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  1. MCshay says Wilson will go number 2 but not sure if it will be the Jets picking him, has it mocked in his latest draft but all could change.
  2. Two days ago I was on the keep Sam and get a kings ransom for the 2nd pick Then chris Simms said Wilson is the greatest prospect ever Then Joe said the he is open to offers for Sam Then, then, then.......there will be 100 different scenarios played out by everyone before this process is over and all I can say is don't put yourself in a box of wanting one outcome and that's it, and if Joe does not go with your choice he's made a mistake. Let the GM do his job and except what ever it is.
  3. Put my hands up and say I wasn't sold on Wilson, watched all his 2019 games and it had moments but wasn't great. Then there was the report on his disability that really scared me but if Chris Simms says he is by far and away the best QB in this draft I'm on board because he's the one QB analysis I really respect. After Joe's press meeting today it certainly sounds like Darnold is gone so let's all hope now that Zack slides to number 2 in the draft
  4. Looking at twitter right now and definitely not signed a contract, according to his agent it's not even close.
  5. What's comical is people gushing over a qb who played trash defences for an entire year and had half a week in the pocket to throw the ball to open receivers. This tread was about his 2019 season and how he preformed against a stronger strength of schedule than he had to in 2020 and I used the washington game as an example where he played a relatively good team. Go trough the entire 2019 season and then tell me what you think of Wilson.
  6. Go watch the 2019 Washington @ BYU game, this is what wilson will look like in the NFL. Also don't tell me wilson didn't have the talent around him as his BYU team were after beating Tennessee and USC in the lead up to this game.
  7. Pitts is the best receiver in this draft and people get angry when they see a Tight End been picked in the top 5, that notion has to be dispelled with this player. Pitts is far from a regular TE and is the biggest difference maker on offence outside of Lawrence in this draft, if we pick him at #4 #6 #8 I'll be over the moon that he is on the jets roster.
  8. Thanks for explaining that, thankfully Sam had a great receiving core of Hogan, berrios, cager and smith this year so we could truly evaluate his talents.
  9. 49ers went from a 4 win team to the superbowl. A good free agency and draft and we could be competitive in the AFC east, also was listening to Chris sims the other night and he thinks Darnold is better than Jimmy G Possible roster going into 2021 season QB Darnold OL becton thuney mcgovern van rotten fant Rb johnson and gainwell Wr mims ju ju toney TE Pitts herndon DT williams fatasuki DE hendrickson zuniga/huff LB mosley milano cashman Safety Maye davis CB hall sherman poole Add in another two or three lower round draft picks and I
  10. In a dream world we trade down this year pick up a 1st in 2022 along with what ever we can get this year. Select Pitts/chase this draft along with upgrade the O line. Then post draft trade 2022 three first rounders for Watson. We could be superbowl contenders within two years if our free agents and this year's draft hit.
  11. The morgan conspiracy theory, future hall of famer who will be the standard for how all QBs are drafted and introduced to the NFL in the future. Hid on the dept chart so he can study and practice for a year without interference so he can start the next year and tear the league up
  12. Great post as usual and could not imagine a better off season but as for Waddle been available at #17 I cant see it. It will be a choice between waddel and Pitts at #8 and Pitts would still be the choice for me with perhaps a Toney or Moore at the back end of the 1st round.
  13. Tim jenkins the qb whisper of colorado has no ties to the jets\wilson\darnold so for him to say wilson is better than trevor or Darnold will be a great QB in our new system is for his own benefit not the jets. He has got a lot of attention since he declared Wilson is the best qb in this draft but I've followed Tim long before that and respect his views so to say he is doing it for click bait I'd have to disagree.
  14. The exact news @football guy told us two weeks ago almost word for word.
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