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  1. The Jets have not had a true identity in years.. IMO since Rex and his leadership style wore quickly. If these moves bring guys who are leaders and who will set the tone in the locker room I can't hate them. I feel like, albeit void of a lot of talent, we would have fielded more competitive teams these past few years had there been the right mix of selfless, football-first guys on the team. I think JD has acknowledged this and it's been proven by the moves we've made. With that being said there is always give and take when it comes to generational talent or something like that. Not pressing th
  2. Love it!! For sure is my preferred way to browse now. I did notice one occasion where the op copied and pasted an article and it retained the original formatting for the text (black) which made it near unreadable on the dark background. I skimmed through but apologies if it had been posted prior. I wonder if there is a default way of stripping all formatting when pasting? Images and links likely wouldn't work in that case though.
  3. Let the toxicity sweep through the organization. That 2021 pick is all that matters to me oh and depriving Jamal of success.
  4. haha yes saw that just now. Probably more appropriate there.
  5. eek, should have probably posted it here. Love this move.
  6. Low key hire but hits me in the feels. Good for Leon.
  7. Op states it was from 1/19/21 in the thread.
  8. From the highlights it looks like against the run he's lost all passion as well. Constantly getting turned around, not going for tackles and hands on his hips around the pile when the play is over. Wonder how strong his leadership is in the locker room when his teammates watch him constantly sh*t the bed in a playoff game. Extremely lost interest in football this year outside the Jets but watching the db sack leader get knocked out of the playoffs offers some satisfaction. Hope he doesn't spiral back into depression.
  9. I feel like Flacco gets a pass right now having only one week working with the ones(whatever definition the ones is for the jets this year). Play calling however, is absolute trash.
  10. Everyone can down, sam's pro day was in the rain.. it looks like it's raining (unless I'm beyond gone right now). So we got that going for us and that's nice.
  11. Ooo it's raining.. sam's supposed to be good in the rain.
  12. Is anyone else really thrown off by the fake crowd noise? It always seems like it's late and I jerk my head back at the tv like "wtf did we do now?" Like it was a flag...
  13. If gore runs it into the center of the line here I'm going to loose my sh*t..
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