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  1. Defense is playing great. Run game has been good. Just stupid, stupid throws from Wilson, every one of those picks is avoidable. Patriots aren’t very good, and we’ve not been able to capitalise. Defense will tire if they’re expected to put w shift in like that first half.
  2. Its far too early to jump on anything, it’s been one game. Wilson oooked nervous, but barely had any protection, which was concerning. The defence was excellent for most parts, and that was a real bonus. Saleh needs time, this isn’t a Gase situation, where we’ve literally taken a reject from a divisional rival, this is a rookie, who needs to see who can step up. Next week will be interesting, but that second half was much, much better.
  3. There were lots of positives for me, especially in the second half from the defence. But let’s be real, as long as our OL is THAT bad, we’re going to get a real tough ride this year. That said, there were some things I liked the look of today. Long, long way to go, but if you can’t protect your QB, you won’t win games.
  4. Thing is, people aren’t seeing us get blown out thisbyear which is at least a good start. I don’t know, maybe we can surprise a few people and get 6 wins or so. This is genuinely a team that has no pressure thanks to good work of HC, and I’m excited to see us do well. Still a long way to go, but unlike the last two joke seasons we should get some good wins (I hope).
  5. Just enjoy it, how many times have we had to enjoy Jets life in the past 10 years? May the excitement roll until 5pm on September 12, when we’ve just lost 48-0 to Sam Darnold.... then you can be unhappy.
  6. Think we’ll be at full capacity, and I’ll hang tight on tickets. As much as it’s anticipated, I can’t help but feel we’ll be able to scoop up a cheaper seat closer to the time.
  7. See you all there. Will purchase my seats around same area.
  8. Can't disagree. I think it'll be a nice season for us fans, provided we don't absolutely tank the season, i think we can easily make 5-6 wins and that's progess, as long as we're realistic. New exciting coach, and not some JAG Dolphins castoff. New QB, who will be protected, and have some weapons. Just a nice time to be a Jet, just how they'll find a way to disappoint me? Not sure yet, but they'll find a way.
  9. It's a great experience seeing the Jets in London, it's really surreal, in a nice way. Just expect to be outnumbered, as everyone just supports Raiders, Packers, Giants and Dolphins and naturally everyone hates the Jets All it will make you do, is get hunger to make it over to East Rutherford, and that can only be a good thing!
  10. Agreed, no way will there be a team here, I just don’t think there’s the appetite for it. When there are 4 games, I think it struggles to sell out. I’m not from London and it’s an expensive day out, you’re talking £250 for a game, and unless it’s the Jets I’m not doing it. People won’t change teams, London isn’t local for me, why am I supporting them, they could try to rotate venues, but even then, I’m not not supporting the Jets. The novelty would wear off, and the games have fans from all over the country/Europe visit for the games, you’re asking a lot to expect them to d
  11. i can’t envisage Goodell would bring two teams over, to play in a limited capacity stadium. More than certain it will be 100%, get registered on the NFLUK site and the rest is easy.
  12. Making two Jets game in one season will be absolutely brilliant. Jets news keeps getting better and better today.
  13. Fantastic. Im over for the game, and can easily make the quick journey to Carolina. Can’t wait.
  14. Just can’t help but feel Jets Vs. Jags or Jets @ Panthers will be week one. Cant help but feel they’d love to show #1 Vs. #2. Or former #3 traded so they can get a new FQB.
  15. We made the worst move? But no mention of what Chicago gave up? Yet Chicago get a QB, and it’s a “legendary” move, despite the fact they’re screening themselves over for future picks. We moved up, to what we believe is the best fit to our need, and elite guard in AVT, we need that. We just picked at #2, and chose what we hope is a FQB.... let the “experts” be down on us, but we’re building positively and whether it’s a false dawn or not... it’s not a bad pick, when we still chose at 34, and kept our two first rounders and two second rounders for next year.
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