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  1. Don’t think my mother even knows what the NFL is let alone the New York Jets.
  2. BB got them in the playoffs and they sucked last year too. Yes, they lost Brady and it’s not been the same but he’s shown he’s still an excellent coach. The pats coached by Saleh (and that’s not a dig at him) get 4 wins last season.
  3. Wow, well **** my life. Woke up and expected some defensive played (I’d have been happy with that). But to see Joe has went in with a TE, and one I rate too, in Ruckert. Now there can be no excuses for Wilson, who’s simply had his offense considerably improved. Atta boy Trader Joe, now time to get it working on the field. excited about the Jets? Who Dis!
  4. they did, but Marinaro meant they had to leave to catch their flight back.
  5. Them and the Texans. Crazy. Wonder what we’re missing there.
  6. Can’t believe Dean still on the board. 1am here, was ready to wind down after our pick, but feel trader Joe is right on if, and I can’t incase I miss us trade for Prime Joe Namath and Jerry Rice
  7. come back to me on November Tony. Usually this is our highlight. But I am excited, what is this Jet/Happy feeling?
  8. I live in the UK and even I was stopped before with my Jets Tee on.
  9. Wow. I can’t believe it wasn’t Nakobe. surprised we’ve given a fifth, clearly someone was giving ideas they’d swoop in. But now two very good RBs, a Class WR, and ah man, just love this draft.
  10. How do you feel on a trade forward?
  11. Don’t like Zierlein, but he has us getting Nakobe Dean and Pierre Strong and I’d absolutely love that, personally.
  12. I hope what you’re hearing is what others are hearing too. Let him fall, just like Jermaine.
  13. I’m cautious. I know full well that the Jets tend to do amazing things only for it to fall apart in a laughable fashion, it’s just what we do. But JJ fell to us, and we somehow got three huge talents there with a high 2nd to come tomorrow. Lets break the curse already.
  14. If we get Dean it’s absolutely massive, but surely someone will take him before us. Dean would mean our top 4 are the best on paper in years.
  15. Wouldn’t it just be fun if they just gave zero ****s and went for Trey McBride. I mean, we need so many other positions and it’s a massive grab, but I’d appreciate the attacking approach.
  16. Why would we take Thibs, when we got Hutchinson there.
  17. This would cause me many a headache. If this happens, big chance Linderbaum falls to us at 35. I don't think I want to turn that down. Hutch, WR, Linderbaum is a dream opening 3.
  18. Only on a trade back. Only way we get him is if we trade back with saints or eagles and use that extra 1st for him. Dont think he’s 4/10 worthy.
  19. Cine is what I’m talking about sign me up for some of that JD.
  20. I don’t think it can be a bad thing Sauce getting all this press. Hopefully it means teams a bit lower, who are hoping he’ll fall, might offer us a haul. It depends how confident we are with our picks. I like sauce, he’d be a solid fit, and would take him. But the big build can fit perfect for us, if people think he’ll go early.
  21. For me he’s the most rounded individual. Hes a good fit, he’s a low risk as I think he reaches his potential, which I don’t think has am extremely high ceiling but is still high. The problem is this group isn’t a huge pool and we do need some defence. I like him, but whether he’s a number 4 talent I’m not sure.
  22. He’s a backup, that’s all that matters. If he’s a bust, we expected that, if Saleh trusts him, and makes him not a busy, then we’ve had a good deal. he won’t eat into the Cap either.
  23. I was looking at this recently, I had a lot of time on my hands and went through drafts from 2011-2021, and so many first round receivers were busts. Obviously, lots were also very good. But you can develop a receiver, it’s just a case of, can we? 2020 top 5 receiving yards Diggs - Round 5 (146) Hopkins - Round 1 (27) Jefferson - Round 1 (22) Adams - Round 2 (53) 2021 Top 5 Receiving yards Kupp - Round 3 (69) Jefferson - Round 1 Adams - Round 2 Chase - Round 1 Samuel - Round 2 (36) Being a stud like Chase obviously helps, but there are lots of good picks with great potential, if we do everything right.
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