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  1. Maybe he's a bit of a slow learner or didn't study their playbook seriously. Many rookie QBs have the gift of memorizing their playbook right off the bat.
  2. Zach Wilson will be the best QB in this 2021 draft class. Screenshot this!
  3. Finally having weapons, much better offensive coordinator, a bit more improved OL. Expecting 6-9 wins. We no longer have a QB that will hold the ball too long to get sacked and making dumb mistakes often every game. Get ready for excitement!
  4. Trevor Lawrence 84 Zach Wilson 82 Trey Lance 77 Justin Fields 74 Mac Jones 72
  5. Panther fans asking Jet fans....
  6. The Prizm, Optic, boxes will be really expensive. I'll be buying his rookie cards on eBay
  7. Those aren't really his rookie cards. We'll have to wait for the Panini Prizm, Select, Optic cards etc to come out. The cards in college uniform won't be worth much when the his actual rookie cards are released.
  8. JD will do what is best for the team and not pay to keep a player just because he has been here for a few years. If Maye walks after this season it won't hurt us, he's not a wow player anyway. JD didn't draft him and we all know what that means.
  9. Great pick. This kid finds holes in the defense that makes him wide open.
  10. I'm sure the 49ers aren't stupid like GM Mike Maccagnan. 49ers wanted to make sure which QB will be there at 3 unlike Maccagnan trading up and gambling wasn't sure which QB would be there at #3 and set the franchise back. Nothing to worry about and Wilson is a better QB than anyone after him
  11. Fields slow release, slow processing, and his slow reaction time is frightening. This will be me if we draft him
  12. The 49ers are behind this because they want Zach Wilson to fall to them. They're doing everything that can to get Zach Wilson from us! Don't fall for it Joe!
  13. Panther fans asking Jet fans....
  14. Zach Wilson played pretty well against a Coastal Carolina's 16th ranked defense in the country
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