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  1. He is wrong on this one. Look at the play from this angle. It was a perfect throw. Whitehead was driving on it and would have been a very bad decision if he didn't lead to the outside of Davis
  2. There should be no reason a healthy Becton cant win out the LT job vs Fant. Ideally you would put Ekwonu at RT right away and let Fant and Becton battle it out on the left. If Fant loses and Becton stays healthy you let Fant go next year and use that money to improve the team elsewhere. If Becton busts then thank god we took Ekwonu lol. It does makes sense. I don't love going OT that early (I would rather get a depth OT later) and would HATE Neal at 4 but I can get behind going Icky and us potentially having the best run blocking oline in the league. That will help Zach and could save Douglas' job if Fant or Becton go down again.
  3. Douglas is good but he's not that good lol. I could see us trading 4 for 16 and 19 with Saints or 10 for 20 + their 2nd rounder? with the Steelers. But I don't think he'll be able to trade down both times in this draft
  4. I think it's very realistic that Sauce and Ekwonu are their top 2 on their board. If this trade gets you both of them you gotta do it right? Its worth losing a 3rd rounder imo. The Giants have to take a Tackle at 5. And Panthers are definitely going to look to trade down if theyre going QB. I think its something Douglas is going to be all over. Whether it be for both Icky and Sauce or 1 of them and an edge. Perfect situation to do that is if top 3 go Hutch, Walker, and KT. Take Ekwonu at 4. If Giants go Neal, you trade up and take Sauce.
  5. If we wind up with Ekwonu, Deebo, Ebiketie, and Dean/Cine I'm with that all day. If we're taking OT at 4 though we better get an edge somewhere that we really like or its a big fail. We have to really improve our defense in this draft. If we aren't taking Johnson or Thibs, I really don't want us to miss out on taking Karlaftis, Mafe, or Ebiketie. Almost feel like we would have to trade back up to get the one we want at the end of the 1st and you lose the 3rd round pick anyways by doing that.
  6. I think some things to consider to justify taking Gardner is that even though Sauce,Reed, and Carter would be our main 3 vs most teams, if we're playing against a team with 2 tall WR's out wide we could gameplan by having Reed as our Nickel with Sauce and Hall outside. Hall was a major asset out there in our win vs Cincinnati. And last thing.. even if Hall isn't starting, I think he could come in on Dime packages manning up a flexed out Tight End or just match up on a bigger target on those 3rd downs when we're playing man covg. I would much rather have him guard a Waller, Gesicki type than any of our linebackers or safeties currently.
  7. I feel that. We do still have 2 4ths and two 5ths as well to get some quality players. Would you like this scenario more if we didn't trade for Deebo and took lets say Dotson or Watson, and Cine? Or losing that 3rd round pick to ensure we get the edge we want is the issue?
  8. So you would be mad if we walked away with Icky/Sauce, KT, and Deebo ?
  9. There's a lot of ways we can go about this draft that I would like but there's some scary scenarios as well so I do like the idea of limiting that chance. But yeah man Im with ya going Sauce at 4 really opens up what we can do. We're definitely getting a playmaker at 10 that will help our team.. it just might not be an edge. If JJ and Thibs aren't there at 10 I would want them to take London. Im ok with Jameson Williams too but rather Drake. And then take Kartlaftis, Mafe, or Ebiketie in the 2nd. I just am starting to really think we're taking JJ at 4 and I like him a lot but damn man not at 4. JJ and London are 2 prospects I really would like on the Jets but I wouldn't feel great if that's what we did at 4 and 10. Both guys are mid to late first rounders in any other draft.
  10. If there's any truth to it I would think he would want us to take Gardner. Seeing what Revis and Revis Island did for this franchise. Our best days was when we had a lockdown corner and he knows that was our identity. Jets fans would also take the Sauce nickname and run with it. The marketing behind that in NYC is endless. That pick is an easy sell to Jets fans in his mind I bet.
