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  1. Can't discount the fact this will be Darnold's first time having continuation with the coaching staff. He could make a big leap not only from having better offensive talent, but also just being more comfortable in Gase's system. "His brain is working so much faster when you go in Year 2 of these things because you know all the little tiny details of what the offense is about," Gase said. "Sam is trying to do the right thing where he knows this offense cold and he knows all the little details that he needs to do day in and day out," Gase said. "He has to help all these guys that are new get caught up to speed as fast as possible. He is an extension of the coaching staff in that aspect because he has more experience in this offense than most of the guys that are here and he's going to have to do a good job of just making sure he's on point."
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/Bryce55H/status/1254195611500494854 We signed Edge Bryce Huff I believe
  3. "In case you can’t tell, JD picks in tiers. He likes to grab the last guy available in the tier before a drop off. He felt Becton was the best guy in his tier for top tackles. He felt Mims was his last top tier guy receiver. He felt Davis was the last top tier safety. He felt Perine was the last running back he felt good about. Morgan was the last quality back up QB available. And Clark was the last mid tier lineman. There’s still some receivers and corners left so he’s waiting out those tiers. This has been pretty much a flawless draft. Don’t be surprised when there’s still a quality receiver picked in the last few rounds."

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