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  1. I've never hated to love something so much in my life. 32 with more than half of those an active jets fan. Oh and guidry shouldnt be on the team next week. If we dropped the kicker as fast as we did he can go too
  2. Not sure how color rush is working this year but Colts are going Color Rush Blue per their site https://www.colts.com/news/blue-out-week-thursday-night-football-new-york-jets-sweepstakes Makes me skeptical of anything black/white but he specifically said new COMBO not new color so idk what options we have. I kind of dislike everything except all green / all white / all black personally --with all black being my favorite.
  3. Im getting one thing from this game. Lafleur belongs in the box. Don't let this child see the sidelines on gameday again.
  4. Like 40% of the team has a concussion right now. The other 60% doesn't know what their assignment is.
  5. Not that I recall but let me raise you.. have we discussed trading for Watson recently?
  6. I didn't watch it but I think I get the sentiment. Reality is we were a 1 win team least year and any flashes of success/improvement should be cheered. At the same time, we were very close to losing that game a few times and there were a number of shoot yourself in the foot moments that luckily we got bailed out of. I would love a nice convincing win against a solid team that's fully healthy but a w is a w and I'll take it.
  7. Well I was trying to read the article but I got stuck with all those puns.
  8. Don't buy from scalpers or anyone saying they have one. It's all a scam. Follow these two on twitter: LordOfRestocks & Matt Swider and turn on tweet notifications. Also join their discord servers.. this was the biggest help for me. I found it easiest with gamestop (became a pro-member so I got "first dibs") Just spam the add to cart till I got the capcha. Downside to gamestop is they only sell bundles which get pricey, but for the same price as some scalpers I got an extra controller, a gamestop gift card, PS+ for one year, and $50 PS store credit along with the digital edition. For ANY website always create an account first and save your shipping/billing address and card info to checkout quickly. Both of those guys I mentioned live stream when they know of a drop and kind of coach you through it. This is true. Additionally with the lacking content most of you guys will have to buy new tvs to support the refresh rates and resolution. The bummer with that also is that we'll likely never hit 4K @ 120hz (usually its one or the other) It's a console after all. Edit: and if anyone is interested in sports cards, gpus or any rarities like that those guys have updates on their discord servers also. Super helpful.
  9. What's the over/under post count on a mod locking their own thread?
  10. Maybe he was a huge bust top 10 pick... But he got a girl has a kid and has grown up since then (1JD material). The season will tell and I'm not trying to call it either way but there's no reason a major change in your life + geographical change can't change the person.
  11. I didn't read the rest of the replies but I'm just happy we made half time adjustments on both o and d and it appeared to me that it made a difference. I don't recall in recent memory that we've done this and have been somewhat successful.
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