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  1. It may have been mentioned before but if its a Green Bay/Kansas City Super Bowl I may buy stock in State Farm. They may get a Free 5 minute Super Bowl Commercial worth Millions!
  2. Yep, and that’s what we should avoid. Pay a premium but not destroy our resources. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  3. Ages ago? Am I arguing with a 12 year old? Well I guess you win, Watson is just slightly better than Darnold and the college prospects are worth the scratch off tickets we possess.
  4. Watson is an elite QB, I think there is enough proof that you would agree with that. Did you watch the playoffs last year when Houston played Buffalo? I will admit I only watch the Jets and look to other games for Fantasy Football stats but watching that game alone made me realize I wish we had a QB that can say "Hold my beer and watch this." We have not had that in a long time. That is what I mean by a Game Changer.
  5. Watson is a game changer, meaning HE CHANGES THE GAME. He instantly locks down the position, the most valuable position on the field. If we can get him with the resources we have without depleting our resources completely, how do you not entertain it? Premium player, premium position, requires premium compensation. It just feels good knowing that we have plenty of resources to be considered in the running. Whatever happens, this is the most exciting offseason I can remember. A hell of a lot better than watching the Jets in 2020 unfortunaltley.
  6. That and the day they announced the signing of Ronnie Lott! I did 3 pushups that day....
  7. Or High School , just ask my son. After his last game, he walked up into the stands and asked "Dad, would it upset you if I never put on a Football Helmet again?" I teared up, hugged him, and told him that would make me the happiest father on earth. Football is a brutal sport. I have the upmost respect for these athletes, especially the ones that are the best of the best. Tremendous Human Beings.
  8. I do understand what you are saying, I do. But have you been watching the games this weekend? When Mahomes left the game, they looked similar to Jets. Henne threw a perfect spiral to the wrong team. Last night as I was watching Buffalo I let my mind wander and pictured what what Darnold do as their QB if he was there and Allen was here. They would look like the Jets. I would love to see Watson in Green.
  9. I am starting to agree with this. When we had a chance to draft Watson, we didn’t. We are not that good at drafting, or so it appears.(Year after Year after freakin Year) We now think we have a coach, we have money, we have a few pieces on offense and defense(Very few), and if there is a chance to secure an absolute young, game changing, fully healthy, extremely hungry, QB.....I can get behind that. Even if I have to pay a premium.
  10. I know, today was the first time in a while I wore a Jets tshirt. It took a while to find one, they were buried under clothes in my bottom drawer. I will always be a Jets fan but the last 2 years I just didn’t need the “looks” from others......
  11. Well my friend, I hope there comes a day where we can meet in person and share in the spoils with the sweet taste of Bourbon. Today we have signed a coach that can perhaps motivate our team to go out on to the field every week, work harder then the opposition play after play and be victorious. Cheers!!!!
  12. This is exactly how I feel! I am not sure how many fans buy a jersey with the head coach’s name on it. If I am the first, please feel free to steal from my ideas. All I can say is Amen, Alleluia, Holy Shi.,........where’s the Tylenol!!!!
  13. I have been on multiple Zoom meetings this week with very high level execs of a multi-million dollar organization and I am more focused on this website and all the updates instead. I start hoping MaxMan, Crusher, and other Mods invite me on a Zoom call because I know I would pay attention the whole time. There is definitely something wrong with me.

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