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  1. I had a 50 dollar parlay on 49ers, rams and bills ML. Payout over 1K… wasn’t too happy about that last kickoff and defensive stand.
  2. Let’s hope some qbs rocket up during the pre draft process… there’s always gotta be one. Before this college season… Howell was projected as a top 5 pick… need some of those things to happen for jets to trade down a bit and accumulate picks and talent
  3. Any update on his injury? Did it end up not being serious?
  4. This only normally happens when the QB is the leader and he is loved. This board has mentioned many times how sometimes the o line right now doesn’t even help Zack up…
  5. Why does it seem like the offensive coordinator keeps walking away from carr while Carr is trying to talk to him….
  6. Maybe that is why they wanted to pick his coordinators. Easy to hate on the jets - but occassionally they get something right. Lets hope they REALLY got it right with Saleh
  7. Walter football who usually has good info and projections also has him going mid 2nd round as well
  8. It’s easy to say that in hindsight. On draft day everyone was considering JD a genius for trading down and still getting Mims. Everyone on this board was also in love with him. Hard to say it was a “stupid” pick but for sure one that hasn’t worked out yet
  9. Watching week 17 - you could see the huge difference in how Zack also looked when Chuma was in. No time at all
  10. Agree. I think its a little bit of everything. I imagine Lafleur (no different than zack) needs to learn and adjust to being the coordinator and calling plays since he hasn't even done that in the past. I am guessing being the booth has helped him a bit. Without Zach, he might also just get to think about whats next after a series as opposed to immediately having to debrief with Zach. Hoping that this minor injury helps both QB and OC for the long run. We do know, or have seen a glimpse at least of Mike not being a complete dud.
  11. What I am really happy about is maybe we have a legit offensive coordinator and system. Everyone wanted to hate on mike… but hopefully this is best case scenario for Zack. Played and initially sucked… gets to see how the system really works from the sidelines… and maybe he can come back and execute it
  12. Are we not potentially down to our 3rd string LT? There has been no news on Fant except he would not have practiced on a normal week so far. That is a bit scary
  13. I aM nervous if fant cant go on a short week - what that will do for this offensive line…
  14. He's a 5th round pick. Those are usually busts anyways. At least he has shown some talent - hopefully he just needs to stay on the field now and who knows what he can turn into. On another note, does anyone know when Jarrod Davis is coming back?
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