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  1. As a Pirates fan, MLB trade deadline day is usually depressing….I’ll go with option C. NHL free agency day 4.
  2. I’m sure that’s what it will be too, but im still hoping for an authentic Namath eta throwback.
  3. Deadline for teams to submit to the league alternate helmets/unis for 2022 season is July 31. I don’t know if that means they need to submit their design, or just submit their intent to do so and design can come later.
  4. And magically now Davante Adams is willing to listen to contract extension offers again.
  5. We were huge underdogs in Super Bowl 3, worked out ok I think. We were underdogs throughout the Herm years and Rex years when we were winning playoff games. Some of us are excited for the new direction of our team, it’s ok to be excited…it’s part of being a fan.
  6. I understand what you’re saying, it’s hard to be an underdog when we just outright suck. The Gase era really damaged our national reputation even more than it already was. But predictions like this (and the zero win prediction a few years back) are just blatant hating on us.
  7. Personally I like it when everyone discounts us. We’ve always been better as the underdogs.
  8. That’s really funny bc I took Akers as a mid rounder too, loaded up on Wrs too, ended up with Wentz as my QB to start the year….there’s no amount of WRs on earth that can overcome that.
  9. I absolutely hate having the first pick, had it last year in one league. I took CMC…it was a 12 team league….Perine was a starting RB for me in a few games, it got ugly.
  10. “30-40 grand…cash…small bills in that little silk purse….” P
  11. I don’t think it’s Eeyore, you’re being realistic. Most of us would absolutely love a full Namath throwback or a full 80s throwback. I fear they’ll go with a black helmet too just to further pump up the new redesign. Going with our regular unis from 98-2018 as an alternate would be them admitting they didn’t get the redesign correct (personally I enjoy our new unis but I do really miss our old ones). But a full on new throwback would be totally different and wouldn’t directly compete with the new design, which is why I think it’ll be a totally new throwback or a stealth black h
  12. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a true Namath era throwback….complete with the correct/current green….I also thought the gray face masks we wore against the colts a few years back looked good.
  13. Douglas deserves a lifetime contract just for wearing that Bret Hart shirt.
  14. This was my first Jet game I ever attended! 14 years old. I remember everyone that we sat around couldn’t stop talking about how they just had a feeling that the 98 team was special.
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