  11. Barring injury I think you can pencil London in to be at least Tee Higgins and the potential to be a Brandon Marshall / Keyshawn Johnson. I think even if he's Higgins in this Offense its worth the 10th pick. Niners never had a big X but it's very easy to see how we would use him with our scheme by just watching the Bengals. A lot of Digs, Outs, Slants, some slot, seam streaks, bigtime contested catches here and there, back shoulders against man press, and just overall a security blanket for his QB especially on third downs. What Corey Davis was supposed to be. London is going to be a really good route runner too. Kids only 20 and only playing football full time for 1 year and already is pretty technical in his releases and routes. Only going to get better. He's a very skilled basketball player too and a lot of it translates. He's going to be a stud.
  12. Getting their favorite available edge while also getting 1 of the very few blue chip prospects in the draft and also Deebo Samuel is DEFINITELY not worst case scenario. Come on now that silly. I would say JJ at 4 and Penning at 10 is probably worst realistic case scenario under JD. I think we gotta come away with a potential superstar thats relatively safe with 1 of these picks. Yes you can really get some STUDS in the 2nd round. Linderbaum, Dean, Dax Hill, Cine, Brisker, Karlaftis Mafe, Ebiketie would all be amazing 2nd round players. If we can get 2 of those guys I would be ecstatic. We would either have to LOVE KT at 4, truly think KT or JJ will be there at 10, or we're willing to go edge in the 2nd round then yeah keeping the 2nd round picks will wind up being better. Especially if GK, Mafe, or Ebiketie are sitting there. But a lot of what happens is out of our control. Thats the nature of the draft I get it, but my scenario gives us what we need/want and don't need luck to get it done. Figured I would mention it because I haven't seen any1 talk about this and I think its something we could realistically do. It blind sides and screws the Giants over too which makes it better 😂
  13. Very Interesting . That means Sauce at 3? Doesn't Lovie run heavy Cover 2? If so Mcduffie at 13 would be a much better fit.
  14. If Pickett is their guy aint no 1 else picking him in the top 10 LOL
  15. Thats my dream scenario too. Well mine is similar. Sauce at 4, KT or JJ at 10, and then trade up for London or do the Tyreek trade for Deebo is what I want. Second scenario that I really like is Sauce at 4, London at 10, and trade up for Karlaftis. London is my WR1 in this draft. I like him ALOT and I think at the very least he'll be our Tee Higgins (Bengals pretty much run our scheme and London will be used that way) but I rather have Deebo. A lot has to happen to get what we want. What I proposed in the start of this thread can get us what you want and only main difference is you're trading a 3rd round pick to make it go from a dream scenario to a very likely scenario.
  16. Taking any QB at 6 is so bad in this draft. Willis is the only 1 you can argue is worth the risk but Rhule doesn't have that time to wait for him to develop. They are going to look to trade down for sure if QB is what they want to pick in the 1st. Not saying they'll be able to trade down but they're going to try.
  17. Understood, I agree that is where the value is for this draft. So you rather trade 10 for Deebo or do you not want Deebo at all? I think its obvious Jets really like JJ and this would prevent us from taking him at 4 while being in complete control of who we draft. If we're going WR at 10 I think we have to go edge at 4 which I dont love. Going Best Available Blue Chip at 4 and Best Available Edge at 6 + Deebo I think is perfect but just my opinion. We know Giants are taking a Tackle at 5. So its like we pick back to back if we make this trade. For Douglas that might be worth trading the 3rd round pick for. If Douglas and Saleh consider KT a blue chip player then take him at 4. I just don't think we do consider him as that. And we need an edge. So many unknowns though. I mean if Karlaftis is higher on our board than JJ this wont matter because he'll be there at 10 for sure. I just like this draft scenario because we are in the drivers seat and don't have to rely on things falling our way to make it happen.
  18. Agreed thats best case scenario. I just cant see DET not taking Hutch there. And I dont think Neal goes before Ekwonu but yeah its possible.
