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  1. #10 Lost a game last year by the score of Covid19 Jets 13 #9 The Offensive Linemen don't block so they can keep their Holding Penalties down. #8 Vinny Testaverde's phone number is still unlisted. #7 Woody still thinks the name of the sport is called Futbol. #6 Making Fireman Ed in charge of Season Ticket Sales. #5 The Giants keep putting Liquid Heat in their jocks. #4 The coaches think X's and O's were only used in Tic-Tac-Toe. #3 The Waterboy has been named Team M.V.P. ten years running. #2 Still waiting for Joe Namath's knees to heal. And the #1 Reason Why The Jets Still Stink... Still can't find another Head Coach named "Weeb."
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