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  1. The only guys I could see that have an issue with Zach and talking behind the scenes are vets with 1 year left on their deal that aren’t apart of the Jets future and looking to get paid in the offseason .. probably frustrated with his early struggles which directly effect them. Like a Keelan Cole or Crowder.. maybe Maye. Guys like that looking to get paid and feeling like he’s hurt their chances of making more money. Crowder probably hated Darnold leaving because Crowder would have had a much better season with Sam. And as funny as Cole seems.. I noticed a lot of bad body language with him esp
  2. Obviously I could be dead wrong. Im just going by what I seen in Preseason and what the Niners have done last 2 years
  3. I understand that we're not in man most of the time especially on 1st and 2nd downs. A lot of Quarters and Cover 3 with some Cover 2 and Cover 6 to help confuse. Cover 3 seems like the Defense Saleh likes to go to when he is trying to defend the run. Based off what we did in the preseason and what Saleh did with the Niners, on 3rd downs we will go to man a lot though. Not every 3rd down but those big 3rd and shorts 3rd and mediums where you need to get off the field and cant give up anything quick and short. Cover 3 where everyone is dropping into zones is good bend but dont break vs the pass
  4. You think we're going to be in a cover 3 drop zone every down? No. We will definitely play man especially on 3rd downs. Not every 3rd down but we will be in man more than you're thinking. Whether that be straight man from the jump, cover 3 match, quarters, cover 6,etc. It still winds up being some sort of defense that converts to man in many cases. Most of our blitzes will be a defense that winds up being man. Difference is we wont ever send the Greg Williams 6 and 7 zero blitzes. It will be scheming up 4 man blitzes or 5 man blitzes. But those D's are usually man or match so guys will be mann
  5. Another thing to note, could this be why we're not announcing who will be our #2 CB opposite Hall yet? I'm sure Joe Brady and the Panthers would try and add some extra things into their gameplan to take advantage of that height difference if he knew we are indeed putting Guidry out there. Either way you can't hide Guidry's height in this game. So if you're going to play him you might as well get Carter out there too imo
  6. As Saleh said, he believes both Guidry and Carter II are starters in this league. I think based off what we've seen and heard from Camp and preseason, Hall and those 2 are our best 3 Defensive Backs we have right now. That would be the case even if we still had Bless imo. I think Echols and Dunn do have some good potential. But Guidry and Hall both have at least some NFL experience from last year and Michael Carter honestly looks really good in the slot. As much as I like Hall, I think Michael Carter might already be our best CB on the team. Now with Guidry.. he's one of the fastest playe
  7. Just so you know, Pride JR is out for the year and Bouye will be missing the first few games. They also cut Raashan Melvin. Donte Jackson is actually the only CB on their team with NFL experience! Sound familiar? Dont get me wrong Horn is going to be legit. But its fair to assume he will struggle initially. I think both team's cornerbacks will struggle. I do really like Saleh's/Ulbrich's Double A Gap scheme on 3rd downs which I think will get us off the field a lot even with our CB play. Watching enough of Sam through the years I do think he's going to struggle vs that look because pressure c
  8. Well my first thread and post on here was a fail LOL! Probably should delete the thread I guess?.. But going to make it up and drop a cool video for now that I found last night as well on the BYU website. Its Zach Wilson, his teammate, and his HC watching back and going through the film of their 2019 game vs USC. You can get a better idea of how he thinks and processes the info he sees pre and post snap. He also definitely put on a lot more weight now than when this video was done. https://www.byutv.org/player/05f018ae-417b-45f8-9c2f-6a1e8516d517/byu-sports-nation-play-by-replay-f
  9. Oh sorry about that! Didnt see that someone posted it on here already. Very interesting that they took it down. I wonder if the Jets didnt like that he said they didnt give Sam the pieces he needed to succeed. Or that the vibe of that interview pretty much made it clear he was a lock to the Jets
  10. So weird I think they removed it from their site? I saw the link isnt working anymore and I cant find it anywhere now. This was part of the interview they added to their Twitter https://twitter.com/BYUSportsNation/status/1380207365148999687?s=20
  11. Sup everyone, long time viewer of this site. I know the love/hate for Zach Wilson is pretty real on here. Im definitely 1 of the Jet fans that really wants us to draft him. The most recent Zach Wilson BYUSN interview definitely was a little disappointing though to me and a lot of Jets fans as he seemed more tired and disinterested than usual (especially with any Jets mention). But I did want to point out that there was an interview last week that wasnt posted on BYUs youtube. I think it will make everyone feel much better about Zach and him going to the Jets. This was right after the Darnold t
  12. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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