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  1. Maybe JD is holding off on bringing in a vet in order to avoid this scenario: Zach does OK in camp but the vet does even better. If that came to pass, then starting Zach anyway would contradict all of the “best players play” talk from the coach, but sitting Zach because he’s not the best QB in camp would delay his development. Maybe JD and Saleh want to avoid that scenario and make sure that Zach is the best at his position.

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  2. 3 hours ago, cookiemonsta911 said:

    I am taking Najee Harris at 2 and not looking back.

    He has more integrity in him than Pitts. Harris rode his car to not miss the proday, and does great in big games. 

    Pitts takes games off.

    Second Harris can block, catch, and run through tackles and he can juke. That guy is a ****en warrior.   

    If you did your research you’d know that Harris’s foot size makes him undraftable. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, clayton163v said:

    Great handle for your account.  I remember Stan Blinka.  An old fashioned middle linebacker.  I remember him knocking out John Jefferson with an elbow when he wandered too close on a busted play.  15 yards.  

    I thought of using his picture as my avatar. 

    That’s hilarious...He was always “Stan Blinka” but after that very game Walt Michaels defended Blinka to the press, saying he’s not a dirty player, etc. I was a kid and laughed when I heard Michaels refer to him as Stanley. From that moment on he was “Stanley Blinka” in my mind.

  4. The three possibilities seem to be these:

    (1) Keep Sam, pass on Wilson.

    (2) Pick Wilson, ship out Sam.

    (3) Pick Wilson, and keep Sam (at least for the 2021 season).

    All 3 options have some potentially serious cost/downside. If the reports that there is some serious internal disagreement among the braintrust about whether to go with (1) or (2), then I can see JD going with (3) and letting things play out. The downside of a QB controversy may be overblown (for 2021) given the kind of locker room they’ll have and given the fact that neither of the QBs who would be battling it out seem to be the type to feel entitled and cause problems.

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  5. On 3/27/2021 at 10:05 AM, K_O_Brien said:

    More than a specific QB, the new Jets regime will hitch its wagon to the LaFleur/Shanahan style of offence. 

    San Francisco obviously didn't think Darnold can run that system effectively, or they wouldn't have given up the farm for QB3 in this draft when they could have had Sam for a second rounder. If the Niners do not think Darnold can be effective in such a scheme, why would the Jets? 

    Now who the best play-action college QB in the country? Zach Wilson easily. You can bet Mike LeFleur is banging the table for this guy, and he's probably not alone. It would make no sense for the Jets to now pivot to a different rookie who is less adept and has less experience of a Shanahan system.  

    Given his prowess in the west coast offence, if Wilson fails at the Jets, it's unlikely any future replacement would do any better in the same system. So in that sense at least, the Jets are tied to Wilson if he is indeed the guy who starts in September. 


    I think the bold is really significant. Assuming Shanahan and Lafleur see the same things in Darnold, why would JD pass on an opportunity to replace Darnold with that #2 pick? If finding a QB to run that system at a high level  were easy, why are the 49ers still looking for one and willing to pay the price to trade up for one (a price that would probably kill JD to have to pay in some future draft in order to move up and take a QB).

    I think the simplest explanation is that JD will not trade the pick but will take a QB at 2.

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  6. If JD has decided to keep Darnold and his plan is to try to get max offers for the 2nd overall pick, wouldn’t it be smart for him to let “league circles” think that he’s ready (and even planning) to use that #2 pick on Wilson?

    My point is that Pauline might be right about what the league thinks, AND that this is a result of JD’s plan.

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