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  1. Highly doubt JD has the balls to pull a Cardinals move and draft another QB with top 2 pick if Wilson looks bad all season, hope the kid can figure something out.
  2. I'm expecting Darnold to struggle from here without CMC on the field
  3. Justin Herbert and Zach Wilson had almost the exact same QBR their 1st rookie games against Belichick
  4. more like the untouched delayed Patriot blitz up the middle was going to pop Wilson in the mouth and he forced the throw instead of just taking the sack, nobody was open on that play. Second INT Corey Davis put his hands up just a tad bit late and the ball went through his hands, that wasn't on Wilson and would've been a great play if Davis caught it. The other two INTs were just terrible decision making by Wilson trying to make something happen that wasn't there. We need Mims to help Wilson's jump ball throws
  5. The first INT(nobody was open) Wilson had pressure coming right at him up the middle from delayed blitz who was untouched and just threw the ball to Davis being careless with the football and should've taken the sack. The second INT Corey Davis put his hands up a tad late and went right through his hands. The other two INTs were just terrible decisions by Wilson and should've thrown to his check down
  6. I think what will help Wilson a lot is when we have guys underneath that are open, they need to raise their hand for Wilson instead of just running. Zach Wilson and Justin Herbert had similar QBR and Ratings against Belichick. People just need to stop being in panic mode. Once Wilson stops trying to play hero ball when its not there, he'll improve.
  7. A mental mistake in passing is the same and never changes. I understand that the league is more pass happy now but rookie QBs still make bone headed throws causing turnovers. Lets just hope that Wilson figures it out sometime this season and learn from his mistakes. He needs to check the ball down more rather than trying to make big plays happen that isn't there. I've noticed Wilson doesn't like checking the ball down
  8. I have noticed that Wilson doesn't like easy check downs and rather try and make big plays happen. Hopefully he learns to do check downs rather than trying to force big plays to happen that's not there
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