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  1. “I have 3 words to describe that game....hor-ri-ble.” —-Marvin Washington
  2. See I feel like we can’t really bash this signing too much....yet. Last year was injury riddled for him, just like everyone on the team. For the 3 quarters he played, he was absolutely dominant. 2020 with the covid opt out, I mean there’s not much to say there, it is what it is. Hopefully he’s back and energized next season.
  3. I absolutely 1000% understand your point of view on this, and again I wasn’t singling you out bc your posts are usually well thought out and enjoyable, as is this one so I thank you for that. It’s many of the others that have become broken records. Bottom line is we all want what’s best for the team. Personally I don’t want to take a QB at 2, but if we do I’ll be his biggest fan and wish Sam good luck elsewhere.
  4. Honestly what’s depressing is that in the midst of a new coach hire and hopefully a new hopeful direction for this franchise, we have a number of posters who just cannot help but trash our QB as soon as he’s mentioned (or even when he’s not). I don’t mean to single you out flgreen, bc most of your posts I enjoy. But there’s a contingent of posters that are taking the darnold hate to new levels and the constant derailing of every thread into darnold hate is getting old fast.
  5. It’s the tv media’s job to speculate and espn is gonna try to throw some hot takes around bc that’s what they do. I appreciate this thread and the one talking about Schefter’s comments though bc I think they’re newsworthy. But to your point regarding this board, I wholeheartedly agree. I think maybe it took to page 5-6 of the Saleh got hired thread for ppl to start complaining what this might mean for bringing back Sam. This is a happy moment and hopefully a turning point for the organization, but many folks can’t turn off the hate for the QB, and it’s disappointing.
  6. You’re exactly correct. Douglas was always going to say nice things about Sam and was always going to be noncommittal if pressed. Collaboration with the new HC on the choice is key, and even if JD is leaning in a certain direction already he’s not going to tip his hand now. Theres a large contingent on this board who are foaming at the mouth to get rid of Darnold. The pitch forks and torches are out, so they’re going to interpret anything said as a way to back up what THEY WANT to happen. All our execs that have spoken since the end of season have all said the right things and touched on the right topics so far.
  7. I don’t know what kind of conference calls you’re used to Joe, but they usually involve lots of talking and very little action. It’s pretty much the definition of a conference call, so I’m not totally sure what you’re expecting my friend.
  8. I’m just curious, but what in recent days has 100% convinced you of what JD wants to do? Have you had conversations with him? You have made it obvious what YOU want, that doesn’t mean it’s the same thing our gm wants.
  9. I still expect Gase to somehow manufacture 6-10 touches for Gore.
  10. I was being sarcastic. I think a FQB is not a singular thing, he’s a product of himself plus the team around him.
  11. Franchise QBs are supposed to transcend all personnel issues and find ways to make all his teammates better.....I read something like that on Jetnation, so it must be true.
  12. It’s been talked about many times here that many teams have the same structure...it’s not a problem if the team is winning. If you continually have bad gms or coaches, organizational structure does not matter, nothing can overcome that. I don’t expect ownership to announce new organizational reporting structure, that’s not something that needs to be said in a press conference while firing the coach. Our QB is waaaay down the list of organizational problems, but it seems you have had an axe to grind against Sam since he was drafted.
  13. Douglas did not hire Gase. Mac and CJ made that hire, it makes sense ownership would announce that firing since ownership was a big part of the hiring. Also, who cares?! As long as Gase is gone and Douglas is in charge of the coaching search were in good hands. And the Jetnation sources are talking about a change in reporting structure too, which is something 99% of this board has wanting forever. It seems to be you’re searching for something to be negative about.
  14. There’s literally 5000 different threads of posters complaining/b*tching and moaning about us winning a game and the fact that one win has ruined Jets football for at least the next 50 years, maybe more. I for one am thrilled to see something positive. It’s ok to compliment players that did well and helped the team win, including a certain player that wears 14....but if I mention his name and anything positive associated with it this thread will turn into 10 pages of the usual suspects making snarky comments. End of rant, I apologize I’m not trying to single you out 80.
  15. I’m just curious but what should ownership have done? What is this necessary and ballsy move that ownership should have made?

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