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  1. Absolutely, get Alex smith in for a bridge year if that's what you think is the right thing to do. A percentage of fans have given up on Sam and want noting to do with him. I'm not going to go down the route of giving excuses of why he failed that's been said to death and the argument can be made for a change of team will be good for both the jets and Sam but personally I'd like to see him with good personal and coaching around him before throwing my hat at it. Joe and Robert are here for the long haul and I'm a patient man so a slow rebuild doesn't bother me, I want it done right an
  2. Trading sam now nets a 2nd or 3rd round pick as you say. Holding on to sam nets a top 10 pick this year, plus a 1st in 2022 and most likely a 2nd plus more this year in the trade out of number 2 over all. It's all about how you value the risk of keeping sam with the extra draft stock over the risk of picking Wilson. Everyone always say the teams who picked before 12 in the 2017 nfl draft passed on Maholmes and what a mistake that was, no one ever critique Buffalo trading the #12 to the chiefs because they used that capital to get Allen in the next draft and build around him. The
  3. I know this theory is hard to comprehend in a quarterback crazy nfl but joe possibly is thinking about improving the worst roster in the league before inserting the next QB. Personally I think there is a greater chance we trade back up from 23 for a qb and let them sit behind sam over drafting wilson at #2 and that way we still pick up the extra draft capital like a 1st next year. Let sam play out the year without the 5th year option and deal with the dilemma of his success/failure at the end of next season.
  4. It's been said on here by people who are more in tune with what's going on in the front office than me that we will trade Sam if we get an offer that outweighs or equal to trading out of #2. My interpretation of it is Joe has put a price on Sam that no team is willing to pay because he wants to keep him and trade out of #2 but give the impression we will draft wilson/fields to raise the price of trading down in the draft. If a team does give what Joe is asking for Sam, great but otherwise he won't be traded and will be our starting QB next year.
  5. Absolutely, along with Hyder and k williams it completely completely transforms our defence. We would be able to concentrate on offence in the draft with only another LB been a real need on defence.
  6. Hang on, they picked a qb without a good online and how did that work out. Build the roster and with good scouting you will find a Mahomes, allen, watson and put them in a position to succeed early in their carrier. Only one qb taken in the top 5 of the last 20 drafts has won a superbowl.
  7. The bears picked a one year Wonder quarter back with the 2nd pick in the draft, how did that work out?
  8. Can someone explain the cap number if we trade him, I know he is $7.5m cap hit this year and if we cut him he is -$12.5 in dead money or cap hit. How does it work if traded?
  9. A quick look on steve's wikipedia before posting that.
  10. That's great but it's only relevant if you compare it to how many of PFF's top 300 include players Zack played against this season. Is there many of utha's performing arts college defensive backs ranked high on their board for example?
  11. Fair enough, but personally I don't see this off season as a wilson vs Darnold as most do. For me it's about building a winning team by improving to roster as much as possible over the next two years, that may mean passing on wilson to gain draft capital and not so much about sticking with Darnold for the long term but seeing what we have in him and if he fails we will he in a better position to inset a rookie QB or one we trade for in the future than we are right now.
  12. So if things don't work out by week 4 of a 2/3 year rebuild you would want joe fired? I know modern fans are fickle but that's ridiculous
  13. I don't know how joe gets any work done with the phone ringing morning noon and night with trade offers for Darnold and trade offers from teams wanting to move up for wilson. Add into the mix teams now wanting to trade up for sewell, no wonder we haven't traded for Watson as joe hasn't had a minute.
  14. Great news on samuels, I think for the money he will cost we will get the most return out of him. Not as worried about not getting thuney as I once was since so many guards have been released and there are now plenty of options.
  15. Would you now be in favour of the new 3 year contract? You said a while back that it is not what you would do if you were in joes shoes.
  16. Ok, what if there is no bidding war and only one team offers to move up? To maximize our return we will have to make the bidder feel like we want Wilson also so what will the bidder give us to not take wilson, otherwise the bidder will just move up to the dolphins position where it will be cheaper if we have declared Darnold the undisputed starter.
  17. Because atlanta may/will pick one at #4. If teams believe we are interested in wilson and want to trade up it will take a haul to get us out of #2 if they think we are sticking with Darnold there is no way they offer as much.
  18. Quite the opposite, if Joe declares Sam as the QB going forward it devalues his ability to trade out of #2 and other teams will trade with the dolphins at #3 instead as they know the jets are not picking a QB.
  19. Every qb leaves open wide receivers on the field, it's just we don't do deep dives into them or the qb is successful so no one cares. I was watching a Zack wilson play today and it was identical to a play from sam in the colts game where he threw deep into double coverage, the jets receiver dropped it and the BYU receiver cought it. Both plays were bad choices as there was an open check down but no one cares with regards Zack because it looked a great play while sam looked a fool doing it.
  20. It's hard to stand up for Sam when you watch this game, the only excuse was who he had to throw to Cager, Hogan and berrios against one of the better defences in the league but he did have a terrible game except for one drive. The next game against Denver he was playing exceptionally well prior to his injury and I don't count much of the season after that because the jets managed that injury poorly and affected Sam's play. It's hard for Sam sympathiser like myself to make a good argument to keep him epically against Wilson fans who have a whole season of brilliant collage play to fa
  21. Every time I see highlights of Kellen Mond his style is very similar to wilson, Mond played in the SEC with no receivers of note but still has had a decent season and arguably Texas A&M should have got one of the playoff positions this year. I always ask myself what would Mond have looked like in last year's BYU offence with their O line and wide open receivers. Surely he would be talked about in much higher regard than he is at the moment.
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