  19. I think this scenario will work no matter what happens at 1,2, and 3. For those that say that's not enough for Deebo. Then give them next years 2nd round pick instead of 3rd round. I would still do it but I don't know if JD would. Worst possible 3 that could go for the Jets is 1. Hutch , 2.KT , 3.Icky . Even then though we could take Sauce at 4. If Giants go Cross or Neal at 5 which I cant see them not doing, then we trade up and take JJ. Johnson will be gone anywhere between 7-10 so why take the chance? This is assuming we have that Deebo trade already done and locked in. If no Deebo trade then yeah we probably have to take a WR at 10 and this whole thing wont work. I think Deebo will be a Jet though. What do you guys think of this?
  20. I'm seeing a lot of JJ vs KT talk and honestly I don't think either of them are worth it at 4. I personally want JJ but at 10 not 4. We need a true blue chip guy there. The problem is both edges could easily be gone by 10. So what do we do? We trade up with the Panthers ! .....WTF who is this guy making this dumb post?? No seriously it makes sense. We trade 10 and 69 for pick 6. Giants will take a Tackle at 5 to make sure Panthers don't take their guy and they will have no worry about edge because they think they'll have their guy at 7. Little do we know we're going to jump them for that edge! Panthers take Pickett at 10 and can use 69 for more OL help. They desperately need another pick in this years draft. 4. Sauce or Icky (I think 2 best prospects in this draft) 6. JJ or KT (One will be there at 6 in pretty much every scenario. Ensures Giants, Falcons and Seahawks from taking them before us) Trade 35,38, and next years 3rd round pick for Deebo Samuel. 4th round take a safety and linebacker. Or OT with 1 of those picks if we dont take Ekwonu at 4. PROSPER
  21. I wont pretend that I know everything about Kenyon Green but all scouting reports I read on him is that he can play either guard spot or Right Tackle in the NFL (he played both guard spots and both Tackle spots in College so he can kick out to OT if Becton flops.) I really like Ekwonu, Lloyd, McBride, and 2nd round Edge a lot too so no complaints there from me. Burks and London excite me but I think getting a #1 WR in FA or Trade might be better. I think ARob makes a lot of sense. We need someone that can win vs man especially press man and someone that catches almost everything even in traffic. Up to Joe D to figure out if his 2021 was a fluke because he still looked really good in 2020.
  22. Because I don't think Philly will do that trade otherwise and I think the best value for the 1st rd is in that range of where Philly is picking. Whatever we get at 10 wont be much better or different than what you get at 15. Its all going to be preference. If we prefer a specific WR then dont make that trade. If we prefer a specific player at 10 then dont make the trade. But we have so many needs and theres so many guys that will help this team that we can get with Philly's picks that it makes sense to get the extra 1st rder. Whoever is trading down this year will probably lose value with the traditional value chart that you're looking at because the market isnt the same this year. Supply and Demand. More teams are going to want to trade down and less are going to want to trade up because there is nothing worth while (QB) for teams to out bid each other to trade up for. The value chart is just a reference to help you get an idea. There's also other charts to look at like the Rich Hill Model and that actually gives more value for 15,16,19 than 4 and 10. Also a big reason for my interest in this trade is I personally think Jermaine Johnson and Arnold Ebiketie are better than Karlaftis and Ojabo. And we can get 1 of those with Phillys picks. I personally have a hard time figuring out which WR is best out of London, Burks, and Wilson and you should be able to get 1 at 15. I personally really like the idea of getting Ekwonu but I also think Kenyon Green's value later in the 1st is better for us. And I personally think someone like Devin Lloyd or Nakobe Dean will really help this defense because we need great LBs to help our attacking defensive line in the run and pass game. That why I would do it . That extra 1st rounder is bigger imo than what you will get at 4 (besides Hutch and Thibs) or your choice at 10 of the same tier of guys in that 10-20 range. Every draft is different. This draft I think the trade is worth it. But if it makes you feel better in this situation, lets add Philly's 3rd round pick into the equation of what we would get (175 points).
  23. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/the-official-jets-podcast-recap-jeff-ulbrich-1-on-1-at-the-2022-senior-bowl
  24. For those that havent looked at Ebiketie btw. He's really really good. Reminds me of Carl Lawson a little bit. Watch his tape vs Ohio State and then watch Karlaftis vs Ohio St. Night and Day. Really hope he's there in the 2nd round for us
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