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  1. I’d be shocked if the Cowboys aren’t part of the SNF opener.
  2. Very good observation on Cager…it would appear his easiest path to making the team would be at WR. Our LBs, or lack thereof, is still frightening….but they must have seen something in the guys we got. Or there will be UDFA or vet additions to come. We have ALOT of defensive linemen.
  3. Precisely….no coach, just forfeit the season. He had a similar take years ago when we acquired Brandon Marshall….essentially saying we had no QB so there wasn’t any point to acquiring other pieces. I know his job is to get viewers/listeners and riling up Jets fans is a good way to do so but that doesn’t erase any of his overall dooshbaggery.
  4. Colin Cowherd might be the most punchable human being on Earth. As soon as I hear/see him I just want to attack him.
  5. As this draft process plays out, I find myself liking Burks more and more. Just a feeling I have about him…
  6. My question is, what percentage of pre-draft visits from previous years did we actually draft? In other words, do these visits provide any indication on our team’s thinking or plans ?
  7. This whole time I’ve been on the London and/or Watson bandwagon. But I’m getting cold feet and now suddenly I’m falling for Burks and Pierce.
  8. In 2000 I thought our 5th round WR Windrell Hayes would make our 3rd round WR Laveranues Coles cuttable. In 2004 and 2005 I was convinced we had the steals of the draft when CBs Derrick Strait and Justin Miller fell to us in the 3rd and 2nd rounds.
  9. Honest question regarding Cooks, why has he been on so many teams? I know he had concussion issues at some point right? He’s been on 4 teams in 8 seasons, and he’s had a 1000 yard season on ever team. So the production is there, but why doesn’t he stick anywhere he goes? I’ve never heard that he’s a bad teammate or a bad guy and I’m not insinuating anything, but it’s a valid question. When I see 4 teams in 8 years, it kicks up a red flag to me….be it deserved or not.
  10. Totally agree….correct me if I am wrong, Cole and Crowder made 10 million together last year right? I think Berrios is worth the average of the 2 of them.
  11. I think he stays. I have nothing to go on besides a gut feeling….we’ll overpay a bit to keep him but my gut says he stays.
  12. When the inevitable merging of threads occurs, can we please keep this thread title?
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