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  1. I know it’s not even July yet but I am ready for some Jets football. Helluva draft and some new players, I get sucked in every year but I’m excited for some meaningful games. Im all in……….again
  2. After the draft I’m going to be excited about whoever we draft, I’ll watch YouTube videos and convince myself how great each player is, regardless if we trade up, down, or hold tight. Then I will be excited for mini camp, then opening day. Then reality will set around week 2 and then I will be wondering how high we will drafting next year. I’ve been doing this for over a decade……….
  3. I went to Saturday mass, I keep praying “As a Unit” they keep improving together. I understand the importance of a Superior QB and I don’t think Zach is Superior so I’m banking on the team making Zach better as opposed to Zach making the team better. So if Zach is QB, will they be better next year?
  4. Just curious, do you think the 4 rookies as a unit play better together next year than this year, AVT, Wilson, Moore, and Carter?
  5. I hope your wife is ok, the game is meaningless in comparison. We are always seeking a charity to support so feel free to pm me. Merry Xmas to you and your family!
  6. Yes he is, and deservedly so. However during preseason I showed him the video of the team at the Islanders game and we both said even if Feeney is not NFL caliber he will always be someone we want to drink with. How many players can you say that about and actually mean it??
  7. until I opened the beer coasters, this is the only time I smiled this season!! FYI, he is a Dolphin fan……….
  8. Greatest Xmas present from my son, EVER!
  9. If I still lived in Jersey, I would not pay $1 to see the Jets in person, nor have I purchased any products of any sort with a Jet logo on it in many years. I have and always will be a Jets fan and will watch them every week. What is the cost? AGITA
  10. The Jamaal for Vera Tucker trade was an A, anything additional makes it an extraordinary trade for us. This having the possibility of being a top 10 pick makes it just plain silly. I applaud JD, regardless if this picks turns out to be a Pro Bowler or not.
  11. Thank you for this thread, I was able to spend Thanksgiving in Jersey this year and much to my surprise, I saw Jets flag after Jets flag in my old neighborhood. Every liquor store I entered, someone was wearing a Jets jacket. come to think of it, most of my extended family are uppity Giants fans and not one of them was wearing Giants logos or would even talk about the team. although I am not proud of my Jets team this year, I am proud to be a Jets fan with Brothers and Sisters like you. Happy Holidays!
  12. Yep, I don’t remember ever wanting to watch our practice squad play a game. I kind of do now.
  13. This team gives me all gas with no breaks………….
  14. It’s not the resources, it’s the wise decision to stop spending good money after bad until we have a product worth investing in. I hope I don’t have to wait too much longer…
  15. That’s what it looked like to me, ball was in the air to the right spot. Bad route?
  16. The first half sucked, absolutely pathetic effort on both sides of the ball. Let’s hope next week we come out strong and don’t look back. That is on the coaches as well as our damn Oline.
  17. Sam looked composed against a no name defense, hardly any pressure at all. To me, that is the definition of Pedestrian. He had 2 or 3 really good throws? I am not dumping on Sam, in fact I am impressed he did not lose the game for the Panthers but I am much more impressed with Wilson than Darnold. CMC is light years better than any players on the Jets, but he did not score. Without CMC, Jets win……Period. Sorry Cowbell, I hate disagreeing with you. Perhaps I’ve had too many Pumpkin beers.
  18. I disagree, I know that we were playing against Darnold but our Defense(A bunch of children and Mosley) kept us in the game. They do have a decent offense other than their QB, and they won. If our stinking Offensive Line could have given Wilson a chance, we may have won the damn game. Our Special Teams actually looked Special for once. Our team got beat, no argument, but every time we got kicked in the face we got back up and stayed in it. And that, my friend, is not a statement I have said about the Jets in a Long Long time. Stay thirsty my friends………..
  19. This exactly, welcome to the NFL Zach. Otherwise he looked competent to me. Take Macaffery away from Carolina and their offense looked like a Sam Darnold offense. Very Pedestrian…Still can’t believe Sam did not throw an interception. I was impressed by Saleh’s composure, attitude, and awareness throughout the game. He may just lead us to the promised land. (A win.) I HATE LOSING, gonna be a long week.
  20. I think that is Saleh’s plan, to confuse the heck out of the Defensive Cooridinator thus confusing us as well. I truly believe he knows which running back has the most talent (I think it is Carter because I watched him in HS in Navarre and at NC,he has always been elusive) and will use them all accordingly. My trust is with Saleh!
  21. Well said! I feel the exact same way. After watching the game last night, both teams seemed to be in Mid Season shape. Neither team deserved to lose with little “Rust to Shake Off”(Except Zeirlien} I just hope the Jets show the same effort, win or lose. Let’s go Jets
  22. This is so beautiful to see, I can smell the Tailgating from Florida. I miss the Meadowlands and can’t wait for the season to begin. Congrats on The Platinum, hope to make it to a game this year.
  23. I do agree with you, but I can’t for the life of me remember when the Jets won 2 games in a row. However meaningless it is, it still feels wonderful!
  24. I need some advice and who better than Jetnation to assist me? My best friend just offered a me a wager that the Jets will have a better record than Eagles this year. He is a HUGE Eagles fan and still gives me grief that we hired JD. He thinks the Jets have a better team including front office, coach, QB, etc. If the Jets have a better record, I will owe him. Without disclosing the actual wager, are we better? For the first time in forever I feel we are better than the Eagles so I think he is right. But the intelligent side of me knows we always feel good this time of year and then after the first 3 games I realize the season is over. Should I take the bet??
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