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  1. Still put up solid numbers last year with 80 tackles. Looks like he’s been a starter his whole career. Had 5 picks with 2 returned for TDS in 2018.
  2. I sometimes find myself disliking Brady less now that he’s no longer in NE, then I feel as if I need to shower that filth off myself. Bellichick and Kraft are still the root of the evil that is the patriots...so naturally I want them to crash finally. I also don’t care for Cam so it’s easy to root against Brady’s replacement too. I don’t want to see Brady do well, but I also like Arians and Bowles so I’d like to see them win. Dream scenario: Brady gets benched and the Bucs do well without him, and the Pats fail miserably in all aspects.
  3. But really the only reason these guys were getting reps with Sam was bc the projected starters were all hurt. I think a bigger disservice would be cutting projected starters in favor of keeping lower tier guys for the sake of recent practice familiarity. Our wrs aren’t a finished group yet. In the coming days I expect us to add One of another teams cuts, V Smith to one of the IRs, and multiple wrs of our to the larger PS (some combo of Cager, Chesson, Campbell, or Moncrief?)
  4. I agree that Perriman, Mims, Crowder, Hogan, Berrios are safe. From there who knows? I actually think we keep 7 to start just bc although our overall WR health is getting better, still lots of guys that are banged up to a degree. So those last 2 spots I think come down to Chesson, Cager, Moncrief with 1 or 2 of them going to PS (is Moncrief PS eligible?). Both Smiths to one of the several IR lists at our disposal.
  5. I’ve got this weird feeling that not only does Chesson make the 53, but he becomes a contributor too. Of course, I’m wrong a lot too so....
  6. Good straight line speed, very aggressive but small catch radius and tends to get alligator arms.
  7. I totally get what you’re saying. I guess I have moved from nonchalant to casually concerned to.....business casual concern (not sure if that applies here)? Especially now with Cager getting nicked up today too.
  8. I know we’re all disappointed in the WR receiver injuries, but there seems to be a huge and unnecessary amount of sky is falling attitudes towards this...even for this place. I’m not singling any one poster out, just an observation. No one has indicated that these are serious injuries. It seems we’re being extra cautious in a year where players had no team activities prior to camp. There’s still close to 3 weeks till opener. I know we’d love to see Darnold getting in sync with his new WRs, but I’d rather take cautious approach than these be nagging things all year.
  9. Neither Fant nor GVR are one year guys....both signed 3-year deals. And no one said anything about “paying big money” to any of the 1-year deal guys, signing those players in season to reasonable extensions is what was mentioned.
  10. Didn’t Davis have a pre-draft injury? Perhaps the hold up with the contract is him passing his physical? Which can’t be performed until the players report to camp correct?
  11. 11/1/98 We beat the chiefs 20-17 in Arrowhead in pouring rain. The Chiefs weren’t their usual selves that season but it was a big road win in a very very tough stadium. It was the game that I really knew our 98 team was for real.
  12. This is an interesting game to look at, looking back it was a cross roads type of game. Glenn Foley had taken over the starting job, but Re-injured his knee in this game and was out rest of year. This forced Neil O’Donnell back into the lineup. The team played better with Foley and I think we would have gotten into the playoffs that year if he stayed healthy. But would we still have signed Vinny that offseason to back him up coming off a playoff season? Without Vinny there wouldn’t have been the amazing 98 season.
  13. My father is a Packers fan, but not a really passionate diehard fan. However he was always a diehard Pirates and Penguins fan, so I inherited those teams based on that. My uncle is a crazy diehard Jets fan, so I followed him on that. His fav players were Namath and later on Bruce Harper. So yeah somehow I chose the Jets, Pirates, and Penguins....at least the Pens have brought me joy.

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