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  1. Browns getting browned on in week 2
  2. The first 4 games we need to win for us to have a better chance at the wildcard spot
  3. Lamar's passing game is trash without Andrews and Hollywood isn't a Raven anymore. I expect our defense to hold them under 17 points in week 1
  4. Stop Andrews and Lamar won't be able to do anything but use his legs. Easy win if Zach Wilson plays well
  5. Zach Wilson will sweep the Patriots and Dolphins this season
  6. I do expect Zach Wilson to improve this upcoming season. He doesn't have to study a new playbook from a new OC in his 2nd year and has weapons and an improved OL. If he does struggle, I'll be a bit worried that he'll be a bust.
  7. Hope we can all eventually tell teams that they can't "moss the sauce"
  8. Jet25


    He's not that impressive at all when you watch the tape and not the highlights. Too much hype on the kid
  9. Terrible leader. What if Tannehill gets injured in like a playoff game and they need the rookie to step up? If I was a Titans fan, I'd be pissed. It just shows that Tannehill lacks confidence in his game, he's a meh QB anyway
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