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  1. This is very fair. Additionally and especially when u r not as good as the guys on the other side of the ball the use of motion coupled with some misdirection thrown in will for that split second freeze linebackers and lineman and open voids behind the backers for slants and drag routes. We r outmanned, we need to outflank and misdirect. Coupled with motion it can only help Sam determine d and help our line get better angles. That is totally on AG for not using it more and for not complicating formation and ball flow. Also would love to see some designed rollouts realizing it takes away half the field but we must start to move eyes some.
  2. Love this kid. Bills r not chopped liver. next up against superman.
  3. The Kiss Of Death. Ownership backing the head coach and avoiding what exactly is progress.
  4. Forget this game. We are inept from a personnel point of view on the outside. Yesterday all over the league receivers and backs were wide open. this in part due to no practice but also what most of the good offensive teams had was a wide variety of formation , misdirection, and motion. The Jets seem to be a team that is schematically easy to play against. We also missed a huge opportunity by not going and gettin D-Hop. If D-Hop and Mims and Perriman along with Herndon and Crowder are available to Sam and he stunk it up then I have to say there would be no need for threads like these. All can see with clarity.
  5. Personally I go a lot of double slot formations with Herndon in the slot to see how they cover. If they try to cover with a safety or a linebacker than Herndon could have a big day. If they go dime or nickel all day then I think it opens the run game. Double slot with Herndon and Crowder, your move Buffalo.
  6. I was living abroad. My wife was in the air returning to America that day and was diverted to Canada. I have a very big spot in my heart for the Canadians who housed, fed, and took care of my wife for three days. Humanity at its worst the day the towers fell, humanity at its best in Canada that day and the days that followed. To all who have suffered due to this event my heart goes out to you. I also sometimes seem to equate this horrific event to a thought for all our kids who are stationed around the world protecting us. I will not forget them and thank you all.
  7. My coach on my pee wee team The Leprechauns did that. Next game we only lost by thirty five. It really works.
  8. I thought Ray was trying to hard to be a player guy. Constantly saying pay the man or some other colloquialism player side of things. Not enough football talk about formation, line play and the like from a ex professional qb in my opinion. Loved his fandom but not his trying to outdo Bart being Bart and when together x and O left the conversation. Run the damn ball, pay the man, catch the damn ball don't due it for me. l l
  9. Lot of truth to that but he got beat alot during drag routes on switch offs. I like him as a player but I am not sure tight ens in certain formation will not beat him like a drum in two tight end sets. again like him but he cannot be on field in certain formations at least from the times I have watched him
  10. To be fair I can't argue your point simply because I don't think in have ever seen a whales D.
  11. pretty sure his cover skills eroded. he is a cerebral player and tough as they come but is really suspect in pass defense from what I have seen of him.
  12. A winning record. That enables us to be looked at as a well run organization, an attractive place for free agency and maybe keeps the coaches from moving on or being fired that we want to keep. Continuity helps.
  13. 1. Colts win the South. Taylor ROY. 2. Josh McCown making 12k a week sitting at home named ""Smartest Man on Earth award" by NFL. 3. Giants in running for top pick in draft. Miss on tie breakers and have third pick in draft. Daily news claims Patriot way Giants are on their way to a Super Bowl next year. Gettleman can't get his mask off. 4. Eagles implode. QB benched. Coach fired. 5. Carolina has most penalties for delay of game as Rhule insists when game is on the line the team kneels and prays for a winning formula.
  14. I think that statement is really being overlooked. The this guy has to report to this guy but at separate times crowd are huddling as we speak lol i
  15. kind of makes you wonder why this great player who is such a nice guy hasn't been extended by Seattle? JA made a lot of public noise, no organization appreciates noise.
  16. Bust. Heres a very young guy who is wealthy and has a beautiful girlfriend and nobody in their right mind would not think twice about getting on his wrong side. I can just see years from now while he has the boys over for a card game smoking Cubans and sipping brandy out of his snifter and looks up and says its your deal Trumaine. Trumaine says no Q its Vernon's. I want to be a bust.
  17. Loved watching this kid last year. Kind of a throwback for me. Hits like a mule and seems the type that would rather get carried off than pulled from a game. A football player.
  18. Wondering if the why now was right after Mosley opted out and they figure between the two we can bring in someone nobody thought we would?
  19. He falls in love with has been stars and loved veterans playing . he was a wart on the jazz of progress.
  20. I have never heard of a player take down owner, coach, and gm in a week lol! That said, two firsts, a third and a player jettisons a very good player on a building team. Adams extreme takes on everything and anything didn't help but I don't think it was THE reason, the picks were. Personally when he started making out with anything cowboy I would have moved him. Glad Joe has patience.

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