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  1. I feel like Flacco gets a pass right now having only one week working with the ones(whatever definition the ones is for the jets this year). Play calling however, is absolute trash.
  2. Everyone can down, sam's pro day was in the rain.. it looks like it's raining (unless I'm beyond gone right now). So we got that going for us and that's nice.
  3. Ooo it's raining.. sam's supposed to be good in the rain.
  4. Is anyone else really thrown off by the fake crowd noise? It always seems like it's late and I jerk my head back at the tv like "wtf did we do now?" Like it was a flag...
  5. If gore runs it into the center of the line here I'm going to loose my sh*t..
  6. Welp, the Jets NEVER look good against rookie/new QBs that they have little tape on. I remember Baker Mayfields coming out party against us some elite pass defender said we weren't prepared to play him, didn't have tape, etc. There were more but I can't remember exactly. At least I can get to sleep on time Thursday night.
  7. In other news, his D (pun intended) has the worst pass defense in the NFL. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/29/seahawks-defense-only-team-to-ever-allow-more-than-1200-passing-yards-through-three-weeks/
  8. Put in the second team to evaluate already... Everyone and their mother knows our season is sh*t.
  9. Gase: let them in we can get it at the 25 instead of the 1. Incredible how bad this team is Gase or not.
  10. I agree with you but at what point do we mention the common denominator... Ownership? I personally would be more inclined to fly a plane with "johnson's sell the team" to send a broader message than to fire Gase who, I will admit, is not who I thought he was and is probably trash.
  11. I wasn't bashing him by any means but when you say how everyone is sucking at practice it kind of puts the spot light on you Side note: I actually like him, a buddy of mine got me a cameo of him for my bday last year right after he was injured, seemed like a genuine guy.
  12. The score says no. I'm no expert but he seemed out of place on a couple of plays at least
  13. Avery starting, mcdougal on the field. Let's see if their maximum effort in practice translates
  14. With you on this. The very fact that we already all know the game plan is the crazy part. Usually when your backs up against the wall you come out swinging. There's zeo adjustments and zero creativity, even with less talent on the roster... You had half the SF team getting injured last week, did we try and attack their deficiencies? No. I can handle the jets losing as we all can but the level of suck this year has been incredible and irritating.
  15. This. I would expect every player on the team to preach the same lines. Especially this off season when everyone was practically locked down. From other reports and photos from camp (Braxton's hammy in particular) it seems everyone is in their best shape and chomping at the bit. And side note: I would hope nfl caliber trainers are better than the ones he was using on youtube.
  16. If Woody wasn't in the spotlight I would expect more interference but they're smart to lay low and let their cash cow do its job.
  17. On paper he's HC but he was never really brought in to be HC. IIRC there was talk when he was brought in that the Jets are doing some hybrid coaching system where although he's HC, him and Loggins are more offensive guys and Williams being exclusively defense. To be honest I don't even care about the titles and how it appears on the outside as long as internally they have their crap together and have allocated responsibilities based on what they believe are their strengths and weaknesses. I mean we've seen how awkward Gase is speaking, I wouldn't want him addressing the team as a whole anyways. What this system does do though is really hold coaches accountable for their group, and IMO due to the nonsense that happened last year it's yet to be known if Gase is the real thing. I hope he is.

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