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  1. For me, if it's affordable and to our terms i'm in. But he's wanting the money, but the Draft didn't help him. Gregg Williams would help him. But he's not coming here, I think (rightly so) that Joe will take his time and make this franchise change from the Macc "throw your money at any JAG", and try to be methodical in spending.
  2. They're making the playoffs again next year. Seeing how lucky has treated us and them over the last 20 years, I can't believe people are already celebrating their demise. Pressure on the Bills, nothing on them. (Happy to be wrong come December 🤣)
  3. How many times have the Jets been hyped by the media, and the players choke? So many times over the last 20 years I’ve followed the Jets. The media knocking Joe, taking that pressure off the players can only work in our favour. Last year they were saying we won Free Agency, look how that worked out. Let the players do the talking. I like the picks, I love getting Mims and Bryce Hall, Mann could be our Punter for 10+ years. It’s easy to be negative, there were so many WR and we took one etc... but this has been a breath of fresh air, and it’s Joes first draft, hopefully can only get better.
  4. I think it speaks volumes for our GM that he could read how the trend of the draft was, and was able to get more picks and still get a WR. whether he wanted Mims, or someone else, guess we won’t know, but it worked out and we got a potential starter Calibra WR, and a good amount of picks. Would Macc have done that? No chance. Hope this isn’t a new false dawn, but in a year where the Pats have potential to drop off, Jets at least get into a better position to contend.
  5. Most Jets' thing ever that after what i call a better than average draft, all our fanbase are most excited about a punter 😂 He's going to be great though!
  6. Very happy with Bryce Hall. He's not a 5th Rounder. Good deal. The way WR are sticking to the board, i'm confident we can get one. Kicker next? 😆
  7. There's still so much on the board for 158 here. Can the moaners please stop. Might not be a huge fan of the Perine pick, but this isn't as bad as you're all saying. WR is coming!
  8. He clearly wants Sam to get as much protection as possible. Depth all over the O-Line. Clearly JD trusts his receivers.
  9. He's not what i wanted, but he's solid. If we didn't have two of the next 9 picks, then i'd be a bit more concerned. Still O Picks though! Loving the Douglas Era so far.

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