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  1. Give them all to Germany. we in the UK, are as passionate as anywhere, but so many people “like” NFL, but don’t at all. All the games I’ve been to here, have been awful. Fans up and down, not paying attention. Germans are just passionate about NFL, and they do it right. I’d go watch the Jets in Munich, but I wouldn’t go to London again.
  2. Id be more shocked at signing Lamar, Rodgers than I would be Mayfield. depressing that.
  3. Id be very shocked if any of the NFC teams win it. I’ve got Bills over 49ers, as I feel Bills will have that added reason to win now, more than ever.
  4. I think regardless of what Mike White does, it needs to be game over for Zach. Weve assembled a good squad here, and we can continue to build on it, but Wilson is just a hindrance now. Would love it to be White, but will take any competent QB, to get us into the playoffs.
  5. Don't go hunting the officials, and hurl abuse, if you don't want a reaction. Such a weird move. What you achieving by waiting, and giving stick to Joe? Start of the season, no on expected us to be in with a chance of the playoffs come January. The only reason we're not already confirmed is because injuries decimated us. JD brought us Wilson, Hall, AVT and the rest, I think it's fine to get one wrong. Jesus, imagine the bed wetting if we ever become a solid team again? 🤣
  6. It’s a weird situation isn’t it? I think we’ll win, Wilson will throw 0 picks, 1 TD, 200+ yards and then the press will be alll over Saleh over White and long term it’ll kill us
  7. I’m all in on Mike White to be honest. If we blow keeping White to protect Wilson (I honestly don’t think we will, having seen how we handled Darnold), I’d be absolutely livid. White has shown ability to be a regular NFL QB. Wilson has shown little optimism on that front.
  8. All comes down to keeping White healthy and the O Line improving. On paper, we can beat the Lions, Jags, Seahawks and Dolphins, but if you pummel White like we allowed on Sunday, we’re done. This is a great conversation to be having. It’s December 14, and our playoff fate is in our hands. Next season players will want to play for us, AVT, Hall, everyone will be heathy. The future looks bright for the first time in 10-15 years.
  9. The thing I love most about Herbig, is the fact he's pretty much a nobody to most fans, who's came to the Jets, and became a somebody. When does that ever happen? So used to seeing us bring in washed up duds. Quality and Depth at the Jets. I need a lie down. 🤣
  10. Think anyone will agree, including the OP, that everyone wants JJ to succeed, and yesterday was a fantastic performance. Building something special, and it may take others a little more time to adjust.
  11. Couple of mistakes, but I'm seeing the positives that it's a couple. A high pass here, a missed pass there. But there were less of them. He's aided by having a wonderful Run game, which takes so much pressure off him. He's definitely a work in progress, but if it's Wilson of last year, he has 4 turnovers yesterday. Only time will tell if Wilson is the answer, but he's definitely getting smarter, and subsequently better.
  12. Agreed. JD on the ball on this, it just takes pressure off Carter and gives us extra options and if it works out, we lose a 5th, that’s not a bad deal.
  13. It’s the discipline. That’s the main issue. We don’t just do false starts, we always get nailed for 10+ yards, and it grates on me. Must be leading the league now, for illegal man upfield, feel we get 2-3 a game. Theres some real talent in this team, you’ve got to keep those penalties to a low to help them grow and get more W’s.
  14. I’m saying bit of both, not MANY terrible throws, some reliance where he’d had taken sacks last season and just thrown it away. Couple of sloppy throws, but much better.
  15. You start games well, you give yourself a chance if things go bad. So many pointless, damaging penalties, then some bad drives, but that good start helped. When we turned it on at the end, we showed the resilience we showed two weeks ago. We keep getting called one of the worst teams in football, but it’s no fluke when you go on two huge drives to win games on the road against good football teams. We’re going in the right direction, and that excites me.
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