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  1. Time to bench Sam Darnold or we'll continue to lose trade value for him. At the same time though he is also helping us tank
  2. If Sam saw Mims earlier, it'd have been a 1st down but Sam was late seeing him. Been a problem for Sam struggling by not seeing open WRs few times this season
  3. Its laughable that people think we're going to beat the Bills all because Darnold is back.
  4. Hopefully we'll see more of Perine now
  5. He sprained his shoulder when he got sacked by that ghost. Seriously everyone saw that. Smh Sam!
  6. I'm not mad about it. Gase is helping us tank anyway including Sam. We'll have more of a chance having #1 pick and don't want that to be ruined.
  7. Clean pocket and still couldn't make a good throw to Herndon
  8. LOL Darnold with another turnover. Too inconsistent. Turnover machine boy needs to go as well
  9. Alright we just seen another flash of Darnold but that's all we see because he's too inconsistent. Good job on that TD there though
  10. Uhhh Darnold had another TD opportunity to Herndon but decided to continue running for the 1st instead. Afraid of making another mistake when open?? Like a possible overthrowing an open TE 🤔
  11. Darnold proving to those of us who don't believe in him are right. We aren't drinking in misery because we already knew this was going to be a repeat of pathetic football from him
  12. I will say this... many jet fans will be drinking in misery after the game because they will get their hopes up and be disappointed yet again! If they contain Sam in the pocket it's over for us.

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