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  1. Yeah, of course you hear it, because it’s true. That is what a team is supposed to do, and the cowboys did a good job of it. And if Dak is so great, he would have taken that talent above 8-8 in that awful division. Dak is good, he is not even remotely close to elite. 35m is elite money, imo he is not that.
  2. Dak is a decent QB, but he has a dominant line, excellent receiving targets, a top flight back, plays in great weather and in am atrocious division. None of that is to take away from Dak, but his stats are not representative of him as a qb. He is a guy you love to have on a rookie deal so you can keep that talent around him, the second you have to pay him top flight talent His value goes way way down. You put him on last years Jets and he has closer to Darnold stats than the stats you quote IMO
  3. I suppose all it takes is one really dumb team... and I do think Cousins is the best analogy. The difference is Cousins never played with the type of talent Dak did. But I do think they are similar in that either is fantastic on a rookie deal, but a disaster at top tier money. and IMO Dak never sniffed top 10, neither has cousins
  4. You showed me teams with cap space, I don’t see how that makes Dak worth 35m/year
  5. The cowboys are insane for offering Dak anywhere near 35/year, Dak needs to be checked out upstairs for turning that down.
  6. Who in their right mind would pay Dak 30 let alone 40 per year outside the cowboys?
  7. The only thing Ever to come out of Buffalo that doesn’t completely suck is Patrick Kane, and he plays for the Blackhawks.
  8. Tyson in his prime was my favorite athlete in any sport of all time.
  9. Coaches bringing in their guys isn’t really a reason to freak out IMO. This is what they do. See Parcells.
  10. Dude, don’t you have better things to do as a giants fan than troll a jets message board?
  11. Danny Dimes isn’t a redhead is he?
  12. Damn, I’m going to have a hard time adjusting my day today with this type of devastating news
  13. Who said it’s a problem? It’s a great thing. Problem is it’s hard to pay your qb 35m and have all those other pieces. If you pay your qb 35m he has to be able to thrive without having Everything . IMO Dak has not shown to be that type of qb. He’s good, he’s not top level IMO.

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