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  1. Really good pieces we’ve got coming through in this team. Mims and Hall stand out, just a shame we have a huge pile of crap, for the rest, I’ve seen enough to suggest that we’re getting something right. 0-16 for sure, but can only get better.
  2. So come on guys in this thread... how happy were you when we couldn’t convert on 4th down there and are going 0-10?
  3. Someone tell me the Flacco pick was intentional.... come on! He's wide open and chooses the guy with double coverage. Joe wants Trevor, and you have to feel a little happy, because you saw how much Bill wanted the loss there.
  4. Yeah i think he's absolutely toast now, but I'll still come on here and see the fans moaning that we didn't get 300+ yards against KC.
  5. Just shocked at how he hasn't fired that POS Gase. What a mental decision. Decisions like this will make or break a career. We're 0-6, we're the laughing stock of the league, yet here he is preparing himself for Kansas.... oh how fun.
  6. This is a funny thread... well, it’s funny until you realise we’re gonna tank and he’s gonna be rocking up next season to ruin another franchise QB.
  7. Minus 28. MINUS TWENTY EIGHT. never change Jets. There’s still hope of making it pro 😂
  8. I want TL, but my ******* god I hate Gase. if this is true then we’re keeping Gase for a 3rd term. the guy is a parasite on this football team.
  9. 4th and short, and they take the FG, seals it, followed by Quinnen doing what Quinnen does best. Miss the 4th and Short and it's still a 1 score game. Play calling by Gase is horrific. Jets lose to Debutant QB, who throws 3 picks. And i'm not even shocked.
  10. Too Conservative. Doesn't have the vision to suggest he wants to go away from his "go to guy".
  11. Tragic when Mann is the highlight of our game maing a tackle. We're screwed. So, so screwed.
  12. Just think of positives, Thursday is 5 days away, meaning we have to wait 2 days less to fire this idiot.
  13. Jets hire a HC from divisional rivals, who also fired him for being a bust. If that's not enough to give up on the Jets, what is? Please god, don't let Joe be a bust too.
  14. Everything went against the guy. Who even gets Mono? When in 3 years his best coach, wasn't even a coach, says everything about this Franchise. He sucks, but whilst he hasn't progressed as we had hoped, we haven't helped him with a shocking O-Line, and friggin Gase. God I hate us.
  15. Some achievement that by Darnold, passed for 14 Colts points, passed for 7 Jet points. I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad.

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