posts but guys were in his face all night. I'm not sure what you see. I'm not trying to disparage but my goodness he rarely can sit there and let it fly. look at the pockets surrounding the qb on other teams. also hard to hold on too long in this offense when you rarely throw five yards down field. lot of quick hitters last night. he hung onto the ball in desperate situations like third and forever. anyway, as I said, luv your posts but there was a lot of hands and bodies in his face. oh and when they slammed him, that would have been a melee in Fanaca's time. missed opportunity for the team coming together.
  17. excellent point. Ballage is lost as a blocker. he missed at least three I saw.
  18. 24 - 21 Jets. We can't win without losing!!!
  19. if u got the one you trade down, hopefully to the second or third spot and u draft the bookend to Becton and move to right tackle. we still would have a boatload of picks left and can still go wideouts and interior line or edge and linebacker. we would massively upgrade in very short order. one we have skill and Sam does not improve the its time for a new qb which we will have draft capital to make moves if there is a good one out there the following draft..
  20. I up voted a pro Harbaugh thought above by accident. Has he done anything in Michigan? He is on the hot seat for a reason in my opinion. Still running wham blocks and his teams time and again come up small when facing their arch rival. I think, and not a criticism of your post, just my feeling about Harbaugh seemingly to me never brought Michigan all the way back, and they have every resource.
  21. I think we are so bereft of talent that you trade out of the pick if it is one or two or a so called qb pick and get a bevy of picks and continue the rebuild. Skill position players and more lineman to build a fence around the qb and for once show a jet receiver that is actually open as well. Build build build and if Sam continues on this pass you are then ready for a qb.
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