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  1. What exactly makes me a sociopath? I deeply care about anyone who does, be it from Covid, flu, car accidents, cancer, murder, anything. We don’t shut down life for things that kill people. This is the biggest scam ever. Car accidents kill people every day, we don’t stop driving. If people don’t want to go out they don’t have to, people who want to should be able to. That makes me a sociopath ?? How about the big tech companies hitting all time highs based on lockdowns and fear mongering by the media? All while we are at depression level unemployment.Are they sociopaths, or just me? That affects people too, no? So spare me the name calling chief
  2. Not sure where your going with all that, but the Nasdaq is at all time highs while unemployment is at depression levels.....
  3. what the heck does that have to do with anything and mean, y’all?
  4. Jeff bezos is doing alright these days.... you really need to open your eyes and think for yourself. You are way too easily influenced
  5. Lol, they don’t need a ton of staff to report fear all day long every day over the same topic....
  6. Seriously? You have to ask this? for one, media outlets are making a killing Next, look at the nasdaq at all time highs, of which own many of the media outlets i won’t even get into the political gain that is coming out of this out of respect for the site
  7. It’s not a big overreaction, it’s the biggest scam in the modern era .
  8. Who said deaths don’t matter? Deaths happen all the time for a million reasons, we only try to stop them for political reasons, or in the case of the governors of ny and nj, we try to make them for political reasons. But you have digressed....
  9. Who said it doesn’t matter? It matters, but we certainly don’t need to turn into a communist country to deal with it
  10. My entire family including myself already got Covid. It was nowhere even remotely close to the flu for any of us. I had a mild case of the sniffles and a dry cough. Would never have even imagined I had it unless we were all forced to get tested because we were at an event where someone had it. Who also never got more than the sniffles. I’ve had the flu many times, Covid is nothing even close to the flu
  11. This is so bizarre I literally can’t respond, carry on
  12. Are you comparing a terrorist group who wanted to destroy our country to a virus in which a large percentage of the deaths were due to nj and ny governors sticking Covid patients in nursing homes? Is that really where you are going with this?

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