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  1. He's a 5th round pick. Those are usually busts anyways. At least he has shown some talent - hopefully he just needs to stay on the field now and who knows what he can turn into. On another note, does anyone know when Jarrod Davis is coming back?
  2. Mims out with illness? That’s interesting. Maybe there is something else going on behind?
  3. I hope Franklin Meyers is not severely injured. He did not come back into the game. Need the youngsters to keep developing - he had a great game!
  4. I am not sure where so much hate for Lafleur is coming from? If we want progress from week to week - he seemed to make the right adjustments. The run game significantly improved - this is what everyone was soo worried about last week. Protection and line blocking significantly improved as well. Should he not get credit for that. If we have Zack from last week, we have a really good shot to win this game. Those INTs were not on lafleur - zack just threw some of those up hoping for a miracle.
  5. Line opened at 3.5 after the Sunday games. Got bet all the way up to 5.5. I am expecting it to come back down a bit and settle somewhere in the middle. Lets see....
  6. Agree, If this was last year and we replaced the name ''urban meyer' with ''matt rhule'' this board would be crying about how we ''let the one get away again'' and using names like culture changer.. etc. Aside from all his drama - he has proven wherever he goes he atleast knows how to win and especially have an explosive offense.
  7. My main concern about the defense right now is injury to Davis. Hopefully he’s okay- otherwise may have some depth issues on defense
  8. Any updates/thoughts about Mosley? All the reports mention he is slimmer and faster but have not heard his name at all in any practice reports.
  9. Not sure if this belongs here - but has anyone heard of the Major League Football "league'' which is slated to start during the spring/summer time. Wonder if this becomes popular similar to XFL. No NY teams. Publicly traded. Link below. http://www.mlfb.com/
  10. Hopefully we can get the D coordinator position solidified soon. I read Cimini mentioned that there is a possibility that Saleh calls the plays. I wonder if that depends on who he can find as the O coordinator. I almost prefer he find someone he trusts, go get them and then delegate.
  11. I know it today's world this may not be as important. All we hear about is what the offensive coordinators potentially would be. Any idea on who would be defensive coordinators. Even for Saleh - if the idea is he would be a 'ceo type' and the defensive coordinator would be the one calling plays, game planning etc. - have their been any reports on who the options are?
  12. @ football guy and @ Mogglez Really appreciate your guys posts and information. I dont post much here as you can all tell by my total count, but the information you guys have been providing has led me to actually drop a few lines here and there. Keep the information coming and please dont let these guys ruin it. It makes me laugh sometimes how people give a 23 year old kid (Sam) on this board so much grief yet there are most likely 20-60YO posters on here acting like everything is owed to them.
  13. I don’t understand this line of thinking... a 23 year old kid needs to “grow up” because he may prefer one coach over the current coach/coordinators who everyone thinks are horrible. I am not saying Sam is the answer but I just don’t get this mentality towards any of the players.
  14. @ Mogglez - rarely post here, but thanks for the information - great read! Is there any talk of trying to pry away Lincoln Riley? He was a hot name prior to the season but do not hear his name anymore as it relates to NFL openings. I honestly think I would be less worried about our QB if we can get someone with such a QB friendly system that knows QBs and how to scheme/gameplan.
  15. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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