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  1. He was quite the snappy dresser.
  2. Palindromic perfection.
  3. If we’re looking at averages, it could be there’s one super genius somewhere out there and the rest of us are doofuses (doofi?). That would explain the state of humanity … and my multi-decades support of the Jets.
  4. On an almost certainly unrelated topic, a number of the JN mod team have been in charge for quite a while. 😉
  5. The consistent usage of ‘everyone’ rather than ‘everyone else’ implies that you perceive yourself as part of the excess negativity problem ….. in which case we’re all in the same leaky green boat. 🫂
  6. An oxymoronic weakness? They’re the worst.
  7. Zach’s knee meets a slippery field ……. what could possibly go wrong?
  8. He may not be entirely incorrect ……. That cogent and cerebral point has me convinced. Either you’re an underappreciated genius or several sandwiches short of a picnic. Wonder which option the smart money is on. 🤨
  9. Especially impressive given the standard of the nominees he’s up against.
  10. Or could the reality be that you’re incredibly small?
  11. Pre game I will be feeding my face a large kebab and then imbibing ale with some friends in The Bricklayers on the High Road. An unsalubrious watering hole, but only a 60 second stagger from the stadium.
  12. “In breaking news, Jets fans switch their resignation demands from the GM and OC to the D-line …..”
  13. My son booed me for taking him to the game.
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