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  1. I mean.... did you really think we were going to be 2-14? And be as bad we were. I knew we’d suck, but come on. Sam was so bad, and whatever, but sorry, you don’t end up 2, and turn down a fresh start and a FQB. Morgan is a backup QB. Let’s wait to see how Joe does in this draft before we blow our minds.
  2. Round 1 matchup confirmed then isn’t it? Jets @ Panthers - Darnold Vs. Jets Good Luck Sam, you sucked, but we sucked.
  3. I’m for it. We need someone reliable, the amount of Extra Points we’ve missed over the last couple of seasons is a joke.
  4. I just think it’s a bit like a family day out and as a hardcore/passionate fan you’re realistically outnumbered 9/10, and it just is a lot of money to not REALLY enjoy it that much. Ive seen the Jets lose at the meadowlands, and I’ve seen them win in London and there’s no doubt what I enjoyed more. I know why they’re pushing London so hard, and it’s absolutely fantastic to see the growing, but it’s not the same. I know a trip over to NY isn’t always the most feasible thing for British fans, but when you’re there you’re home. Wembley isn’t the same.
  5. As a British Jets fan I really hope not. London is a pain. I’d much rather jump a 7 hour flight to NJ with real fans, and a real atmosphere, then go to London with fans who are going for a day out, don’t care about the Jets or the other team but because NFL is “in” they’re suddenly interested. Hella no, just release the schedule early so I can get my flights booked with an away day in week 1 to Miami/Carolina my preference. **** the UK games.
  6. I mean the best thing the Jets can do is just dismiss any comparisons to Mahomes. Mahomes is just different levels and if we draft Wilson and he operates at half of what Mahomes does, then we’d have an excellent QB on our hands. I know, it’s New York and the media is toxic, but let the lad play. Don’t add pressure and let him adjust, giving him pressure of not meeting expectations of similarity will just hinder, we don’t need that.
  7. Crazy that there wasn’t one post for Allan or even Jackson on this. Just goes to show, bad coaching stunts a QB, but still think Sam was always going to be a flop anyway. FQB, stay out of their heads, Sam lives in his. Not his fault, but yeah.... a case of what might have been I guess, still, we could have got Rosen!
  8. I don’t know why, but I just get the feeling that Lawrence will be disappointing. Not his fault there’s a hype train, but just feel he won’t be the ticket people expect. Almost reminds me of the class with Darnold etc where there are 4-5 options, and the best guys will go under radar like Jackson, Allen. Big pressure on both top 2 to deliver, but I’d be happy with Wilson.
  9. Nothing but respect for the guy. Hes totally finished, and that’s fine. Didn’t make the Jets any worse and was professional in his time here. Good Luck, but lose to the Jets in the 17th game thanks.
  10. Would I have liked more in the O-Line? Yes, but how much value is there in Free Agency, and I’ve just been scarred by Macc and the sh*t show he caused. I mean, I’d review this post draft and if we haven’t fortified the OLine in 2 of the first 3 picks I’ll be concerned. But what we’ve signed, I’m happy with, some really smart additions, so let’s hope we deliver in the draft.
  11. Once upon a time.... a not so wise man “Won the Free Agency” and that went really well didn’t it?
  12. I like it, it’s not haemorrhaging us, and it’s a decent deal for him. He had a good year. Dont love the Juju hype, so this is a smart move for me here.
  13. Oh and that Wesley Hughes fella... 60 followers and absolutely no links to his articles. But no one questions why a Knicks beat reporter is getting Jet scoop. Admit it, which one of you guys is this parody?
  14. Maybe he just enjoys playing? The guy has had an amazing career, and probably wants to carry on for as long as he can. Oh and i want him to win as a massive FU to Bellicheat.
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