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  1. In regards to betting sites, there are very few things they can actually dictate. they can’t control who plays who, who will score a TD, how many yards a QB will get… But they can manipulate markets to get people to back them. They do it for anything they can. If they get 2,000 people backing it now, and it doesn’t come in, they’ve done what they needed. He could go first, but don’t read too much into the betting markets. oh and sorry for being boring
  2. Damn… When I read the title I was hoping this was going to be a humouring story of Adam Gase getting hired to work in a Starbucks or something.
  3. Amazing player, absolutely fantastic in every way. But yeah, the picture is dumb. Maybe if they win the SB you can make that.
  4. I have a very Darnold-esque feel after the first season. Hes shown some really good signs that he can become good, and some signs he could also be total trash. I feel Wilsons game is superior to Darnolds, and feel he’s more likely to succeed, but I feel he can probably flourish as long as La Fleur can keep the Offense looking sharp and creative. You don’t need me to state the obvious in that next year is MASSIVE for Wilson, and I feel cautiously optimistic. I feel he just gradually improved over the course of the year and with that added experience he should get closer to w
  5. Shocked. started bad, but he really turned it round, I thought they were actually really unlucky to not make the playoffs. But that’s the industry for you.
  6. I think the OP who made the poll summed it up nicely. Could be a "good" QB, not an "Excellent" one. Too many flaws in his game, and whilst he's came on significantly, he won't be a quality QB for years to come.
  7. Hate to sound positive about the Jets, again, but just really satisfying to see the FO, Saleh, whatever alll saw that Van Roten was struggling or not doing enough, and we've replaced him with a solid athlete, who's been great so far. Love it when you can be positive about Jets doing the right things for a change.
  8. It's not about the Giants for me. It's just nice to see us putting some stuff together. It's been a while. Plus with the Giants being the pile of garbage they are, it makes the Johnson's look competent and that's never, ever good.
  9. He’s been brilliant, and it gives me some hope in the system. Agree with everyone really, need to get tools to back your best players for me. He’s been one really huge positive of the year and I’m excited for him to develop further.
  10. I said a few weeks back we need to stop worrying about the draft and start getting these guys to know what winning feels like. But not like that, ugh, was such a poor performance and we nearly lost against what I’d say is the worst side in the league. We suck. Depressing again.
  11. Jets… do something great, and then blow it up, by doing something mad. we’re a bad football team.
  12. I can’t keep rooting to lose, because we suck so hard. Were not showing any sign of getting better, so what use does getting no.1 mean if we literally are still going to suck. This side needed to get to 5/6 wins this year and show signs of improvement.
  13. Can’t remember the last time we just stopped something major on third down. Just very “Jetsy” to go let them through easy. Here we go though, but drive needed by Zack here.
  14. Like I can’t remember a worse trade this century. Genuinely though. Safety isn’t a primary position for me, Jamal was a good player, but his ego made him appear better for whatever reason. two first rounders and he’s got significantly worse and the Seahawks miss two prime opportunities to improve.
  15. Insanity, it’s just insanity. Id argue that if the Jets moved to England id support the “new” Jets. What’s my connection to the London Jets? Half my family are from NYC, none of my family are from London. I come over, I see my family, see the Mets, see the Jets and most importantly get absolutely destroyed for being a passionate Jets British jets fan in the stadium when we absolutely suck. **** if, move em here. Give the fans what they want and that’s a Franchise in the City, where we belong.
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