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  1. Here’s my point. JD grades either Fields or Wilson as a top-tier QB prospect. But he passes on him with the number 2 pick and selects someone else. Keeps Sam and he has a average year and the Jets go 6-10 now you are back in purgatory. You HAVE to go QB at 2 if you believe in one of these guys
  2. Hopefully this puts to bed the nonsensical notion that they’d draft another left tackle with the damn number 2 pick
  3. Rooting interests ... correct me if I’m wrong or miss any rams - obviously jags - obviously pats - keep week 17 hopes alive Indy/ lions - clinch division . Rest regulars week 17 vikings - maybe de motivate bears next week
  4. I’ve seen this theory floated everywhere . But one could argue the the pats are the BEST week 17 afc east opponent that we could draw . Buffalo could have clinched everything and rest everyone Miami could in theory be eliminated Pats have never ever laid down for anyone.
  5. Yea . I’m not buying that . they’ll be full go at practice all week . Everyone will still play even if they clinch . week 17 is different story . They’d rest some players if they had spot locked up . No way they call off the dogs 2 weeks before a playoff game
  6. No one is laying down in week 16 especially a team that hasn’t made playoffs in a decade I guess the rare exception would be a team that’s 12-2 or something and has clinched the 1 seed
  7. There is no scenario where the browns are playing a meaningless week 16 game
  8. This the the point that has opened my eyes the most . I was wrong about Sam and part of me kept saying “get him an o line and some players and maybe he will be OK “ flacco is washed and made the Jets look like a functional offense . Maybe the Personnel . coaching and scheme aren’t as God awful as perceived. And Sam really is that bad and is the main problem i kinda hope that’s the case
  9. Good point. If the Browns continue winning they’ll be playing for division. And if they go on a losing streak they’ll be playing to make the playoffs. So there won’t be any feasible way for that week 16 game to be meaningless
  10. I’m not worried about the next 3 games . BUT if jags are 1-14 and the pats are out of the playoffs with no motivation and start Stidham ... they have to start Morgan and backups .
  11. This I’m not one to start rooting for draft picks with a 2-5 or 3-7 record . But at this point we’ve been through hell As fans. To go 1-15 and lose out on the best quarterback is much much worse than going 0-16. I just want to be entertained and start winning some games and if A winless season is that pathway. So be it
  12. First time poster .. had discussion with friends over text and would love some other opinions . What if an NFL team was made up completely of this years draft . with a competent NFL coaching staff . What would the record of an all rookie team be ? I think in 2-3 years would be best team in the NFL but curious as to what you think they’d do in the first year love the site . Appreciated all the jets draft talk as a distraction during this time
  13. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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