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  1. Fields slow release, slow processing, and his slow reaction time is frightening. This will be me if we draft him
  2. The 49ers are behind this because they want Zach Wilson to fall to them. They're doing everything that can to get Zach Wilson from us! Don't fall for it Joe!
  3. Panther fans asking Jet fans....
  4. Zach Wilson played pretty well against a Coastal Carolina's 16th ranked defense in the country
  5. Zach Wilson said that the best scheme fit for him would be a 49ers type of offense on January 6th, 2021. Just a week later after Zach Wilson's statement, Joe Douglas hires Robert Saleh to be the Head Coach for the New York Jets and brought over Mike LaFleur to be the offensive coordinator. Zach Wilson will be a New York Jet on April 29th 2021. Can't wait! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nACJqgB7ydI
  6. also reminds me of another GM that would be stupid enough to trade up not knowing for sure who will be there at their draft pick... Mike Maccagnan and I'm sure he thought Mayfield would be there. 49ers know which QB will be there at #3 spot and that QB will sit behind Jimmy G for a year
  7. the 49ers traded up to draft Trey Lance or Mac Jones. They had their pro days and they like what they saw out of one of them. Many believe they traded up for Fields but he hasn't has his pro day yet so that makes no sense for them going that route.
  8. Zach Wilson is going to have weapons with the Jets and will be awesome. Think about our WRs compared to BYU's receivers. Wilson will put up monster numbers. Can't wait to draft this kid.
  9. Dolphins have their QB that they believe in so of course they traded their top pick. We on the other hand do not have a franchise QB to accept any trade backs
  10. Can't keep making excuses for Sam. Happened all season even with our TEs and other WRs who were wide open for TDs and Sam not seeing them.
  11. Many of us do not understand why other Jet fans want to keep Darnold. https://twitter.com/Michael_Nania/status/1333869984041349124?s=20
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